ab exercises at home

Ab Exercises At Home

AB Exercises  Here are 4 ab exercises that can help you get a six-pack. It’s best to switch up your daily routine, alternating every few days or every week.

Exercise #1

Sit-ups: Sit-ups are a common and relatively easy way to build ab muscles. To do sit-ups, lie on the floor, feet flat and knees upwards. Do this with your arms crossed. It’s best to keep your feet in position by having someone holding them down, or using some other device. I find the foot of my bed works well. Sit up completely. Doing this brings your back off the floor. Keep your back straight, lower yourself back to the starting position, and repeat. With time this will become easier. You can make it more difficult by doing more sit-ups, doing it on an include bench, or holding weights as you do your sit-ups.

Exercise #2

: Crunches are a great alternative to sit-ups. It can be done the same setup, by lying on the floor with arms on your chest, or with hands touching your head. Knees should be bent and facing upwards. Lift your shoulders up towards your knees, flexing your abdominal muscles. You shouldn’t be lifting your back completely off the ground with crunches, only slightly. Crunches are important for their flexing of the abs. Crunches are best done rapidly and repeatedly.

Exercises #3

Leg Lifts: Doing leg lifts can help not only your legs but your lower abdominal muscles. To do leg lifts you need to lie on the floor with straight legs. Try to keep your hands alongside your body. When doing this exercise, you need to lift p your legs without bending your knees. This should be done until they are approximately at a 90-degree angle. Then lower your legs and repeat in sets. Some gym equipment will offer a more challenging approach to leg lifts, but adding resistance.

Exercise #4

Oblique Muscle Workout: Your oblique muscles are less important than your abs, but you’ll want to exercise them as well once you get the hang of a solid abdominal workout. your oblique muscles are on both sides of your stomach and are put in use when you twist your torso. Some gym machines add resistance to you while you twist, and can be great at building these muscles.

You can also do a combination of oblique training with sit-ups, by twisting your torso as you do the sit-up exercise. Bicycle crunches are also a great method to train your oblique’s. This can be done by doing crunches while lifting your feet off the ground, alternating which leg is in the air. While doing the bicycle crunch, pull your left need upwards towards your right shoulder, and then vice versa.

Lastly, but very important, is to work on training your entire core. This will help you not only get a flat stomach but to create the best stomach abs you’re capable of. We highly recommend doing squats and deadlifts in addition to the abdominal muscle workouts we specified above. Training your muscle and ab core will allow them to work together in synergy, and to ultimately bring you the ab results you’re looking for Best Ab Belt.

ab exercises

Ab Exercises At Home
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