Abs Workout Belt

What Is Abs Workout Belts? A Complete Explained

Abs Workout Belt

It is the desire of the majority of the individuals with tummy to shed off that weight. In short, they want to have a flat and tight stomach. This has seen the development of dozens of new routines, exercises, diets, fitness classes, products and gadgets with the sole aim of tightening the abdominal muscles. Which among the above methods work? It is difficult to pinpoint one single way that can effectively yield the results that you so desire. You may get injured. In the long run, you may fall victim of such misleading as well as unproven exercises. Before you embark on the mission of getting a tighter tummy, it is essential to understand what muscles form the abdominals and the abs toning belt.Slendertone Abs Abdominal Muscle Toner

Abdominal Muscles

Let’s critically look at the abdominals, their function as well as location.

  • Rectus abdominis: this muscle is long and flat. It runs vertically from the hip to the ribs. It serves to flex the spinal column. This muscle plays a vital role during bending sideways, and it causes stability to the upper body part during extreme movements. This is what is called the six-packs.
  • External obliques: they a pair and each is located on the sides of the Rectus abdominis. The muscles run downwards diagonally but incline inwards towards the pelvis from the ribs thus forming a V shape. To locate them put your hands in your coat pockets. The muscles allow the torso to rotate spine to flex and bending sideways. Also, they play a role when you want to compress the abdomen
  • Internal obliques: the layer below the external obliques and they form a right angle with each other. They are essential in flexing the vertebral column, rotation of the torso and sideways bending
  • Traversusabdominis: this is the innermost layer of abdominal muscles. It makes a complete wrap of the abdominal area: front to back. It compresses the internal organs and helps when you want to force air out of your lungs.

What Is an Abs Workout Belt?

These belts have been famed for having the ability to shed off the belly fats in the shortest time possible. Unlike traditional methods such as planks, pushups, and sit-ups, the use of the belts does not require you to move necessarily. What is this ABS WORKOUT BELT?  These belts use electrical stimulation technology to cause the abs muscles to contract slightly. You will feel a slight stinging feeling. Experts say if you use the belt for eight weeks continuously, each day spending about 30 minutes, then the results will be visible.

What is the truth about these belts? The technology that this belt uses is simple muscle stimulation. The straps are built with electrical muscle stimulators. They cause the abdominal muscles to contract and relax as long as you wear the belt. With such belts you can get the desired effect; however, it means you will spend a lot of time, and you will require stronger stimulation, perhaps beyond what you may tolerate. The belt targets all the abdominal muscles focusing on tightening the core. This results in a waistline that is much reduced.

Can you get those six-packs with these belts? Getting six packs is not a joke. Many factors affect that process, e.g. the genetics, water retention, and diet among others. Experts always recommend a number of things that will give you a flat abdomen – A combination of proper nutrition and number focused exercises will ultimately lead to that flat tummy. When you have the required percentage of body fats, then you achieve your goal. To get that require fat percentage then whole body workout is the only way out.

What are the limitations of these belts? These belts will not give the desired results if you are obese. In such cases, you will need to combine a number of exercises and observe a proper diet plan to get positive results.The Flex Belt

Health Risks

  • The belt is an electrical device; therefore, there is a higher chance it can interfere with implanted, e.g. pacemakers.
  • The strap cannot be used during any stage of pregnancy as it may cause serious harm
  • If you use the belt for long, it creates swelling and inflammation in the area you tie it. Lesions always accompany this.

Features of the Abs Workout Belt

  • Al abs toning belts use the electrical muscle stimulation technology that works to strengthen as well as toning the muscles of the abdomen.
  • High-end belts come with memory. This function helps to track your toning sessions. This way it can increase the intensity of your training in every consecutive session.
  • Rechargeable battery: a USB cable recharges this battery. The battery life depends on usage. On average it should last more than three weeks.
  • They also have an LCD display: displays the information on how it is functioning

How Do You Use the Belt?

These belts are easy to use. The high-end belts come with at least three gel pads. Before using the belt, apply the pads on the underside and place around the waist, ensuring it rest on your belly. When it is in place, press the power button and then select your preferred intensity. Depending on how you feel you can increase or progressively decrease the intensity using the designated buttons. Every five seconds the belt will send EMS pulses to your cores.

 The LCD display is essential in showing you the time left in each session. You should start at low levels then gradually increase with time; otherwise, you will feel much more uncomfortable. The advantage of this belt is that you can wear it anytime, thanks to its small size.


Abs workout belt can give the desired results: tighten your core. However, on their own, they might take longer. The best way to achieve the results more healthily is to combine some exercises with a proper diet. The main point is to get rid of excess fats, i.e. get the right amount of healthy fats. Remember; do not overuse the belt so that you do not get the side effects.


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