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best ab exercises, Any good abdominal exercise program involves high-intensity muscular overload and progressive increase in intensity. Abdominal exercises should be undertaken carefully so that the back is well supported. The upper and lower abdominals are not separated muscles and abdominal exercises can help strengthen the abdominal region. However,

some exercises that tend toward the development of the region is the upper or lower abdomen. Abdominal exercises can also help you win the abdominal muscles and back muscles strong. This can reduce the risk of back pain and provide protection against injury by responding effectively to stress.

Let us examine the muscles of the abdomen.

Rectus abdominal wall is muscle, which extends into the stomach of the ribs and pelvis. External and internal obliques run down the sides of life. They claim the exercises Rectus abdominal curling and twisting.

Ab exercises is an audio or harden the muscles in that area. In addition, the fat of the abdominal muscles must be removed. This can be achieved by proper nutrition plan. Increase your intake of protein and limiting carbohydrates is said to be a way to fix the ABS flabby abs with a reasonable exercise and strength training routine.

Ab exercise :

Ab exercise should be followed religiously and is all about the frequency and intensity. No exercise should be continued if it leads to pain or extreme discomfort. The best ab exercise program can help you achieve a flat stomach and narrow. Many of the abs workouts is done on the floor. Abdominal muscles respond to resistance training, such as bicep curls and crunches.

Crunch – Lie on your back, knees bent, lift your shoulders off the floor. The focus is on moving the ribs towards the hips.

Reverse Curl -Lie on your back, bend your knees toward your chest. Keep your hips on the floor. Contract your abdominal muscles simultaneously. lower abdominal exercise program must have reverse curls.

Leg raise – leg raising is to create just one leg on the floor. The double leg raise involves raising both legs on the ground at the same time and works as an exercise for the abdominal muscles. Lying leg raises are an ideal lower abdominal exercise

Ab exercise with the ball – The stability ball is an effective training tool for the abdominals and lower back. Due to the curve of the exercise ball, get the lower abs better trained because of the greater range of motion.

Bicycle- It was ranked the best abdominal exercise of Council on Exercise. When you perform your abdominal muscles pulled, this exercise does great things for you.

Plank – For this exercise program, you must position yourself for a recess and hold the position. Make sure your body is in a long straight line from head to toe.

Captain’s chair – This abs exercise involves standing on a chair and gym grip handles. Press your back against the head pad and slowly lift your knees toward your chest. The back should remain straight.

Postnatal abdominal exercise :

Most women are willing to get in shape after pregnancy and childbirth. Women should consult their doctor before starting any abdominal exercise after childbirth. Tilt your pelvis and simple abdominal contractions are an ideal way to get in a post-natal exercise lower abdomen. Combined with Kegels exercise, you can get your physical condition the pelvic floor. Isometric contractions, best ab exercises you can even play with the baby on his stomach. They adhere to a regular exercise program and see the lower ab tighten loose skin.

Stomach exercise :

Difficult to escape washboard flat stomach most of us. Millions of dollars are spent in search of a flat stomach and narrow hips. There are a lot of fitness equipment that is sold to those who seek to use a program to cut down the fat, that's life. The first step toward cutting the waist and flat stomach are to remove the fat that sits on the best ab exercises. A combination of a cardiovascular exercise program with a healthy diet to prevent the grease can do wonders.

abdominal exercise program includes the following:

  • forward bending exercises like crunches and squats.
  • lateral flexion exercises such as crunches half and half curve
  • Rotational exercises such as trunk rotations and standing twists

best ab exercises

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