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How Does Contour Ab Belt Work | Contour Abs Belt

Contour Abs Belt

The abdomen is one of the most frustrating parts of the human body in terms of weight loss and muscle toning. Not only do the abdominal muscles lose overall tone due to poor diet and lack of exercise, but fat deposits are also naturally drawn to this area in most people. With all of the frustration that comes along with abdominal exercises, the Contour Abs Belt is a product worth taking a closer look at.

The Abdominal Muscles

Muscle loss naturally accelerates due to the process of aging. While this is an unfortunate fact, understanding the individual sections of the abdomen can help tone and shape this area of the body. Abdominal muscles are divided into sections referred to as the transverse abdominal and the internal and external abdominal oblique. Due to the complexity of this set of muscles, specific exercises such as traditional sit-ups and crunches do not effectively work the entire core of the body.

Muscle Targeting

Stimulating and contracting the abdominal muscles through exercise alone typically falls short of trimming and toning the body’s middle section. However, technological advances have paved the way for a more thorough and precise method of attaining a sculptured abdomen. The Contour Abs Belt is specially designed to target the individual sections of abdominal muscle in order to effectively stimulate and shape the abdomen without the repetitive task of physical exercise. In order to get a clearer picture of how the Contour Abs Belt works, the basic technology behind it must be looked at.

Contour Abs Technology

Through the use of electrical current that operates under different stimulation settings, the Contour Abs Belt causes the abdominal muscles to expand and contract at differing rates. This alternating expansion and contraction of the muscles simulates the stress and release comparable to that of a crunch or sit-up. One of the main advantages of using the belt is its ability to contract the abdomen muscles up to 150 times in a 20-25 minute session. This far exceeds that of normal abdominal exercises.

Design and Comfort

In terms of the design and comfort of the Contour Abs Belt, its larger size and shape deter many users from using it under regular clothing which may be somewhat more constricting as opposed to loose-fitting exercise garments. While the design may be less than desirable for some users, the general look and feel of this belt is comparable to other similar devices on the market.

One other downfall is that the Contour belt doesn’t have a rechargeable battery as some of its competitors offer. While not a huge drawback it can be a pain in the butt to have to go buy batteries when you’re die compared to just recharging the device at home.

Effectiveness and Ease of Use

Much like the other abdominal stimulation belts available, the Contour Abs Belt stimulates the muscles in the abdomen through electronic pulses that are delivered while wearing. This belt is relatively simple to use. One minor issue with this model of ab belt is the fact that it does not come equipped with rechargeable batteries.

The Contour Abs Belt has a few negative points, mainly in its design and convenience of use. Overall, the Flex Belt stands out as a better option for those who are looking for easier abdominal toning.

How Does Contour Ab Belt Work | Contour Abs Belt
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