Does Fitbit Work on Treadmill? Here Are the Facts

Does Fitbit Work on Treadmill

When it comes to fitness, you need a high-quality device to give you the best result. Getting fit is very challenging. Apart from lifting heavy objects, running on a treadmill, doing crunches and pushups among other exercises, you need to monitor everything you do. Monitoring helps you to evaluate your progress.

Fitness trackers! This is a common name for those wishing to gain a particular level of fitness or generally improve their health. Also called activity monitors, these electrical devices record your daily physical activities as well as indicating the related data such as heart rate, steps you make per day and heart rate among other activities.

That said many people would want to have these quality computer applications. The market offers a more significant number of brands. Fitbit stands out among the rest.  The tracker is built to perform. How? Fitbit tracks your health and most activity markers such as heart rate, steps made, and your sleep quality.

Like other trackers, you wear it on your wrist. However, some come with clips. You clip them on your pocket, and they will be able to sense movements. You can wear your Fitbit tracker all day long. Also, you can use it while doing your exercises. Most people strive to get their fitness in gyms.

The well-equipped gym has top-class fitness equipment and the most notable is the treadmill. You can use your Fitbit on the treadmill. However, does Fitbit work on a treadmill? This remains a pertinent question. With proper use, you can achieve positive results. But, what is this Fitbit?

Fitbit Details and Features

Fitbit motivates you to start eating and living healthily.  With the device, you’ll embrace being active and sleeping in a better way. As earlier indicated, the device will monitor your health and physical activities. To do so, the tracker has powerful features.

The Fitbit comes in the shape of a clip to allow you to clip it on your pocket, bra, pants or anywhere else it can hold on to. This kind of Fitbit is 5 cm long and 1.2 cm. This qualifies it to be called small and lightweight. Modern devices are made into smartwatches that you’ll wear like a wristband.

When you wear it, it will record all the activities that take place throughout your day and night. During the day activities are;

  • The distance you have moved
  • The frequency of movement
  • The number of calories you’ve burnt
  • Heart rate
  • The vigor of the action: this allows it to differentiate slow and faster movements. For more rapid movements, more calories are burnt
  • Weight
  • Body mass index

At night, the tracker will sum up the data into what is called sleep quality. When you are deep asleep no movements occur. So nothing is recorded. However, there are some instances when you move in your sleep. The frequency and vigor in which you move will indicate how your sleep was. This data is recorded in real-time.

Fit bit allows you to set your target. For instance, you can set a goal of 10,000 steps a day. All-day long you will keep track of this to ensure you hit the target.

You can sync your Fitbit to your smartphone, computer or tablet so that you can receive the data. You’ll receiver graphs and charts or your performance. You get these results anywhere. With this, you can assess your performance through the progress reports.

The ability to use GPS makes these devices more efficient. It uses the GPS to connect to your smartphone, to show your location and current activities. Besides, the device is compatible with operating systems: Android and iOS.

Most products from Fitbit are water resistant but not waterproof so, you can’t swim with it, but you can take a shower with them. The tracer records all its activities through an OLED screen.

The latest gadgets have enough internal storage capacity to store up to a week’s data. Do not forget that the battery is excellent with an average of 4 working days. You can check the charge level by merely plugging the device into its base station.

With advancing technology, it is expected that Fitbit will continue adding advanced gadgets in its already expanded list. With devices such as Fitbit Charge 3, Fitbit inspires, Fitbit inspires HR, Fitbit Versa, and Fitbit flex two among others, you are guaranteed of a great fitness session.

Performance of Fitbit on a treadmill

The performance of your Fitbit will depend on your goal. What exactly are you monitoring? Is it steps, heart rate, or sleep quality? The results you’ll get are accurate. However, while using a treadmill, some individuals have reported getting data that they could not comprehend clearly. For instance, moving 50 steps but recorded as only 6!  This can be devastating, right?

Does Fitbit work on a treadmill? This question continues to beg for answers. Wait a minute, Fitbit has some adjustments.  For you to get near accurate results, you have to make use of these adjustments and features. What are they?

Fitbit has an in-built treadmill workout option. So, if you plan to train on the trade mill, select this option. Depending on the model, you can use the shortcut on your tracker to access the types of exercise you want to perform. Here, selects the treadmill as the type of training.

Sometimes this feature might miss in your tracker. Don’t worry about it. You can add the treadmill option through the Fitbit app. Install the function then you are ready to use it.

Does the length of your strides matter? While running on the ground and the treadmill, what difference do you observe in your steps? In the natural, while running on the ground, your strides might be longer as compared to running on the treadmill. What the Fitbit picks depends on the setting you have put in place. You need to measure and adjust your strides manually.

Navigating through the Fitbit app setting, select advancing settings and adjust the stride readings. This setting will allow your fit bit to pick accurate strides. Besides, you may need to shorten your strides both while running and walking. Such changes will give you readings that are reasonable at the end of your workout.

Fitbit Accuracy on a Treadmill

Fitbit always reports low step counts and mileage when using a treadmill. You can peg this on the fact that some people do not swing their arms while on the treadmill, instead, they hold on the rails. While using the Fitbit, it is important to swing your arms naturally. Does swinging hands affect how the Fitbit records your steps?

Fitbit records any slight movement. Experts advise while using the latest models of Fitbit, you should wear it on the less dominant wrist. To achieve this, you have to visit the app device setting. Select the option of wrist placement (right or left) as well as the handedness (left or right).

For those who are right-handed, wear it on the left-hand wrist. So, set it as;

  • Wrist placement left
  • Handedness, right

Though the above settings might be satisfactory, the majority of versatile individuals cannot be satisfied with it. As such, individuals try to experiment with different aspects of the setting to come up with a perfect combination. Another right combination has been setting both the wrist placement and handedness on the left wrist.

Your Fitbit tracker is affected by pressure, temperature, and wind. Such factors can make it report false results while using your treadmill. If you notice anomalies, the first thing to try is to restart your Fitbit device. The gadget will get back to its normal functioning.

For many users manually logging the activity, i.e., using a treadmill will give you accurate results. However, manual logging has a shortcoming of not giving the intensity at which you are working.

Does Fitbit Work on the Treadmill?

For you to get the right answer to this solution, you must understand the capabilities of your device and its settings. On a general basis, your fit bit will work fine on the trade mill. However, the results might not be accurate.

You’ll need to number of adjustments to try and get near-perfect results. It is easier to make adjustments because the Fitbit is easy to use, whatever the model you own. The best way is to select the activity from your tracker manually. Therefore, learn to customize your Fitbit as the first measure once you buy it.


Fitbit devices are without a doubt one of the top performings when it comes to the fitness world. Buying such a device does mean you are getting fit; it is only a show of commitment. So, you need to work through, to achieve your goals. One way to do so is to ensure that you understand precisely how your Fitbit works.

Look at the exercises that you can perform using your Fitbit. When it comes to the treadmill, ensure you get the right setting. Its result is under-reported, first restart your Fitbit. If the problem persists, log in your exercise manually, change stride setting or wrist placement. reviews for Best Treadmill Under 500.

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