Electric Ab belts overview | How Does An Electric AB Belt Work?

An electric ab belt is becoming the need of the hour for many people. In fact, some people have such a lifestyle that they find no time to exercise. However, still, the remaining fit is their priority. This is where an electric ab belt comes handy. Now as just said, people do not find time even to exercise; how can these people physically go and buy an ab belt?

For such people buying an electric ab belt online is the best option. There are hundreds of sites that allow you to purchase ab belts online. The more the number of sites, the better for you, as you can get more discounts. The competition among st the sites allows the scope for competitive rates.

Benefits of Buying Electric Ab Belt online

Another advantage of buying ab belts online is that you can get to check the belts right there itself. You can get to view the electric ab belt of your choice as you want. You can browse through hundreds of them directly from your living room. You do not need to go there physically. This saves you loads of money and time? Just imagine how many shops would you have visited physically? Just imagine how much you would have spent on traveling from shop to shop?

In these days of high-quality e-commerce, buying items online has become quite safe and familiar. So, you do not run the risk of getting cheated. There are some companies which offer their range of ab belts at discounted prices to start with. The cost of intermediaries and various types of commission gets deducted. The amount of ab belts automatically comes down.

This is one type of saving very few people think of practically. Another advantage is the items get delivered right at your doorstep. These are small bits of savings which finally contribute as a whole towards the final cost of any electric ab belt.

So, if you now compare the two options of buying an electric ab belt which is the online mode of shopping and the real-time shops; then the online way of shopping emerges out as the best one. Now you can lose weight without creating a hole in your pocket. That’s a certainty

Electric Ab Belts are designed to stimulate muscles even when we are not on the move. As it stimulates our muscles, it often burns extra calories effectively. An electric ab belt circles around the waist and helps us to tone abs without much effort.

Thanks to its easiness of use and reasonable price, it is getting popular day by day. People, as well as manufactures, claim that it is incredibly efficient to tone abs to give us our desired and attractive shape.

How does an electric ab belt work?

Electric Ab belts use a simple formula known as Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS). As the whole system produces a viable amount of current and then passes it on the body, muscles get electrified only marginally for a short period.

Thus, the EMS system creates minimum electrodes in muscles and leads to interact with the skin. Then, it sends continuous electric triggers around our waist, and the electrical pulse compels our muscles to contract individually.

As the muscles around our waist and Abs contract, it works like a gym workout and burns extra fats and calories around the waistline. Ultimately, the waistline loses excess fats and tone up for a beautiful shape.

Some reports say that the electrical stimulation process seems a bit prickly, but it hasn’t caused any side effects. Do you think that a small feeling of prickliness is better than those tough flat stomach exercises in the gym?

Benefits of using an Electric ab belt

Since the time Ab Belts has hit the market, the debate over their actual utility has grown higher and higher. While most people have reported that they have achieved significant benefits using an electric ab belt, some people comment that these belts are useless. However, our research found that if used with a proper prescription, an electric ab belt will be beneficial in numerous ways.

Some of the most significant benefits of using an electric ab belt are-

Flexibility and convenience

Ab belts are mostly famous for their flexible user interference. It doesn’t require you to be an expert in using it. You can wrap it around your waist and turn on the switch to help it start working. And while it performs its duty, you can watch TV. Alternatively, read books or even browse your favorite social media.

Moreover, it is exceptionally convenient in design and portability. So, you can take it while you travel around. All these features make it the most popular alternative to the gym workout. Nonetheless, we don’t encourage you to use it entirely and stop going to the gym.


Your muscles might sore after a long day at the desk or hard work out in the gyms. During that time, you can use the electric ab belt for your faithful relaxation companion. It will stimulate your muscles and reach deep into your body’s skin. Therefore, the muscles will be relieved from sore and ache.

Ultimately, you will feel relaxed and fresh.

Muscle rehabilitation process

Electric Ab belts, especially the Slendertone Ab belts, reaches deep into the muscles while stimulating them. As they reach deep, they help the muscles tendon to get back to their original shape quickly. So, sometimes, physicians use Ab belts as a quick recovery tool for muscles.

Other health benefits

Apart from shaping and toning your abs and waistline, an electric Ab belt comes with several other health benefits as well. These are-

  • The stimulation ensured better circulation of blood
  • Increase heart functionality
  • Decreases blood pressure

Does an Electrical AB Belt really work?

We understand that despite providing the list of Ab belts benefits, many people will doubt its utility. Well, given the current confusing state, it is natural. So, here we are going to discuss with evidence, whether or not an electric ab belt works.

We may refer to The Wall Street Journal in this case where they told about a research project conducted by the University of Wisconsin. The researchers there studied upon several people on the effectivity and performance of a Slendertone Ab belt. The research found that most people reportedly got a significant enhance in their endurance and abdominal strength. However, all the users were used to a 20-40 minutes session five days week. It lasted for two months and only then, the users were benefitted from the strengthened abdomen.

The research testifies the effectiveness of electric slendertone Ab belts. Most importantly, it reveals that you need to be patient to get a visible development along your waistline.

There was a follow-up research project on the utility of the Slendertone Abs belt, and it also reported significant abdominal strength development and endurance enhancement. However, Slendertone Abs itself has limited claims about turning your abs into a firmer and stronger one. Of course, it has its ground on the researches mentioned above.

However, there a condition! You will only get these real potential benefits if you follow some instructions. These are not compulsive, yet, should be fruitful to get your desired result from an electric Ab belt.

Essential suggestions to get an improved result from Slendertone AB Belt

You need to focus on three crucial things to get a positive outcome from the use of Ab belts. These are easy to follow instructions and therefore, shouldn’t bother you much.

Be positive:

You will need to go through regular sessions, often ranging from twenty minutes to forty minutes per day and continue it up to two months. It isn’t a walk in the park. Most people get restless after the first week or two, so they never observe the exact result.

This brings the importance of staying positive. You will require a considerable amount of determination and motivation during the course. So, always try to think positively to accomplish the task properly.

Healthy Diet:

If you exercise for forty minutes and then, go to the dining room to eat a pound of chocolate cake or your favorite Mexican stake, it’s better you shouldn’t use the Ab belts. So, it is advisable that you should maintain a healthy and balanced diet during the course.

Stay away from sweets, cookies, and other high-calorie foods. Instead, love green and eat as many vegetables as you can when you try to tone your abs using a slendertone ab belt. We also advise you to drink a lot of water because, during the sessions, your body loses a significant amount of water in the form of sweat.

Exercise regularly:

Remember that ab electric belts are only a supplementary to your regular workout. So, it would help if you never replace your exercise routine with it. It is not necessary to go to the gym all-time. You can use a treadmill or choose to walk in the fresh morning air.

Regular exercise, along with the Ab belts, will help you to get a toned ab and strengthened waistline.

Limitations of Electric Ab belts

Despite all these benevolent features of electric ab belts, it is not free from setbacks. Some of the mentionable limitations are-

  • If you continue using the machine in the same place over and over, there are most likely chances that only those targeted areas of your abdomen will become stiff. Other parts may remain unaffected.
  • Sometimes the increment of abdominal strength might reduce the circumference and cause a reduction in waist measurement also.
  • It doesn’t help you to gain bodyweight.
  • If used without proper guidance, it may lead to unwanted muscle sores around your waist, abdomen, and hipbone.

However, the limitations are instead a cause of inappropriate use of the electric ab belts. If you use a Slendertone Unisex System Abs Toning Belt following the instructions, you will surely get your desired result.

So, let’s have a close look at the Slendertone Unisex System Abs Toning Belt to find out what is has to offer for you.

Slendertone Unisex System Abs Toning Belt

Till now, I have stayed all positive about the electric ab belts. However, it’s time to be a bit choosy and skeptical as not all of the electric ab machines are effective. My first buy was a disastrous one and left me with a bad experience.

However, what! There’s something that satisfied me with its brilliant performance, and it is none other than the Slendertone Unisex System Abs Toning belt. If you want relaxation, fun, and performance together, this Slidertone Unisex is the king of the current market then.

Whom does it favor?

Do you want to develop your midsection without putting sweating too much? Alternatively, do you hate the gym and still want a gymnast like an abdomen? Well, for all of you who hates working out but wants an attractive abdominal line, this Slendertone built unisex belt is the best option for them.

It best first for people with 24-46 inches of the waist but can be extended up to 56-inches. So, literally, it serves everyone.

A glance of the belt

A perfectly toned and powerfully built abdominal line along with muscles helps to get rid of back pain while providing people with attractive body shape. This unisex Ab belt will give you everything you want.  And guess what, you will get such benefits at an extremely easy to perform the task.

Yes, Slendertone claims that a 20-minute long session with this belt is equivalent to 120-125 sit-ups. Moreover, the manufacturer is in the Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) equipment building industry for more than 50 years. They have never compromised with the quality of their products and have earned the trust of their customers. So, you are sure to get the best with this unisex Ab belt.

Moreover, any member of your family will be able to use it, thanks to its unisexuality.  Isn’t it a significant advantage?

Attractive features of the belt and their benefits

I have already mentioned earlier that the Slendertone Unisex System Abs Toning Belt provides stunning performance. However, what features do you enable it to give us such a satisfactory result?

I won’t make my answer lengthy. So, let’s start.

  • Seven programs: This slendertone belt comes with seven different sets of programs. These are- initial, beginner, intermediate level, advanced, experts, pro, and Ab power. Each has a different duration and number of sessions. All the programs enable people to target different parts of their abdomen.
  • A wide range of intensity levels: The belt has a preset intensity range between 0-99, allowing you to work well within your comfort zone. It helps you to increase the intensity level during workout sessions to match up with muscle strength.
  • LCD and audio controller: Slendertone have packed it with an LCD and audio controlling facility. It will allow you to control the program and intensity range with greater comfort.
  • Rechargeable: The unisex handheld machine can be easily recharged using the conventional way. It turns the system into a convenient and portable one.
  • Mobility: When stuck to your abdomen, the belt easily remains in the same place. So, you won’t have to sit in a fixed place waiting for the session to get over. You can move around, complete your other task, and still get the benefit of exercise.
  • Warranty: It comes along with a 2-year warranty card which is extremely handy.

Should you buy the Slendertone Ab belt: Yes or no?

So, now it comes down to the penultimate narrow bottom line. I will have to put a clear answer on whether or not, and I recommend using the Slendertone Unisex ab belt. Looking at the features and the number of positive reviews it got from the customer, yes, I would definitely recommend it for people.

If you want a trimmed waistline, powerful abs muscles all at an affordable price, Slendertone Unisex System Abs Toning Belt will surely prove its magic for you.

Precautionary note:

Do you dream of losing pounds and inches overnight? If you expect that the Slendertone Ab belt or any-other ab stimulator belt will melt your calories and fats like a pro-magician, wake up my friend, it won’t happen. Never!

Even the best ab toning belt like this one will work as a supplementary tool for your ab shaping. You will have to follow a balanced diet and perform regular exercise to get the best out of it.


Ab stimulator or electric ab belts have emerged as a stunning machine to help you lead a healthy life. It helps you to tone your ab and strengthen the muscles while performing all of your regular days to day activities.

It comes at the cost of a few hundred bucks, but you can avail of the online discounts. Online shopping of the belt will save your time and money. Once you get it delivered at your doorstep, fit it to your abdomen and enjoy the magic.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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