How do I choose a good treadmill?

The Complete Beginner’s Guide to How Do I Choose A Good Treadmill?

The ultimate guide to selecting the right treadmill

In this article, I shall be discussing everything you need to know about treadmills. From the different types to how treadmills work and everything in between I would suggest reading this article if you want to get started using a treadmill or even if you just want to gain some knowledge on the topic.

What is a treadmill?

A treadmill – for those who don’t know- is a traditional form of cardio where you run (as you would run normally) but with a twist. When you are running, you are running on a rubber surface which overlaps so you don’t fall off the treadmill – similar to a hamster wheel.

Why should you consider purchasing a treadmill:

Treadmills are a glorious form of gym equipment and probably the most iconic form of cardio. Those looking to train, lose some weight or better their running form should consider using a treadmill. Different treadmills will cost different prices – manual ones being cheaper than the electronic treadmills most commonly found in gyms.

Benefits of using a treadmill.

Have you ever considered going on a nice walk or run outside, just to notice that it is raining the floor is slippery and it is extremely cold outdoors. You would never have to worry about these issues if you purchased a treadmill. You could set your own pace and gradient. Also, treadmills are very easy to incorporate to HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) this will allow you to maximize your energy levels and burn a lot of calories.

What to consider when purchasing a treadmill?

When deciding to purchase a treadmill you must take into consideration your budget – which will determine how many features and ultimately how good the treadmill will be, quality-wise. Depending on how much you choose to spend on your treadmill ( from $200 upward some even exceeding the $1000 mark). Depending on how much you choose to spend you will see a drastic difference in build quality, features and comfort levels. However, it is important to consider the very core fundamentals. Either a motorized treadmill or a manual treadmill.

The difference between a motorized and a manual treadmill?

Although the general concept of a treadmill is to allow you to run preferably comfortably, there are different ways of going about this. First is the classic manual treadmill, the original no tricks involved. Statistics show that you are less likely to get injured using the manual treadmill also it requires more effort than a motorized treadmill which can be quite the double-edged sword. This is since you are putting in more effort you are using more energy, therefore, sweating more and hence burning more calories however this will affect how long you’ll be able to run for.

On the other hand, the motorized treadmill is relatively new. It incorporates modern technology to provide a more comfortable and realistic experience. This is because it allows you to set your own pace and gradient and it also conveniently shows how long you’ve been running for and how many calories you’ve burned ( along with several other statistics). A motorized treadmill works by the band moving on its own forcing you to run to stay on the treadmill which can cause injury for those who are not careful.

Final Verdict

Depending on how much you are willing to spend and your personal goals. You should consider getting a motorized treadmill for more intense work however be warned it can cost several hundred dollars more. A manual treadmill is good as a first treadmill and is foolproof with almost no potential injury not to mention it is cheaper. Another alternative which may appeal to some is to buy a gym pass which will allow you to test out the treadmill and is also a cost-effective way to use a treadmill.

How do I choose a good treadmill?

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