Secrets To How To Flex Abs – Even In This Down Economy

Abs is one of the most coveted structures of a body of a human being. Not only do they make you look superb, but they make you stay healthy. Much as the abs are loved, the way to getting them to seem almost impossible.

You might have heard or seen numerous infomercials telling you on how to Flex Abs or working out to get the most coveted six packs. Truth is you need to be committed in order to develop the abs.

You can flex your abs as a routine workout, and a means to have a fantastic look. Does it sound easy to do? Flexing your abs involves you engaging your entire core during your exercises so that you can give your abs an extra workout.

When to Flex the Abs

Flexing the abs should be a habit.  If you need that chiseled stomach all the time, then your abs must be flexed every time. The moment you start flexing your abs, you will the definition of a firmed body. It is easy to flex. You can do it while walking, laying, and pool. With time, you will start seeing the outline of your abs.

While some may have the courage, time, and psych to flex all day long, some may not have such privilege. But you should know to bring out the 6-packs from under the skin layers you have to do something.

It is easy; it is habitual. You can take advantage of some situation and try to flex. For instance, you can flex your abs when you;

  • Lining up maybe in a grocery store or anywhere else
  • Wait for coffee in your favorite cafe
  • While watching television or a movie
  • While on a train, a bus, boat or even the airplane
  • When showering

You can virtually flex anywhere!

The benefit of flexing is that it gives muscles a high definition. Do not settle on flexing as your primary way to develop muscles. This should only be used as an additional regimen to your fundamental core workouts.

Take this case: if you are overweight, probably you’d have a larger mid-section. In such cases, flexing won’t show your abs. to get that abs; you’ll need sheds off the extra mass that makes you overweight in order for your abs to display.


The best practice on how to flex abs is focusing on the lower abdominals. Remember, this section is usually the hardest part to reach hence proves impossible to give them definition. For the mid and upper abs, flexing them is natural.

To get better results, you can do some crunches, butterflies, or leg raises to be able to focus on the obliques entirely. Remember when your obliques are defined, and then your six packs are out. Besides, these exercises are essential in building more muscles, core strength, muscle memory, and stronger backbone. When you flex more, your muscles will remember each move.

Always stop when you feel pain while flexing. Too much strain in your muscles can lead to severe pain and injury.

How to Flex Abs Safely

There are some practices you need to adhere to in order to get the best flex sessions. Remember, safety should be your first priority; otherwise, it might lead to injuries.

To strengthen your abs, move your belly button towards your spinal cord. Move your hip and sternum towards each other. Do it gently not to harm yourself.  Ensure that your shoulder remains square.

Still, with your belly button pulled inwards, try to push your shoulder blades together and backward to keep your back straight.

You need to engage your hip and core muscles. To engage your pelvic muscles, you’ll need to pull them upwards slightly. All this time, ensure that abs is engaged. This step ensures that your abs remain firmer.

Breathing is essential while you flex.  You need to exhale as you flex. Do not hold your breath. Your exhalation must be gently and in poses. This way, you expose your abs. When you expel all the air out of your lungs at once, it will seem as if you are straining. Strive to exhale naturally as much as you can.

Another way to flex properly is by placing your hands on your thighs as you flex your abs. So, you’ll need to press your arms on your thighs with your palms inwards. Press your hands into the thighs as you flex your abs.

Twist your body sideways. To each side, you turn, ensure you pose a little and exhale as you press your hands on your thighs. When you twist your body, it slims your waist down. In turn, your abs become more pronounced. Such a pose is excellent if you are facing the mirror or you are posing for the camera.

If you want to slim your stomach while slimming, what do you often do? Most often, people will suck up their gut to look slim. Such a move always results in a thinner look and unnatural look. Such a look does not pop up your abs as expected. A relaxed pose only remains the best option.

By know you should be trying to flex your muscles, right? You have seen how easy it is to flex your abs. It is only a matter of making it a habit so that you get the most out of your flexing.

In a real sense, learning how to flex is a detailed process yet very simple. It is advantageous because it makes you look admirable and boosts your confidence.

Tips to Help You Create Admirable Abs

First, it is vital that you engage the practice of flexing in your workout program. This might be difficult, especially if you have not mastered the art of engaging your core. Learn to engage your core through basic exercises then turn into working out while flexing.

Caution: do not flex your abs throughout the entire workout. At times, some movements might require you to loosens your muscles – stomach and pelvis. Only ensure that the core is kept engaged. This way, it gets strengthened.

Secondly, ensure that your core is kept busy all day. This is a simple process that doesn’t require the use of special equipment. You only need to have a good posture and flex your mid-section. Every moment, ensure that you are in the right posture. This is a simple procedure that can be done anywhere whether you are seated or standing – desk, lining up, watching TV, etc.

Third, stop whenever you feel uncomfortable. Feeling uncomfortable is always manifested through the pain.  The pain usually occurs due to too much strain in a particular pose. Stop when you feel pain. If you strain beyond the point of pain, it certainly will lead to strain and possibly injuries.

In some unfortunate circumstances, you might experience some sharp and severe pain in your abdominal region. It will be prudent to stop flexing and see a doctor immediately.

Do You Want to Take Photographs to Show Off Your Abs?

Showing off your abs in a photography session is a dream for many people. After flexing for quite some times you should have the abs, and now is the time to show them. Even for photography, there some things you need to do for the abs to pop up.

  • You can tan your abdominal muscles. Tanning will make the abs more pronounced. You can do this at a salon or just buy a spray tan to do it yourself.
  • You try Applying oil on your abs. Oils are very good at pronouncing your abs, especially if you intend to take videos. The best oil to use is either baby oil or massage oil. Just apply it on your abs before you take those breath-taking photos.
  • Try out some sit-ups. Sit-ups are meant to encourage blood flow into the abdominal muscles. This will accentuate them.
  • Maximize the use of lighting during your photo session. To get well-represented abs, place the source of the light on your side. Trust me all details will pop out most finely.

Bottom line

No one can want the chance to have pronounced abdominal muscles pass them – if they were given freely. Unfortunately, you have to work your way up to get to them. The journey is not as complicated as it might seem; you only need to get motivated.

While it might be easier for average weight individuals to get the abs, the individuals on the upper end of the weight spectrum – obese, would have to go an extra mile.

Can flexing help you get fit? Not entirely. The purpose of flexing is to help you get to show your abs. That means you’ll need to work those muscles responsible for abdominals. From experts, when you flex, you horn the muscles. Or rather, you define them.

The significant advantage of abdominal muscle flexing is that you can do it anywhere without any hassles. Besides, you will strengthen your midsection and improve waist flexibility. or check the flex belt reviews.

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