How to Use Ultimate Abs Stimulator

How to Use Ultimate Abs Stimulator : A Step by Step Guide

There aren’t so many muscle stimulating devices that you canbuy on the market today that will actually promise and possibly deliver tighterand firmer abs. However, it doesn’t mean that you should lose hope.

After a lengthy research that took us up to 3 months, following user feedback, and looking at reviews, we finally found out that the use of electronic ab simulators is still the surest way to get the tightest ab muscles that you have always dreamy off.

These devices are designed to act as muscle stimulators thatelectrically excite your ab muscles and in turn, cause them to contract. Theyare safe to use and come with very many benefits over normal workout.

For starters, they don’t stimulate your tummy musclesthrough the brain like the normal body workout routine does. Instead, they doit through the nerves. This means that you don’t require so much concentrationwhile using them. In fact, you can go about your normal chores as you alwaysdo; wash the dishes, vacuum the floor, dust the seats, or play your computergames really.

How to Use Ultimate Abs Stimulator

The only one thing that most users agree that they find challenging is how to use ultimate abs stimulator in order to get the best results. In this post, we want to give you a step by step guide to help.

Step 1

Take out your abs stimulator from its package. Follow thisby stretching your ultimate abs stimulator belt right around your own waist.

Step 2

Put the belt over the center of your tummy. The easy way todo this is to make sure that you center the extra-large middle belt pad overthe belly button. While doing so keep an eye on the smaller pads that are seton either side of the ab belt.

Ensure that these smaller pads actually lie over the othersoft areas of your tummy or abs muscles. Set them in a way that they will sitbetween the ribs and also the hipbones. This should keep the belt at the exactcenter of the abdominal spread.

Step 3

Once you have set the belt in the middle of the tummy. You shouldfollow it up by securing the belt firmly so that it doesn’t slide out of place.Typically, the best abs stimulators belts will have a fastener (hook-and-loop) thatwill help you to keep it in place.

Step 4

As you fasten the belt, ensure that the muscle stimulatorpads actually lie snugly against the abdominal skin before you switch on the beltusing a button that you will find located on its front panel.

Step 5

For it to work, you need to feel your ab muscles contractingcomfortably. Use the up and down arrowed-buttons to set the perfect toning intensity.

Step 6

Allow the stimulator to sit and work on your abs for atleast 25 minutes per day and not more than 40 minutes a day.

Step 7

After the session expires, you can then turn off the abstimulator until the following day when you are ready.


  • If you are a beginner, you should stickto the 25-minute routine in your first month. Once seasoned then a 40-minutesession per day will be okay.
  • Keep track of your milestone byrecording the progress on a notebook.
  • Allow a six-hour rest period between thestimulator sessions.


How to use ultimate abs stimulator is no brainer really.However, it is important that you also watch the instructional video that thepack comes with before you indulge.

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