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Lintelek Smart Band And Lintelek Fitness Tracker in 2019

If you are a physically active person. then you know how important it is to track your movements and make sure that your fitness goals are achieved.

The Lintelek fitness tracker has been designed with this in mind. It has very nifty features which we will review in this article to make sure that you're getting value for your money:

Heart Rate Monitor

The Lintelek Smart Band contains a 24 hour heart rate monitor feature that records and detects changes to your current heart rate at all times.

This is an essential feature to help you maintain your health and detect unusual changes early enough for treatment.


1 .CMonitors your heart rate in real time.

2.DCharts your heart rate data.

3.üCan be worn during workouts or swimming and shows you live data of your heart rate and calories burned


Based on this review [], the Lintelek Fitness Tracker heart monitor is slower by about 20-30 beats as compared to other fitness trackers.

Sleep Monitor

Sleep tracking is based on your movements. The Lintelek Smart-Band will automatically assume that you're asleep when you haven't moved around for at least 30 minutes in the evening.

How helpful is sleep tracking?

According to Men's Health [], tracking your sleep movements will help you develop a pattern over time of how much quality sleep you're actually getting. It will also help you come up with ways to sleep better which contributes greatly to your overall health.


1 _CAutomatic sleep tracking in the evening, including length of time and movements in between, like rolling

2.DCollects and stores sleep data, which can be seen by swiping anywhere on the main part of the app.

3_CVibrating alarms to wake you up in the moming.


1 _CAny inactivity in the evening can be mistaken for sleeping, like watching TV.

Sleep stages may not be accurate.

Step Counter

If you're looking to lose weight or maintain a fitness regimen. the Lintelek Fitness-Watch step counter is the perfect tool for you

With it, you will get an all-day steps tracking, including routes taken and calories burned. Even better, it records all activities during the day.

However, it does not track short walks of 20 steps or less. and it has rather slow syncing speeds sometimes. Also. the data collected may be inaccurate.

Connected GPS Tracker

With the connected GPS feature. you can map out sports routes in the app whenever you're walking or running.

The app helps you map out workout routes.including average distance and speed. It also shows you energy consumption in the app.

However, some distances mapped out may be inaccurate and the data recorded might not show all routes.

Mobile App

This app. called VeryFitPro. allows the user to have all the data collected. including heart rate. steps counted and calories burned. in one location.


1 .CEasy to install on Vour Lintelek Smart Band. Just download the CVeryFitPro app on your phone and turn on bluetooth. Keep your fitness tracker close to your phone and turn on all notifications. Select your device after it shows up on the app and confirm. You can now synchronize the data on the homepage and the app will start working immediately.

2_CjContains all collected and stored data.

3.0Easily navigable.

4.C]Can connect with Google Fit.


1 App is only compatible with smartphones.

2.May break connection after long period Of rest.

Ease of Use

When looking for a fitness tracker, it is important to get one that has high functionality and can be worn anywhere, The Lintelek Smart-Band otters this and more, with its features and sleek design. making it a favorite among women and children

It has a slim design with adjustments to fit all types of wrists. It is also lightweight and very cornfortable, as well as very easy to navigate and change settings.

There is a bright display inside and it features a longer battery life. Lastly, it can easily flip through multiple screens via pressing the sensor at the bottom of the screen,

However, it may be difficult to read outside in the sun and cannot be used on a laptop or desktop computer.

Multiple Sports Modes

If you're a lover of sports. the Lintelek Fitness-Tracker is the perfect companion, It contains 14 sports modes. including cycling and jogging, swimming, to keep you challenged and in shape.


1 .CContains 8 built-in sports modes and 6 more in the app.

2.2Gives you tips for better exercise.

3_CMonitors and records sports exercise live data. including heart rates as well as distances covered and calories burned.


1 May take a long time to sync data.

USB Battery Charger 

The Lintelek Smart-Band can be charged anywhere with a USB port. Unlike other fitness trackers that require a USB cable to charge. it comes with a built-in USB located under the straps

One good thing with this is that there is no need for carrying IJSB cable wires and you also enjoy fast charging times. Also, it can be charged anywhere with a USB port. And you get to enjoy long battery life.

The only drawback here is that the built-in USB is less durable than USB cables.

Call ID Display

The Lintelek Smart-Band allows you to monitor all your calls and messages once it has been connected to the app.

That means that you get instant messages and calls notifications on the app. so you don't have to miss anything important.


1 .üEasy track of your calls and messages.

2.DShows caller ID and messages on watch screen.


1 .CSlow connectivity issues.

2.2Must be connected to the app to work _

Remote Camera

You can now remote control your phone's camera from your Lintelek Smart-Band and take pictures without touching your phone if your phone and watch are connected.

Just press the Camera button on your watch which will activate the camera shutter on your phone. A copy of the photo will appear on your watch's screen once taken so that you can see it it's okay or you need to take another one.


1 Works over long distances.

2.0Hands free control over your phone's camera when it not possible to use it.


1 .CSlow connectivity issues between your watch and your phone.

Is the Lintelek Fitness Tracker waterproof?

Yes. to a point, Lintelek Fitness Trackers are either IP67 or IP68 waterproof

What does this mean?

IP67 waterproof means that the watch can be dropped in water up to a meter deep for half an hour, so you can wear the product while washing hands but not swimming or a shower. IP68 waterproof means that the watch can be dropped in up to 30 meters of water tor the same period. making it ideal to wear for swimming, a shower or even in the raim

Extra Features

4 customized clock faces

0.96 big OLED screen

Support Android 4.4 and above, iOS 7.1 and above only for smartphone

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