Slendertone Bottom Toner Review

The latest Slendertone Bottom utilizes clinically proven, advanced toning technology in order to work out the muscles in your buttocks, providing you with a bottom that is more uplifted and firmer in just four weeks.

The Slendertone Bottom Toner reproduces bottom toning exercises, a session which lasts for duration of 30 minute is as effective as performing 60 reversed leg lifts. Experts agree that Slendertone flex bottom is the best bottom toning exercises to reshape and tighten your bottom.

This product includes a rechargeable and interchangeable controller, which is designed to work with every one of the garments for complete body toning.

Highlights Of The Slendertone Bottom Product:

  • 4 bottom toning exercises ranging from beginner to advanced level
  • For maximum effectiveness, 0 to 99 levels of intensity
  • Intelligent system of training to progress automatically through the programs
  • Built-in cool down and warm up phases to guarantee accurate usage of muscle
  • A handheld controller that is rechargeable for trouble-free usage

The ergonomic design of the Slendertone Bottom incorporates the area of stimulation into a comfy shorts. The shorts will fit sizes 6-14 and there is a pocket to accommodate your unit during usage as well.

You will be able to achieve a firmer bottom in as few as 4 weeks5 times per week with a workout session of 30 minutes with the Slendertone System Shorts. This is definitely not your average workout video which requires you to do awkward exercises that has to be done on the floor and put strain on other muscles in the body. The Slendertone Bottom toner is a proven unit which has pads that transmit signals to the nerves informing them to contract in the same natural way as they would for the duration of normal exercises.

The muscle contraction amplifies the definition and causes the bottom to look more uplifted and firmer. If you have not been able to wear particular clothes as a result of the shape of your buttocks and you have done endless exercises which take up at least an hour of your valuable time, then the Slendertone Flex Bottom product could possibly be the solution that is ideal for you.

In independent clinical trials:

  • 9 out of 10 users reported an improvement in shape
  • 8 out of 10 users reported their clothes felt looser
  • 7 out of 10 users reported a more uplifted and well-defined bottom

Clinical trial conducted by Prof. Dr. John Porcari, University Wisconsin, La-Crosse

This product can even be worn while other exercises are being done. In fact, going for a walk while you are wearing the Slendertone flex bottom could enhance the results that you get. It is recommended highly that you adopt healthy eating habits together with this product in order to pull off maximum results which will definitely last.

Pros: These shorts work. They are amazing for muscle stimulation. They certainly tone and visibly improve the shape of your bottom without much effort!

Cons: Hard to find any. I suppose Slendertone Bottom is not cheap, but the things which work never are! These will be used many times and not end up in the garage – I guarantee that!

slendertone-bottomIf you love to work out, but don’t like to spend too much time in the gym, these could be used when playing around online or read a book. You can use the gym for cardio, but save your valuable time at the gym by toning up at home!

In addition, the Slendertone Bottom toner will, in the long run, cost you less. Gym equipment and gym memberships are extremely costly and will cost more over time.

With the Slendertone bottom toning exercises you make a purchase one time which will continue working and showing results. The power supply of the Slendertone Flex Bottom toner is rechargeable and enables you to prevent yourself from throwing your money away on costly battery replacements.

Summary: Adopting a healthier lifestyle can be a transition that proves to be a difficult task for a number of individuals. If you are all set to have accomplishment in your life and provide yourself with a healthier appearance by making improvements in your diet and keeping up a regular exercise regimen, then the product can assist you in seeing faster results.

In economy of today, would it not actually be nice to receive something which saves you money and continues to provide you with results over an extended period of time?

Slendertone Bottom

Slendertone Bottom Toner Review
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