Slendertone Flex Belt

It’s just realistic for many people to believe that any solution which claims to assist in trimming the excess fat on the body and tone muscles are nothing but hype. I had the same beliefs until I used the Slendertone Flex Belt. During a research to learn more with regards to Electronic Muscle Stimulator (EMS), I came across this product.

One of the things that users will appreciate after using Slendertone Flex Belt is that it will actually work on the muscles to help it to relax and contract. This is really comparable to the actual action of the muscles while carrying out regular crunches.

How this work

is that the vibration or pulses will be sent to the muscle tissue throughout clinical grade gel pads. This comes with three pads and these can be directly positioned on the primary muscles. For instance, putting it on across the waist could work the lower abs, upper abs as well as the obliques.

Additionally, the pulses could get to even the smallest muscle groups which aren’t exactly below the gel pads. Therefore, utilizing the Flex Belt is similar to carrying out crunches many times without having the sweat and work hard.

The effects of this belt are essentially firming and toning of the abdominal muscles and improved core strength and stability. What is even more impressive is the fact that it will not just tone the muscles, but will also strengthen it. Some other products might claim to assist you to reduce your excess fat and tone muscles, but can they actually help to strengthen it? This could also enhance your posture, which is beneficial for people regardless of age, size, and weight.

The Slendertone collection includes:

  • Shorts design in medium and small size, which is created for bottom and thighs development.
  • The Arms – F model, for slimmer, firmer arms.
  • The Abs – F design, to tone abs and develop a leaner, sexier stomach.
  • Even though these products are mainly to assist females, you can find comparable male versions.

A new addition, Slendertone Face, is designed to help enhance face muscles and also tone its structure. It resembles a set of earphones but could be positioned close to the ears to be able to relax the muscles. This also offers an additional small piece which looks similar to a small iPod and contains recordings. It is claimed that Slendertone Face delivers a natural facelift from the inside out.

Slendertone Flex Belt Toning System Explained
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