Slendertone Pads - Slendertone Exclusive Replacement Gel Pads

Slendertone Pads – Slendertone Exclusive Replacement Gel Pads

Slendertone Pads

If you use your Slendertone System Abs or a variety of other Slendertone products, sooner or later you are going to have to replace your Slendertone pads. Even though they are good quality, eventually they become worn and do not function as well.

I would always recommend that you replace the old pads with genuine Slendertone Replacement Pads, this way you always know you are getting the best quality, they are also very reasonably priced, making them great value for money.

Slendertone Replacement Pads

These are the most common Slendertone Pads, they will fit most of the Slendertone abs belts, but not the active. They are easy to swap with the pads that came with you Slendertone originally, so do not worry about replacing them.

With this set of replacement pads, you get a one set that will fit either your Slendertone System Abs, Flex Max, Flex, Gymbody or Start. However, I would recommend you take a look at the size and shape of the ones you already have to give yourself peace of mind that you are ordering the correct ones.

Slendertone Pads

Another recommendation would be that once you see how you get on with your Slendertone system or other abs belt, that you think about getting one of these replacement sets. This will mean that when your old ones do start to wear out, you will not have to hang around waiting for your replacement set. I think this is a good idea because if you are in a habit of using your abs belt regularly,

then you will not have to stop your routine of doing this. A good idea if you have set yourself a goal of using these abs belts regularly, you do not need an added excuse to stop, it can be hard to get back into the routine again. This could mean that all your hard work at toning your abs starts to slip.
So keep a set of Slendertone pads in so this does not happen.

Replacement Slendertone Pads Include

  • 1 set of replacement Slendertone pads
  • These Replacement Pads are suitable for all Slendertone abdominal toning belts (except Active)
  • Slendertone Pads can be used with System Abs, Flex Max, Flex, Gymbody and Start
  • These Slendertone Replacement Pads are Medical grade pads with patented technology
  • Slendertone genuine replacement gel pads ensure you get the best from your Slendertone Abs belt

More Slendertone Replacement Pads

Slendertone Bottom & Thigh Replacement Pads

These Slendertone Replacement pads are for use with the Slendertone shorts garment. They fit into the garment and you can then use it with your Slendertone system. This is useful because you can wear the garments just like you would any other clothing, and are a great way to use your Slendertone whilst you are working out. No more worrying about whether the pads are going to stay in place while you are moving around.
These are slightly different in shape to the standard replacement pads, and there are six of them included in this pack, which is one set. These replacement Slendertone pads will ensure that you can carry on using your Slendertone System to keep your bottom and thighs in great shape.

Replacing Your Slendertone Pads

When you use your slendertone replacement pads it is best to check that they are suitable for the type of Slendertone System that you have. It is the time to remove them from their packaging and check that they are in good order and have not been damaged during transit.
When you are completely happy with your Slendertone Replacement pads it is time to fit them. Make sure you read any enclosed instructions and warnings that may have come with the Slendertone Pads.

It is then best to ensure your Slendertone System is disconnected from its power source.

When you have fitted them make sure they are secure and correctly fitted. This should ensure you get the best use from your new Slendertone Pads.
It is easy to replace Slendertone Pads. This is good because I think that Slendertone makes the most effective Best abs belt.

Slendertone Pads – Slendertone Exclusive Replacement Gel Pads
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