What Does A Fitness Tracker Do

How Useful are Fitness Trackers | What Does A Fitness Tracker Do

What Does A Fitness Tracker Do

If you were ever serious about fitness, you might have heard about the fitness trackers. So, naturally, a question might arise in your mind: What does a fitness tracker do?

It is a small device, the size of a watch, which sits quietly in your wrist and it can track your fitness data such as the number of steps you took in your morning run, your heartbeat rate, and your blood pressure among other things. Even though it might give the impression that it is a very sophisticated piece of technology, people still wonder if fitness trackers are at all useful or if they really work in the first place.

A fitness tracker is basically a device that’s packed with a whole bunch of sensors that track data and compute various calculations with the help of algorithms to display data on its LCD or LED panel.


It is similar to a smartphone and can measure motion. Fitness trackers come with accelerometers that can track motion in every direction, and most modern trackers also come with gyroscopes that can measure rotation as well as orientation.

Once the tracker collects data with the help of its sensors, it is then converted into steps and activity which is later converted to calories and other information such as sleep quality. Some sophisticated fitness trackers also come with altimeters which can measure the altitude of the wearer.

It is safe to say that most of the modern trackers are experts at crunching all kinds of data to give you accurate results of your fitness. A fitness tracker can be a handy partner during a workout as it can figure out the acceleration, intensity as well as the duration of your workout.

Some trackers also come with temperature sensors that can inform you of your core body temperature and other sensors which can track your sleep duration. There is some guesswork involved when it comes to tracking sleep data and the number of steps, but they give out accurate results more often than not.

Relying on sensors alone to give accurate data is a foolish thing to do, and so manufacturers pack these fitness trackers with sophisticated algorithms that are combined with the data gathered from the sensors to give out more accurate results.

These algorithms are a closely guarded secret by the manufacturers and are not publicly available, but they act upon data such as the height, weight, gender and other things that the tracker initially asks the user to input.

In order to give out real-time data about the number of calories you are burning in your workout, the fitness trackers measure your heartbeat. The more expensive fitness trackers come with better sensors and more sophisticated algorithms, allowing you to receive more accurate data. Nowadays,

the trackers are also paired with a smartphone application, giving you more functionality and adding more value to the product. The app helps to store data of your workout cycles and keeps track of your steps over a span of weeks or months, assisting your workout in a more holistic way.

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