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Ab belt is an abdominal toning device technology that helps to reduce body fat and makes stronger and thicker muscles. If you want to have a six pack body then this belt will be a useful thing for you. It reduces our body fat very quickly and without any effort. That’s why now everyone is coming to but this belt so that they can easily make their six-pack body.

Here we will introduce you with some of the best abs commands EMS fitness belts. We create an ultimate list of the best ab belts from many kinds of researches and reviews. This review will be very helpful for all of you to choose the suitable one for yourself. If you read this, you will get all the important and necessary information from it. So, please try to read it properly. Here are those ab command EMS fitness belts reviews..

(Here, we copied the extreme reviews from expert team under Dr. Sally Jones )

Get More Toned and Stronger Abs!

Flex BeIt is the most amazing ab toning system that will help you Look thinner, stronger and more amazing in the stomach region. For years people have been trying to lose weight and build muscle tone, but we don’t always feel like we Nave the time. With this amazing system will be able to tone stomach while sitting down watching TV, reading, getting ready for bed and even while This system is very easy to use and people won’t even be able to tell if you have it on or Now you will be able to get the workout of Life tie. Stop feeling Like are pushing WAR self to hard in life, trying to become thin End gain sexy abs, with this system the body you want is one a few steps away. Below you will Learn to tow the abs you want en to happen today.

Benefits of Using the Flex Belt!

Flex Set was cleared by the FDA for the most advanced system in toning, firming and strengthening the stomach muscles. ALL you need to do is slip on this workout and let it sit for about minutes each day. After using Flex Set for about 8 weeks will start seeing have lost, 1-2 pant sizes and you will look amazing.

The amazing construction of this belt contains 3 per-positioned medical grade gel These gel pads are in a place of the center abdominal end the external obliques. Below are just a few reasons you would want to use this system.

Casual Exercise

For those with no time to get a gym

New mother looking to remove baby weight

People with a sore back

A•one looking to become a more attractive or simple weight loss

How this works!

While using Flex Belt and during workout this belt will send out singles to your nerves where these pads ire These nerves branch cut of the stomach muscles, this helps uses them to relax and contract naturally. Doing this will work the abdominal muscle at the same time end not

just those under the pads. Many other ab belts used sensors that just vibrate on your skin causing nothing to happen. With Flex Belt once have it on you will. act feel and see it start working. These thermal images beLcnv she that before and Etter use of this amazing belt The ret area indicates the muscles in me entire abdominal_ area after just 20 minutes time of using this amazing belt.

Feel The Power of Flex Belt!

You if you AR one of those millions of people in the word today that likes to start Losing weight, but you don’t feel like there is enough time. Then you need to get hands of Flex Belt and start toning your body today. To Learn more this amazing system will work for you or to order your belt today,

2. Muscle Toner, Abdominal Toning Belt, EMS Abs Trainer Wireless Body Gym:

This belt is very to use. It is designed with ergonomics targeting abdominal muscle exercise. It has 6 modes and 10 optional intensities that help to reduce fat and growing muscle. You can select different mode and intensity for your muscle training.

Just fix the fitness gear to that position or part where you want to train your muscle and then press the button to start the work. This machine works similar to 60 minutes sit-ups and free swimming, 2000m running and also diet for 2 weeks. You can use it two times a day for 20 minutes and it will enough to strengthen your muscle.


  • Super light and ultra-thin
  • One-click setup
  • Training Time: 20 minutes everyday
  • Comes with 10 different levels of intensity giving some powerful functionality
  • Packaging includes two small gel pads and a large gel pad
  • PROS

    • Easy to use
    • The product comes at a very affordable price tag
    • Easy installation and very effective


    • The adhesive pads seem likely to be worn out soon
    • The power surges feel uncomfortable
    • Battery needs to be frequently changed

    3. Muscle Trainer EMS Portable Rechargeable:

    The Muscle Trainer EMS Portable Rechargeable belt uses the best and efficient EMS technology. It directly transfers the signal to the muscle and promotes movement and training. You will get an enjoyable healthy fitness through it.

    You can use this simulator for arm, abdomen, leg, hip and waist muscle training. If you use this belt for 2-3 months then you will get an awesome figure and tighter muscle. This is lightweight and small simulator which can be used anywhere and anytime. You can also put in into your bag, briefcase or anywhere.

    It is suitable for men and women for abdominal muscle exercise. This simulator includes 10 modes and 25 intensity. It will be best if you start it in low intensity and then increase it passing some time. You can charge it through a USB cable and it will take just 70 minutes for fully recharge. It doesn’t damage anything to your body that’s why you can easily use it without any worry. We take it in 3rd position on our list.


    • Uses the latest and most efficient EMS technology
    • It directly stimulates muscle activity
    • Easy to operate
    • Can be used for a wide variety of exercises
    • Lightweight frame is easy to handle
    • Comes with 10 different modes and 25 different intensity levels
    • Takes only 70 minutes to fully charge
    • Batteries are highly durable and lasts for a very long time


    • Gets fully charged in a little over an hour
    • The various modes and intensity levels are effective at increasing muscle activity
    • Lightweight and small frame that is very easy to use


    • The machine can get noisy at higher intensity levels
    • Consumes a lot of battery life

    4. Lux Fitness Muscle Toner and Abs Simulator EMS Abdominal Trainer:

    This abs simulator belt is another popular one. It uses the latest technology. This belt directly transfers signal to the muscles and then starts its works to strengthen the muscles. If you want a dream body shape then it will shape your muscle in the best way. It will give a healthy and muscular body. We keep this belt in the 2nd in our list.

    This belt will give you a better body after using it for a few months. You can use it anywhere that you want. This belt includes 6 exercise modes and offers more professional and high-quality muscle exercise. You can also adjust this belt into a proper intensity.

    It uses micro current technology that’s why it affects directly on your muscles and it doesn’t damage to the body. This is a light and portable belt that can be used in the office or anywhere you want.


    • Micro current technology direct affects the muscles
    • Comes with different modes and intensity levels
    • One-click application
    • Adjustable intensity levels for stimulating different kinds of exercises
    • Latest technology used to stimulate muscle activity


    • The product features a very affordable price tag
    • Effective at reducing weight
    • Easy setup and installation


    • Starts to feel uncomfortable at higher intensity levels
    • The power surges feel uncomfortable
    • Battery does not last for a long time

    5. mothered EMS Waist Trimmer Electronic Abdominal Muscle Stimulation AB Belt:

    Another popular and solid ab toning best is Mother Med EMS Waist Trimmer Electronic Abdominal Simulator. You can get this belt with a mid-level price. It is a useful one and provides enough construction quality with standard back support. This belt is around 8 inches wide and it can fit waists between 22-46 inches. This belt is made of a stretchy spandex and nylon combination material and it releases heat at all times.

    It is a unique belt that is designed with electronic simulators and it helps to trigger the abdominal muscles. It can move while you are working and can put pressure and force on your abs to strengthen. Though there is no other any tons of the back to provide support the belt it has enough suffice to fill the purposes.

    Overall this is a unique toning belt which offers some great features. This the belt which you can use not also for your exercise but also for your any other purposes. This belt takes the 5th place in our list.


    • Great build quality
    • Useful at stimulating muscle activity
    • Made with a stretchy spandex and nylon combination for durability and strength
    • Features a unique design that releases heat at all times
    • The belt is very effective at reducing weight in just a few weeks


    • Very easy to use
    • The stimulator feels comfortable to use even after long periods of time
    • The product comes at a very affordable price tag


    • Some modes do not work
    • The batteries need to be frequently changed and do not last for a long time

    Buying Guide of an Ab Command EMS Fitness Belt:

    Generally, it is a difficult task for everyone to choose the best and suitable ab command fitness belt. Because there are many types of ab belts will be found on the market. That’s why they fall into the confusion that which one will be perfect for them. As a result, they can’t get the quality one. So for that reason, we will discuss here some tips for purchasing an ab command EMS fitness belt.

    # Quality:

    The first thing to consider before buying an ab belt is its quality. It should need to be a high-quality item so that it can maintain its efficiency and effectiveness. Some EMS carries powerful batteries that help them to have a longer life.

    Size and Number:

    Usually, EMS pads come with many different numbers and sizes. You should pick that size and number which is suitable for you.


    Before purchasing an ab belt it is important to fix your price. Because there are so many EMF simulators you will get with different price tags. That’s why fix you price first then go to purchase it.


    The ab toning belts are designed for different types of purposes. So it is important to find out what kinds of ab belts you need and what is your purpose and then purchase it.

    Battery Life:

    The product should feature a good battery life in order to make it more convenient for the users. If a belt requires frequent battery change or features a short battery life and a high charging time, it becomes a nuisance and hassle for people to use them.


    The belt should be able to operate efficiently and effectively. It should also be comfortable at the same time so that it is easy to use and effective at reducing weight quickly.


    # Can these belts be used everywhere?

    – Yes, these belts can be use used everywhere. Even you can use it while you’re traveling anywhere.

    # How many times it needs to use in a day?

    – It can be used for twice time in a day for just 20 minutes.

    # Do these belts have any side effects?

    – No, these belts don’t have any side effects. You can easily use it without any worry.

    # Is it useful for work?

    – Yes, it is very useful to get stronger muscle

    # Is it properly strong to work?

    – Yes, this belt is very suitable for exercising, reducing body weight and also making a six-pack body.

    # Where can I buy the best ab belt?

    – You can buy the best ab belts online where you can check out the reviews and ratings of each of the products. All the belts featured in this review are available online in sites like eBay and Amazon with tons of useful tips and user ratings that will help you to decide on your favorite product.


    Ab belts are so useful to have a healthy body and there are no other side effects of using these belts. It is really very helpful and beneficial for exercise, reducing body weight, making muscles and a six pack body.

    It helps a lot especially on them who have back pain. Here we give some reviews about some of the best ab command EMS fitness belts. Hope this will helpful for you to purchase the right belt for yourself. Best wishes to you and happy buying!!!

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