A Guide To Letscom Fitness Tracker Reviews 2023 At Any Age

Keeping tabs of your fitness program is very important. It will help you to meet your targets and also prevent you from getting off focus. More importantly, it will enable you to find out whether you are improving or not.

In this post, we have prepared the best letscom fitness tracker reviews to help you find a great fitness tracking device. We have compared quite a number of letscom fitness trackers and settled on the very best.

We recommend going with this review because we have considered a number of factors before preparing it. Some of the factors include user reviews, user feedback’s, bestselling devices, and buyer ratings.

More importantly, we have included a simple buying guide. The buying guide will help you to nail a letscom fitness tracker that suits your needs.

Let’s dig on.

Top 5 Best Letscom Fitness Tracker Reviews in 2023

1. LETSCOM Fitness Tracker, Activity Tracker Watch with Heart Rate Monitor

Put simply, the LETSCOM Fitness Tracker, Activity Tracker Watch with Heart Rate Monitor is your all-round activity tracking device. It is a smart device with so much functionality for all outdoor activity lovers.

Heart Beat Monitoring

It is a fitness device that provides exceptional intuitive/ real-time heartbeat monitoring. The device allows you to keep tabs of your heartbeat rates when working out or if relaxing. It is a great way to practice the best breathing tips.

14 Sporting Modes

More importantly, this is the best sports tracking device. It offers numerous sport tracking modes that you can work with to assess your fitness levels. From calorie burnout, distance covered, heartbeat rates, speed, to sleeping patterns, the list is endless.

Waterproof Touch

Even so, many people love this device because of its waterproof touch. The device uses the IP67 water resistance technology that covers you around light drizzles and sweaty hands. However, it is not recommended for showering or swimming.

Smartphone Integration

Again, this device also integrates well with smartphones including IOS and Android devices but not PC, Ipad, or Tablets. The integration allows for easy use, SMS and call notifications, and real-time operations.

OLED 0.96 Inch Screen

Further than what we have seen is a wide OLED 0.96-inch screen that’s really wide enough and which will give you an easy operation space and time for your device.

Longer Battery Life

With a single charge, the battery to this device will easily push you through a week of operations. This is extremely convenient as you won’t have to charge the batter quite often. It is also ideal for someone who needs their battery for long.

Sedentary Alert System

Time to rest and you didn’t remember? No need to worry. The sedentary alert technology will do you enough good and remind you to take some time off that busy schedule. It is accurate and quite helpful.

GPS Connectivity

Once integrated with your cell phone, you will easily enjoy a faster GPS connectivity that enables you to define a workout route.

Built-in USB Plug

Finally charging this device is no brainer. With its built-in USB plug, you don’t even need any charging cable at all.


  • 0.96-inch Screen
  • OLED Screen
  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Smartphone Integration
  • Intuitive HR Monitoring
  • 14 Sports Tracking Modes


  • Very easy to use
  • Simple and attractive interface
  • Light and can be worn for long
  • Sleep tracking technology
  • Very affordable


  • Not ideal for swimming and showering
  • The wrist band might need adjusting from time to time

TIPS: This is a very durable fitness tracking device. The device can be used by all people including kids, women, and men.

2. LETSCOM Fitness Tracker HR, Activity Tracker Device with Heart Rate Monitor

This is the other top-rated activity tracking device that is perfect for both outdoor and indoor activities. The LETSCOM Fitness Tracker HR, Activity Tracker Device with Heart Rate Monitor is super cool with extremely flexible functionalities.

Heart Rate and Sleep Monitoring

This device will help you in tracking your real-time heart rate automatically. It will continuously track also your sleep duration and consistency. After that, it will provide you with a comprehensive analysis of the two and quality data that you can work with to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

All-day Activity Tracking

We said it is an all-activity tracking device and it sure is. It enables you to accurately record all the activities that you had done in a day including the number of steps taken, distance covered, calories burned, and sleep status among other things.

Multi-Sport Modes

In addition to that, it also offers 14 exercise modes with 3 of them being customized on the screen to help you understand better your specific activity data and how to go about your workout.

Connection with the GPS

Your device also has smart connectivity. This one allows it to connect to smart devices including the IOS and Android.  You can then show run stats such as pace and distance and also record a map of your entire workout route.

SMS and Call Notifications

Once connected to your smartphone, you can easily get real-time SMS and Call Notifications so that you don’t miss out on the most important messages. You can also receive notifications from social media (Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter).

Built-in USB Plug

In addition to all these, this fitness tracking device is also easy to charge. With any USB block or even computer, you can boost your device at any time. No need for a charging cable.

Waterproof Technology

The smart fitness device also offers cool waterproof technology. The IP67 water resistant technology allows you to wear your tracker when running in rains or if washing hands. However, you can’t wear it if showering, swimming, or diving.

Smart Wrist Sensor

Then you have the smart wrist sensor that enables the screen to automatically lighten up whenever you turn up your wrist to use the tracker.


  • OLED 0.96 Inch Screen
  • Call and SMS Alert
  • Sedentary Alert
  • Remote Camera Shooting
  • Smart Wrist Sensor


  • Smart connectivity
  • An all-round tracking device
  • Easy to use a working model
  • Super cool design with a modern look
  • Remote access for every use


  • Can’t be used with PC, iPad or Tablet
  • Slightly complex user manual

TIPS: This device is best when you want to keep tabs on your workout but want to spend less on a great tracking device. It is the ultimate device for the people on a budget.

3. LETSCOM Fitness Tracker IP68 Waterproof Activity Color Screen Fitness Tracker

Another best Letscom Fitness Tracker Review that we will look at is the LETSCOM Fitness Tracker IP68 Waterproof Activity Color Screen Fitness Tracker Review. Equipped with numerous features, this tracker is a complete powerhouse.

Heart Beat Monitoring

For starters, it provides exceptional real-time heartbeat and monitoring 24/7. Whether you are sleeping or awake this device will track your heartbeat and pulse so you can understand how your body functions and how best to work out.

14 Sporting Modes

Even better it is equipped with 14 sports mode that you can use to properly keep tabs of your training. These modes are unique when it comes to assessing your fitness levels. They include tracking calorie burnout, distance covered, heartbeat rates, speed, to sleeping patterns, the list is endless.

Waterproof Touch

Waterproofing capacity is another feature that this device comes with that melts many hearts. The waterproofing technology used is good enough to keep your device under light drizzles, sweat, and when in contact with dust. It is an IP67 water resistance technology. However, this technology isn’t recommended for showering or swimming.

Smart Technology

Talk of keeping up with technology and this fitness tracker doesn’t disappoint. It easily integrates with smartphones, GPS, to help you maximize your experience. With the smart technology, you can easily keep tabs of your calls, emails, SMS, and even attend to them while still working out.

OLED Screen

Further than that is a wide OLED screen. The screen is very visible and also wide enough to leave you with an easy operation space. Therefore when you want to customize your workout it will be very easy.

Longer Battery Life

With a single charge, this device will last for a week. This is extremely convenient. You will be able to use it for long without any worries of going offline. Longer lasting batteries are a very important component when buying your Letscom fitness tracker.

Alarm Systems

The device comes with a sedentary alert technology. This technology will remind you of when to wake up, sleep, and train. It is an alarm system that’s very helpful and which offers a timely program for the user.

Built-in USB Plug

Then comes in the USB plug; the plug allows you the freedom of charging your device anytime anywhere. You don’t have to carry a cable to charge your phone. All you need is a PC or laptop. This is quite convenient and makes the experience really memorable.


  • OLED Screen
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Smartphone Integration
  • GPS Integration
  • Intuitive HR Monitoring
  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Smart Pedometer
  • 14 Sports Tracking Modes


  • Very easy to use
  • Best Watch for Men Women and Kids
  • Variety of colors to choose from
  • Simple and attractive interface
  • Light and can be worn for long
  • Very affordable


  • Not ideal for diving
  • Takes longer to set up.

TIPS: For people who love to train with a smart integrated device. You will have your office at hand.

4. LETSCOM Fitness Tracker, Heart Rate Monitor Watch with Color Screen and IP68 Waterproof

The next device that we chose if better, grander, and more efficient; it is the LETSCOM Fitness Tracker, Heart Rate Monitor Watch with Color Screen and IP68 Waterproof. Like you might have noticed, it has a higher waterproof version and covers almost all the functionalities that we have seen before.

Smart Health Manager

There are no limits to how many health actions this device can monitor. It is a complete device that offers comprehensive 24/7 heart rate monitoring; sleep quality monitoring and tracking and much more.

14 Sports Modes Tracking

In addition to the above, it can also monitor the number of steps you take in a day, the amount of calories burned, the miles covered, and above all that the active minutes recording. You will get 3 modes displayed on the screen at any given time.

0.96 Inch Color Screen

And the reason we loved this device more is the bright 0.96″ clear color screen. The screen comes while displaying date and time. The screen is long lasting and gives the tracker additional durability.

High Tracking Performance

The device has a higher performance in sports tracking like riding and running and delivers in-depth reporting to your smartphone. Thanks to its ability to seamlessly connect to the smartphone’s GPS. You can, therefore, see pace, distance covered, and the GPS map during walks.

Adjustable Screen Brightness

The screen brightness is leveled from 1- 5. This is super cool and allows you to change according to all your needs. You can, therefore, set an ideal level of brightness for your personal use and enjoyment.

Waterproof Technology

The device enjoys the IP68 Waterproof Technology which protects it from rainfall and hand washing. Yet unlike the other model, this high waterproof technology also allows you to shower and swim with the tracker. However, you can only enjoy up to 3 meters of diving.

Smart Wrist Sensor

As if that’s not enough, the screen also lights up automatically when you lift your wrist upwards towards your eyes. This provides clear visualization.

Suitable for All Ages

Finally, the device is easy to use and can work for people of all ages. You can use it with kids, your spouse, and all your loved ones.


  • Use with “VeryFitPro” App
  • Built-in USB Plug
  • Sleep and Heart Beat Monitor
  • Remote Camera Shooting
  • Wrist Sensor


  • Wide and easy to use screen
  • Long lasting build up
  • Quite affordable
  • High clarity and visualization
  • Smooth touch on the edges


  • Do not have a swimming sport mode
  • Not visible under direct sunlight

TIPS: This is the one device that’s easy to use. It will also cover all your fitness tracking needs and enable you to enjoy an easy health management touch. It is best for all people including kids and adults.

5. LETSCOM Fitness Tracker HR with Heart Rate Monitor Watch and Step Counter Pedometer

Finally, we have the LETSCOM Fitness Tracker HR with Heart Rate Monitor Watch and Step Counter Pedometer. This fitness tracker is best for men, women, and kids. It is simple to use and quite helpful when on a clear workout routine.

Heart Rate Monitoring

This is the very first thing that this device will help you with tracking. It will give you a real-time heart rate anytime automatically. It will also continuously track your sleeping patterns, duration, and consistency.

With this data, you will have a comprehensive analysis of how to improve your workout, health, and more importantly your lifestyle.

Activity Tracking

Activity tracking is done for the whole day. This device is good at keeping tabs and will be of great help. It will ensure that you get accurate records for all the activities that you will have done along the day.

Some of the activities that it will keep tabs on include steps taken, distance covered, calories burned, and sleeping status among many other things.

Multi-Sport Modes

Like many other top-rated letscom fitness tracker reviews that we have seen, this design also offers 14 unique multi-sports modes. Three or these modes are basic modes and are already customized on the screen for easy reach.

GPS Connection

This device also supports GPS connection. This smart connectivity is very important in this way; it will help you to design a workout map. It will also help you to keep tabs of your stats easily when it comes to distance covered and recording maps used.


Thanks to the smart connectivity, you can also receive real-time notifications. This will include SMS, EMAIL, and CALL notifications. In short, you will be able to work out and still attend to other matters of urgency.

Indeed, you will also be able to receive notifications from the many social media platforms that we have including (Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter).

Wireless Charging

In addition to all these, this device also supports a wireless charging system. This means that the fitness tracking device can be charged easily without having to hassle around with cables and such clumsy add-ons.

Waterproof Technology

The smart fitness device is dustproof, waterproof, and above all sweat proof. It uses the IP67 water-resistant technology that allows you to wear it when running in rains or even if washing hands.


  • Call and SMS Alert
  • Sedentary Alert
  • Remote Camera Shooting
  • IP67 water resistant technology
  • Smart Wrist Sensor
  • Silent Alarms


  • Smart Bluetooth connectivity
  • An all-round activity tracking
  • Easy to use fitness working model
  • Super cool design with a modern look
  • Smart wrist sensor
  • Numerous cool colors to choose from


  • Cannot integrate with PC, iPad or Tablet
  • No replaceable wristband

TIPS: This device is best when you want to buy great fitness tracker but working on a tight budget.  

What Does A Fitness Tracker Do

If you were ever serious about fitness, you might have heard about the fitness trackers. So, naturally, a question might arise in your mind: What does a fitness tracker do?

It is a small device, the size of a watch, which sits quietly in your wrist and it can track your fitness data such as the number of steps you took in your morning run, your heartbeat rate, and your blood pressure among other things. Even though it might give the impression that it is a very sophisticated piece of technology, people still wonder if fitness trackers are at all useful or if they really work in the first place.

A fitness tracker is basically a device that’s packed with a whole bunch of sensors that track data and compute various calculations with the help of algorithms to display data on its LCD or LED panel.

It is similar to a smartphone and can measure motion. Fitness trackers come with accelerometers that can track motion in every direction, and most modern trackers also come with gyroscopes that can measure rotation as well as orientation.

Once the tracker collects data with the help of its sensors, it is then converted into steps and activity which is later converted to calories and other information such as sleep quality. Some sophisticated fitness trackers also come with altimeters which can measure the altitude of the wearer.

It is safe to say that most of the modern trackers are experts at crunching all kinds of data to give you accurate results of your fitness. A fitness tracker can be a handy partner during a workout as it can figure out the acceleration, intensity as well as the duration of your workout.

Some trackers also come with temperature sensors that can inform you of your core body temperature and other sensors which can track your sleep duration. There is some guesswork involved when it comes to tracking sleep data and the number of steps, but they give out accurate results more often than not.

Relying on sensors alone to give accurate data is a foolish thing to do, and so manufacturers pack these fitness trackers with sophisticated algorithms that are combined with the data gathered from the sensors to give out more accurate results. These algorithms are a closely guarded secret by the manufacturers and are not publicly available, but they act upon data such as the height, weight, gender and other things that the tracker initially asks the user to input.

In order to give out real-time data about the number of calories you are burning in your workout, the fitness trackers measure your heartbeat. The more expensive fitness trackers come with better sensors and more sophisticated algorithms, allowing you to receive more accurate data. Nowadays,the trackers are also paired with a smartphone application, giving you more functionality and adding more value to the product. The app helps to store data of your workout cycles and keeps track of your steps over a span of weeks or months, assisting your workout in a more holistic way.

Letscom Fitness Tracker Reviews: Buying Guide

Now that you have seen the best letscom fitness tracker reviews, it is time to pick one. How do you pick the best one for your use? Here is a simple buying guide that will help you. Let’s dig in.


Know the price of the letscom fitness tracker. It is very important. Ask yourself the following questions.

  • Is the price affordable for me?
  • Does the price meet my budget?
  • Is it the best price I can find here?
  • Is there an offer that comes with a price?
  • Can get a better tracker review for a lesser amount?

It is important that you get an affordable tracker. You don’t need to spend so much. To keep your spending under check, always have a budget. Plus ask yourself the questions that I have highlighted here.


The next very important factor is to consider reviews. Letscom fitness tracker reviews and user feedback’s will give you the best pointers. They will tell you what to expect and what type of experience to go with.

The best reviews are always found on the best e-commerce websites. By focusing on them, you will know whether to put your money or not. Thanks to the type of experiences that previous users will have noted.


Again you need your letscom fitness tracker to be very durable. If it can last longer then you will have a plus. Most fitness trackers here are usually made of rubber wristbands, plastic, and partial metal plate.

Find one that has a good build. Such will be long-lasting enough. It will help you to save so much and eventually give you the best value for money. Durability has everything to do with return on investment.


Pulse and heart rate monitor is also a very important component of any fitness tracker. Let me say that with a heart rate monitor, you will be able to maintain your workout limits. You will count your calories, keep tabs of your progress, and know when to take a break. The availability of this monitor is therefore very important.


Personally, I love many sports mode. A good example is going with at least ten sports modes. Sports modes will help you to change workout patterns easily. It will also help you to connect your tracker to the phones GPS so you can get real-time pace and distance.


USB port charging is good. Especially when you don’t have to carry a cable everywhere you go. However, wireless charging is even better. You always need your letscom fitness tracker to be fully charged so you can work out when you want to, receive calls, attend to messages, and reply emails.

Settling for an all-inclusive charging system will be the best thing to do. It will save you so much hassle and always keep your device on the beep. Make sure you switch off your tracker when charging until its fully charged.


Finally, you need a color that you like. Most wristbands come in different colors that you can choose from. They are replaceable and you can always fix yours in case you don’t like it. So choose a color that fits your needs.

Additional Fitness Tracker Tips

There are many tips that you should keep in mind when using your letscom fitness tracker. They include.


When charging your tracker make sure you only charge when the battery low warning has indicated. Also, make sure that your device is off when being charged until when fully charged too.


Understand the waterproofing technology that you are using. Find out if it allows you to use the device under heavy rain, when swimming, diving, or showering. If not stick to what it allows you to do.

Replacing Parts

Finally, when replacing parts such as the wristband, make sure you follow the user manual. Do not assume that it’s an easy task. Take your time and get every replacement step right. It will keep your tracker safely fastened.

FAQs: Letscom Fitness Tracker Reviews

Here are some of the common concerns new letscom fitness tracker buyers raise. We have sampled them here so you can have a better understanding of how these devices work. Take a look.

 Why do I Need a Smart Design for My Tracker?

A smart design is also important. Smart design means your tracker is slim, lightweight, and easy to wear. It comes with easy to replace components and a waterproof, dustproof, and sweat-proof design.

Do All Letscom Fitness Trackers Have Intelligent Reminder?

Not really. However, the best letscom fitness tracker reviews highlight only the best and they all have intelligent reminders. You can use them to pick calls, attend to emails, reply texts, and above all get real-time notifications right on your wrist.

How Much Does the Best Letscom Fitness Tracker Cost?

The cost of letscom fitness trackers vary depending on features. The most important thing to do is to just get a device that suits your need. Nonetheless, with roughly 30 USD in your pocket, you should get a rated letscom fitness tracker.

Does the Tracker Monitor Heart Rate All Through the Day?

Yes. A letscom fitness tracker will keep track of your heart rate and also your pulse all through the day. It is by doing this that it will help you to exercise and to get a better understanding of your fitness levels.

Which Is the Best Waterproof Technology to Go For?

For a letscom fitness tracker, an IP67 is okay. This waterproof, dustproof, and sweat proof. It will allow you to even use your tracker on light drizzles. However, IP68 is better. This technology allows you to dive and shower with your tracker while at the same time enjoying what IP67 provides.

Letscom Smart Band

You probably know that inactivity can contribute to a range of health problems and personal issues such as weight gain, chronic illnesses, and even low productivity at work, school and everyday life. On the other hand, a constant activity can prevent or even reverse most of these health issues. Walking, jogging, and running can help to improve your personal health. However, you have to make sure that you engage in workout activities that will make you achieve your goals Letscom Smart Band.

One of the best ways to see if you are making progress in your workout is by using a fitness tracker.  letscom smart band is one of the most popular trackers you can use to track your heart rates, calories burnt, steps, and more. You can even find fitness trackers that come with a GPS tracker that maps your pace and the distance you have covered. Although many people will dismiss the importance of using this gadget for those who have an athletic incentive, the truth is that the fitness tracker is what you need to ensure that you achieve your fitness goals.

Here are the reasons why you need to start using a fitness tracker:

1.    Personal accountability

When using a fitness tracker, the only person you are competing against is actually yourself. The role of the letscom smart band is to track your progress and your goals, encouraging you psychologically to worker harder than you did in your previous session. Research has shown that using a fitness track can increase your activity level by 30%.

2.    Set personal goals

Maybe you can only run for 5km, but you are looking to get into 8km and eventually into 20km. Perhaps the furthest you have gone is a jog around the neighborhood. Whichever your case is, the fitness tracker has tips and realistic goals that you can set as an individual. It makes perfect sense that before you run a half marathon, you must run at least 5km or 8km. For those who are looking to run 5k but they are just starting out, there are actually programs that can allow you to do that in just 8 weeks or even less.

3.    It is all about you

The truth is that many people don’t like the idea of going to the gym. One of the major concerns that people have when going to the gym is whether they are doing certain things correctly and if they are being watched. So, many people will feel embarrassed when they think about going to the gym. On the other hand, a letscom smart band gives you the time and opportunity to improve slowly by slowly without the fear that you are being judged by anyone. Whether you decide to exercise at the park, at home or at the gym, your fitness tracker will service as an excellent gadget that will help you to improve without any stigma.

4.    Financial motivation

You will find that most fitness trackers on the market go at a retail price of over $100. This can be so much for people who think it is just a gadget that you wrap around your arm and it displays details that they don’t need to motivate them to push harder. However, this is actually the most critical part of the psychological encouragement. Since you have used the money to buy it, why not use it to your advantage.

5.    The latest weight loss tool

Since you are already busy trying to maintain and beat your personal record, you are less likely to notice the gains you have made. Perhaps, you may. Whichever the cases, seeing your activity levels on your letscom smart band and actually noticing whether you are making progress or not, and even making the comparison on your weight scale after a couple of weeks, can help you to know whether you are on the right track or not.

6.    Social aspect

Although personal motivation is very important when it comes to physical activity, a lot of people enjoy the benefits that come with sharing their activities on the various social media platforms. Most fitness trackers have apps that allow users to link up with other fitness trackers in their region, hosting challenges and creating workout groups,

7.    A wide range of fitness trackers

With a wide range of fitness trackers on the market, it is much easier to determine the features the features you need most in your fitness tracker. For instance, you may not need GPS if you know the distance track you use every day. The same applies to other features that you may not need. So, you can actually customize your fitness tracker and look for one that meets those specifications.

8.    Everything you need for your workout in one gadget

After determining the features, you need to see in your fitness tracker, you are set.  You don’t have to open an app or worry that you don’t have enough charge to have several apps running. This is because most fitness trackers will sync your tracking activity automatically to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Another option is manually plugging into your computer through USB to upload your activity. You can charge the tracker at night or even through a USB when it is plugged into a computer. The charge should be enough to large the whole day.

9.    Sleep too

A few years back, tracking your sleep meant you had to sleep in a tab with wires hooked on your body so as to determine if you were in NREM or REM sleep. But those days are long gone. Today, people are using fitness trackers to determine the quality of their sleep depending on movements during sleep. Sleep is a very important factor when it comes to determining the quality of your lifestyle and health. Ensuring that you get at least three full cycles of sleep every night is important in maintaining the energy that you need during the day and it also gives your brain enough time to process what has happened during the day.

As you can see, you have every reason to start using a tracker. But the success of your fitness will depend on the tracker you use; therefore, make sure you use the right tracker.


We have highlighted the best letscom fitness tracker reviews for you. You don’t have to compare the designs alone. You don’t have to try them out anymore. By looking at what we have given you, you can now choose a device that you need.

We hope that these letscom fitness tracker reviews that we have highlighted have allowed you to settle on one. If our reviews have been helping you can also share them with your loved one. Let everyone around you get a smart workout technology.

Just remember to follow the buying guide that we have included here. It will help you to get the very best letscom fitness tracker and also to enjoy your experience with the same device too. Good luck.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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