Build your Perfect Abs with Ab Crunch or Ab Belt? in 2020

Ab Crunch or Ab Belt?

Ab Crunch People around the world are keen on having a magnificent and well-shaped body as well as a perfect set of six-pack abs. They are mostly inspired by top models and bodybuilders. Bodybuilding is the craze of the nation at present.  Who don’t wanna get the most eyesights?

Is Ab Crunch Effective?

The Ab Crunch happens to be the most effective and simplest exercise method which works on the abdominal muscles, making them stronger and more outstanding. The Ab Crunch works out the rectus abdominal muscle (i.e. center six-pack muscle), internal and external oblique muscle (i.e. internal and external muscles found on the sides) the transverse abdominal muscle (i.e. a layer of muscles visible underneath the abdomen). On the Contrary, Ab Belts or Electric Ab Belt is said to provide an automatic or effortless way to achieve the desired six-pack.

Ab crunch Ab Crunch

1) Giant Ab Crunch MachineAb crunch 2) Powerline PAB21X Ab BenchAb crunch

Along with the Ab Crunch exercises or Electric Ab Belt, one needs to have a proper nutrition by avoiding all kinds of jerk and starchy food and taking more of high protein and low-calorie food, as well as a regular exercise routine, which should include cardio exercises viz. running, walking, swimming, etc., weightlifting that tends to burn out maximum calories from the body. Doing these exercises on the everyday basis can help you attain a six pack body within a month’s time.

Ab crunch 2018The Ab Crunch exercise can be begun by lying down flat on the floor with bent knees and feet on the floor. Fold your hands by the back of your head and take a deep breath before starting. Then you crunch upwards lifting the head and chest above and try to make contact between the knees and your forehead. Then you gradually exhale the air and reach back your previous position.

If you try to crunch with your chest and head pushed towards the ceiling, and at the same time try to push the lower back on the floor, more stress is generated on the abdomen, thereby making the exercise more effective. The crunch exercise when done with optimal speed gives the best possible results. And for the Ab Belt, you can simply start at any time you want beside you are just having lunch or supper.

Common Mistakes that you may make on Ab Crunch Exercise

Ab crunchThe abdominal muscles are difficult to train as they are a large group of complicated muscles. Hence, the use of Ab Crunch machines helps in working the upper abdomen. These machines help in toning the abdomen better as weight is added along with the regular crunches and sit-ups. They prevent overstretching of the back and the neck and give the body a complete workout simultaneously. Thus, working out with an Ab Crunch machine and having healthy eating habits are the parameters of attaining a perfect six pack and well-built body.

Which one works better?

It depends on how strong your determination is. You have to put extra effort consistently using Ab Crunch, the results are you can have a longer shape effect on your Abs. What’s more? As Ab Crunch involves excising your whole body, a better health can also be achieved.  And of course, you can combine both to achieve the best result in the shortest time.


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