Top 6 Best Bowling Ball Reviews: Best Picks for New Bowlers

Bowling is a fantastic game. It’ll give you great bonding time with pals and, in the process, help you to clear your mind. So how do you choose the best bowling balls for your personal game?

In this post, I will give you the six best bowling ball reviews. I will also give you several other information that will help you to make an informed choice. More importantly, I will provide you with a buying guide and tell you why every model here is the best bowling ball for your needs.

Here is what I have prepared for you.

Top Six Best Bowling Balls Reviews

To start us off, here are the top six reviews of the best bowling balls that I have prepared for you. They are easy to follow and will give you the best bowling experience.

Pyramid Path Bowling Ball

The Pyramid Path Bowling Ball comes in a wide range of colors. You cannot miss out on a great color; however much you try. Better still, this bowling ball comes with some cool features that make it rock.

So why does the Pyramid Path Bowling Ball top our top-rated bowling ball reviews? Take a look at what we discovered.

First of all, this bowling ball is designed from high-end polyester technology. As such, this polyester ball won’t only look good on the main lanes but perfect for every type of player, including beginners, straight bowlers, and the pros.

Polyester is also waterproof and, apart from providing the smooth glide, will leave you with an awesome waterproof touch. It is durable and withstands so many other demanding gaming experiences.

More importantly, Pyramid Path Bowling Ball comes with a great logo on the face. The logo creates an awesome identity that any bowler can easily relate to. It is stylish and will blend in well with your type of game.

As such, anyone who is looking for their best spare bowling ball can easily go with it. This best bowling ball for hook again has the perfect factory finish. The shine is real and quickly stands out among the rest.

Nonetheless, at only 11 pounds, this is the best bowling ball for you to move around with at any time. It is not exhaustive and will save you the hassle of carrying heavy loads.


  • Polyester Coverstock
  • Factory Polish Finish
  • 11 pounds weight
  • Great Path Logo
  • Cool Color


  • Easy to use
  • Smooth glides
  • Light in weight
  • Waterproof
  • Durable touch


  • May feel heavy for kids

Brunswick Tzone Deep Space Bowling Ball

The next best bowling ball for a hook that you can also buy is the Brunswick Tzone Deep Space Bowling Ball. Stylish as it looks, this bowling ball provides much more than just that.

It comes with tons of features that’ll sweep any game away. The ball is also designed for pros, straight bowlers, and learners. It will give you some awesome hits when going for the ultimate shot.

So what really makes this bowling ball a unique model to go with? Here are its coolest features yet.

Brunswick Tzone Deep Space Bowling Ball comes with an awesome coverstock. The cover is designed from plastic and polyester. As such, it is very light in weight and easy to use. You won’t grow tired and will enjoy every shot that you take.

More importantly, this type of cover again ensures that you get the best waterproofing technology. Polyester will withstand moisture, and the same applies to plastic. Both are also slow to wear and tear and will leave you with a smooth glide.

And that’s not all. The bowling ball again comes with a high gloss finish that gives it the signature stylish touch. As such, you can always match it to your gaming styles too. Thanks to its awesome and unique color that again blends in so well with most bowling attires.

Buy this best bowling ball and get a wide range hook potential of 25 (low) on the scale of 10 to 175 low-high.


  • Plastic/polyester cover
  • High gloss polish
  • Hook potential: 25 (low)
  • 6 pounds of weight


  • Durable design
  • Wide hook potential
  • Easy to use
  • Light in weight
  • Best for all bowlers
  • Several colors available


  • Limited user warranty

Ebonite Maxim Bowling Ball

Like Brunswick, the Ebonite Maxim Bowling Ball is an awesome bowling ball to go with. According to most bowling ball reviews, this ball is light, easy to use, and will hardly occupy large spaces during storage.

More importantly, it comes in several colors that you can choose from to either suit your style or even your gaming code.

Like I mentioned, the 10-pound bowling ball is easy to control. It gives you the best shooting power and leaves you with a smooth glide.

The ball has a strong core. Its 3 piece core is very durable and will last a lifetime if properly taken care of.

Even so, this bowling ball is widely celebrated because of its plastic/ polyester coverstock. With this type of material, Ebonite Maxim Bowling Ball will withstand damages from moisture and water.

As such, it will last longer and provide you with the best value for your money. This bowling ball will serve you so well, regardless of whether you’re looking for recreational purposes, entry-level bowling, or pro bowling.

Personally, I have used this bowling ball before. Its ergonomic design and a smooth grip provided me with a cool shot. If you are looking for a bestseller but is hard on cash, choose the Ebonite Maxim Bowling Ball.


  • 10-pound weight
  • 3 piece core
  • Plastic/ polyester coverstock
  • Waterproof


  • High water resistance
  • Easy to use the model
  • The smooth glide and shot
  • Best for all levels
  • Cool colors


  • Might chip if used on a rough surface

Pyramid Path Rising Bowling Ball

The next best bowling ball that any bowler can go for is the new Pyramid Path Rising Bowling Ball.

This is another reliable and easy to use bowling ball for both new bowlers, pros, and intermediate bowlers.

The bowling ball is affordable and will hardly poke a hole in your pocket. More importantly, it comes with some cool features that set it apart.

For starters, the bowling ball is very durable. Thanks to its New Era 139 Symmetric Core. It offers the best variety for drilling and, in the process, provides you with some of the smoothest glides.

Even better, this bowling ball is so much different from the rest as it offers you the path reactive pearl coverstock. This type of coverstock, unlike that of polyester and plastic, will offer delayed/angular reaction.

In so doing, the ball will travel in a straight line more and boost your chances of having a clean shot in no time.

Pyramid Path Rising Bowling Ball is ideal for medium-dy lanes and will give you a great shot any day.

Given the best factory finish, this 1500-Grit/Polished bowling ball will provide you with an extended length of lifespan and an awesome performance for any entry-level gaming performances.

The bowling ball ensures that you get higher efficiency and the perfect scale rating of 181.30, which, according to many bowling ball reviews, is at the top level.


  • 139 Symmetric Core
  • Path Reactive Pearl coverstock
  • 1500-Grit/Polished Finish
  • Scale Rating: 181.30
  • 8 pounds of weight


  • Durable coverstock
  • Best angular glide
  • Easy color choice
  • Good for every bowler
  • Light in weight


  • Color might not suit everyone

Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball

Another bowling ball that you can rely on is this next model from Brunswick. The Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball, like the name suggests, comes with a rhino logo on its face.

In short, it makes you feel powerful before you take your shot, which is awesome. Even so, the bowling ball is equally very affordable, and as such, you don’t need to worry about the price.

Apart from that, this item is again compact in design. It doesn’t take so much space upon storage and will only weight about 5 pounds. Compared to the other bowling balls, including those in this category. The Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball is arguably the lightest of them all.

To make the experience an even better one, this ball is a first reactive resin ball. It is best for lighter to medium bowling oil conditions and will leave you with efficiency like no other.

With its new R-16 reactive coverstock, this is the perfect bowling ball if you are looking for the right balance between ultimate power and control.

Thanks to the R-16 formula that produces the easiest length and a backend hook motion regardless of the conditions.

So whether or not there is an extreme sensitivity to dry and oily parts of your lane, this ball will serve you right.

More importantly, with its light bulb core shape, the ball is able to deliver an outstanding ball motion and quite an impressive pin action that provides more strikes and even higher scores.

Drill the Rhino bowling ball with standard drilling techniques and get an assurance from the ball that’s developed for nothing more than an epic symmetric bowling experience.


  • Rhino logo
  • 5 pounds
  • 500 Siaair/Royal finish
  • Resin ball
  • R-16 reactive coverstock
  • Light bulb core shape


  • Unique core shape
  • Lightweight ball
  • Backend hook motion
  • Consistent ball reaction
  • Smooth glide


  • Might feel extremely light for others

Brunswick Bowling Kingpin Special Edition Bowling Ball

Finally, we have the Brunswick Bowling Kingpin Special Edition Bowling Ball. This ball is from Brunswick Bowling Products and falls squarely within their weight category.

It weighs about 7 pounds and still qualifies as a lightweight design. You can hold it for a while, use it for extended gaming time, and, more importantly, get the best efficiency from it.

The kingpin Gold Bowling ball edition is unique. It used an exceptional-x pearl design, which offers an enhanced composite adhesive technology for a smooth roll with minimal angular diversions.

This is a pearlized version that’s designed to create length and again a sharp back end within the kingpin line.

You can, therefore, conquer the oiliest conditions easily since the ball complements the kingpin line by creating lesser friction in all the front part of your lane.

In the same way, the ball will produce excellent recovery when playing on the medium conditions.

The kingpin Gold Special is, therefore, the right edition for you if you are looking for the perfect go-to ball.

Thanks to its asymmetric core that features the best dynamicore. The core is durable on the outer and uses a material that will easily yield less compression at the time of impact.

That’s an assured way of increasing your hitting power and, as such, creating the most undeniable difference for an awesome hit.


  • Color: Gold Pearl
  • Cover stock: Exceptional-x pearl
  • Weight: 7 pounds
  • Finish: 500 siaair/crown


  • Lightweight design
  • Enhanced composite adhesive
  • Sharp back end
  • Lesser friction
  • Excellent recovery
  • Asymmetric core
  • Less compression
  • Increased hitting power


  • Shallow user instructions

Best Bowling Ball for Hook: The Buyer’s Guide

Now that you have seen the best bowling ball reviews, I want to show you how to get a bowling ball that suits your needs. The easy way is to go with the following considerations. Take a look at every one of them.

Coverstock Material

The first thing that you want to pay attention to is the cover stock material. You want to ensure that your bowling ball comes with a durable coverstock. The technology used on the coverstock should provide you with a smooth glide and a great overall experience.

In this case, I highly recommend the use of plastic, polyester, or resin. These materials will leave you with a durable and highly reliable bowling ball overstock any day.

The polished cover stock is also great. It gives your ball a lasting experience and, more importantly, leaves it with a cool finish too.

Lightweight Design

Next, you will need a bowling ball that you can easily use for long, carry around, or pack and move with when on a trip. This equals an amazing experience. As such, the best bowling balls should be designed to be compact and light in weight at any given time.

Bowling balls that range between 5 pounds and 15 pounds of weight are considered light in weight. Choose a model that suits your needs.

Type of Core

The type of core that you have is very integral in the type of experience that you’ll get. For the best experiences, choosing an asymmetric core will be an awesome idea. Such a core will deliver an outstanding ball motion.

It will give you an impressive pin action, and at the end of it, all leave you with more strikes and even higher scores. The other core that you can rely on is the 3 piece core.

Price Range

Another thing that will play a crucial role is the price of the bowling ball. Find out how the price compares to your budget. If the price falls within your budget, then you are game. However, if you find out that the price is way beyond your comfort zone, you may have to think twice.

Do not spend impulsively. Rather, you can always determine your budget before going to shop. This will allow you to shop within your budget at any time.

Ease of Use

Remember, too, that you need a ball that’s easy to use. According to the top-rated bowling ball reviews, an easy way to determine such a bowling ball is to look for a model that’s suitable for all types of bowlers. This means a model that’s perfect for entry-level gaming, straight bowlers, and mid-range gamers.

User Feedback

In addition to what I have said here, the need to consider what the previous users are saying is again very important. From their personal experiences with your best choice, you will realize whether the bowling ball is reliable or not. Make sure that you sample your feedback and also read through the top-rated reviews.

Style and Finish

A high gloss finish will contribute to an epic style. A great style makes the bowling ball a fun model. With fun comes a great game and an awesome bonding time with your loved ones. It is, therefore, very important that you get a unique style for your bowling ball.

Best Bowling Ball: Additional Information

It is a great thing that with the tips that I have given you above, you can easily get the best bowling ball for your needs. Even so, there are many other additional tips that you should keep in mind for a great experience with your bowling ball.

Benefits of Using the Best Bowling Ball

The first thing that you must know is this. Not all bowling balls are ideal for your needs. However, if you find the most suitable bowling ball for your needs, you’ll have tons of benefits such as these:

  • Ease of use
  • Less or no fatigue
  • Super cool glide
  • Enhanced composite adhesion
  • Increased hitting power
  • Less or no adhesion
  • Straight rolls on hits

Nonetheless, there are some benefits of bowling as a game. It is these benefits that keep most bowlers both entry-level bowlers and straight-up bowlers to keep to the game. They include the following:

  • Non-stop or continuous fun
  • A great time to bond with loved ones
  • Easy to learn gaming experience
  • Super simple gaming rules
  • Cheap or affordable gaming equipment

Care and Maintenance of Your Best Bowling Ball for Hook

Apart from the two things that I have mentioned above, the next things that any bowler should take note of, irrespective of their skill level, is proper care and maintenance. In this case, the bowler should keep the following in mind.


The first thing that you must learn is how to clean your bowling ball. Since most bowling balls are made of polyester cover, they are easy to clean. Cleaning your bowling ball maintains its high gloss. It also keeps it in great shape for your next game.


Proper storage is equally important to maintaining the efficiency of your bowling ball. Do not leave your bowling ball unattended where there are pets. Again don’t keep it around fireplaces or on areas with sharp things such as the garage.


Nonetheless, your best bowling ball should be used according to the user’s manual. Using your ball along the manufacturer’s instructions will mean having a smooth user experience all through the way. You will get a smooth glide, perfect gloss, and an awesome hit.


Finally, in case there is a need to replace or repair your bowling ball, going with the manufacturer’s warranty is very important. Manufacturers will use certified processes to repair your ball in case of any manufacturing defects.

NOTE: With proper care of your bowling ball, there are some cool things that you will get. First, you will get the best bowling efficiency. Secondly, you will enjoy a longer bowling ball lifespan, which gives you better value for your money. All these are important aspects of the game.

Bowling Ball Reviews FAQs

Another lovely topic that we can brush through is the bowling ball reviews FAQs. Here, we will take a look at some of the commonly asked questions about bowling balls. Take a look at what I’ve wrapped up for you.

What is the best bowling ball for hook?

You need a bowling ball that gives you the best glide and a powerful hit. A good bowling ball will retain its course for a longer period and leave you with a satisfactory hit. The glide should be smooth and with less or no adhesion.

How can I get the best bowling experience?

The most important thing is to practice more and more. If you find the best gamers, working together will improve your game greatly. In no time, you’ll be playing with straight-up bowlers and having an even greater experience.

Where can I buy my best bowling ball?

Online buying is the most recommended option. There are many reasons for this. When you buy online, you will get a variety of models to work with. You will again have affordable prices and, above all that, save so much money, time, and energy. The delivery is also done at your doorstep.

Which brand of bowling balls is the best?


What bowling ball do the pros use?

A certified ball. A bowling ball that provides the best glide and less adhesion. It should work on oily surfaces perfectly, too, and come with proper certification.

What is the best weight for bowling ball?

Between 5 pounds and 15 pounds

Our Recommended Top 3 Best Bowling Balls

To give you an even better gamer experience, we have rounded up the top 3 best bowling balls for you. Our recommendation is based on three different categories, namely:

Premium Pick

Under this class, we have the Brunswick Bowling Kingpin Special Edition Bowling Ball. This bowling ball comes with some of the best technologies and features. It comes with greater improvement and will provide you with a highly controlled glide and hit. This is a top model for oily surface and again comes for a great price.

With the Brunswick Bowling Kingpin Special Edition Bowling Ball, you will get a kingpin special editions for every hit that you will take.

Best Value

The best value bowling ball will give you a great ball for a very affordable price. The bowling ball provided should have cool features but still, maintain an affordable touch. For this bowling ball, we have the Pyramid Path Rising Bowling Ball. The ball goes for a great price.

But more importantly, it provides you with some of the best glides and hits. The hitting power might not exceed that of the premium model above, but it’ll give you one of the best.

Editor’s Choice

Finally, we have the editor’s choice, which, in our case, falls on the awesome Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball. With its rhino logo, this ball is stylish. It also has a cool color scheme. However, the most important thing is this.

The Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball gives you the perfect balance between high-end models and regular options. It is the perfect place for an affordable purchase and will leave you with a great glide and hit. Get this ball if you want the best of both worlds.


Now that you have seen our top-rated bowling ball reviews and the smart buying guide, you can easily make a choice of what you need. Take your time to determine a model that works for you by looking through the buying guide and choosing the factors that suit your needs.

Often, you will learn that looking at expert reviews and user feedbacks will save you a lot of time. This is because experts will test the balls before giving you a review. And the users, on the other hand, will provide you with a personal experience, which says a lot.

Take your time to ensure that you get the best bowling ball for hook and maximize your experience too. On the other hand, ensuring that you take proper care of your bowling ball is also very important.

It will help you to have a high performing bowling ball, which leaves you with a lot of efficiencies, among other things. Get your best bowling ball today and get a fun-filled game with your pals too.

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