Do Ab Belts Really Work – The Hidden Truth

//Do Ab Belts Really Work – The Hidden Truth
  • Do Ab Belts Really Work

Do Ab Belts Really Work – The Hidden Truth


Suppose you are against the ab belts, then the whole world against you.The FDA Who approved it, The specialists who are supporting it and using for their patients are against you. So if you have confusion that do ab belts really work, it is your place to goodbye them having basic knowledge about ab belts activity.

Who do not want nice abs? Even who already have good want better ones. However, Is it possible that you will get a 6 pack by putting those belts around your waist?

What is your wish and what can ab belt do?

I think you want smaller waist with flatter stomach. There are many ab machines and also gimmicks.However, with those machines, you have to work hard for certain amount losing much time, But you can see 6 pack putting electronic ab belt around your waist that is proven by peoples.

You have seen infomercials for abdomen belts claiming to tone, strengthen, and tighten your abs without exercises. If you Google “ab belts,” You will see many companies with this business challenging with FDA approval, and behind it a huge number of specialists support. Because in this era it is difficult to explain all educated people and without proof and big support it is impossible.

How The ab belts Works

Your question is “do ab belts really work?” and Now I will explain the working method of it. Firstly, his EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) device pass electrical current through the muscle to contract. Small electrodes From the belt come in and contact with your bare skin. Through your skin, it sends the electrical pulses for the toning work. You need not do any exercise even crunches or sit-ups. Your only job is slapping belt around the waist and turning up electrical current until getting desired intensity level of contraction.
Firstly, when I heard the word of ab belts, I remembered the TENS unit (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation device) which is used for physical therapy.

How do I feel using ab belt?

Well, I personally felt it pretty weird at the first time. Only the lier can say it is relaxing. Okay, maybe they are truthful because of their habit with flex belt. Most importantly it is not painful for anyone. However, I thought that it is entirely comfortable than doing crunches.

Usage rules of ab belts

Different brands provide different directions, but most common recommendation wearing ab belts for ten minutes to 1 hour every day. Moreover the more you will use the more you will get the result. As an example 100 crunches is better than 10 crunches,1 hour with ab belt is better than ten minutes.

Pros and Cons

I found many studies that showed positive results on any people for strengthening, toning and firming muscles by regular usage. But the research is failed to show improvement in body composition (body fat, mass, muscles, and weight changes), which is people’s expectation.
Most importantly, it has no action against body fat. Most people who dislike traditional exercise are overweight. Unfortunately, excess fat may prevent electrical impulses from getting to the muscle for working.

If any ab belt claims to burn calories and promises lose body fat remember the claim is opposite the truth. So, if the electrical impulses reach muscles through body fat and tone muscles, it still needs to diet correctly and do some exercise for stronger ab muscles.
Lastly, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has received reports of bruising and skin irritation after usage of ab belts.

The ab belts are forbidden for people with the heart problem, and another which is described here. Ironically, the ab belt is more beneficial for leaner and fitter people. While it will not decrease fat or increase muscle, studies showed the increase in muscle strength beside toning.  If You want to see what common people say about it, click here.

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Do Ab Belts Really Work – The Hidden Truth
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