Do Slimming Belts Work? – Do slim Belts Help You Lose Weight?

do slimming belts work,

Many of us want to be just a little bit slimmer and are looking for the easy way out. If you are a woman, you are most likely quite familiar with the TV-shop ads that run during the day – they are promoting products like the slimming belt, which is supposed to make you lose weight and fat from your waist when you are doing nothing more than keeping the belt on and enjoying a nice massage.

The reason for this would be the fact that when your muscles are disturbed with an exterior force, they automatically react to it and contract. This is going to result in thousands of contractions in just ten minutes.

My husband bought me one of these ab belts

I think that he noticed the fact that my sides and my tummy were getting bigger. To be honest to you ladies reading this, you can’t take something like this as an insult because frankly if you want to be sexy in your man’s eyes, this is the least you can do. You can’t blame them for the fact that they are genetically coded to get turned on by the best looking females – personality comes second always when male arousal is considered.

The very first time I tried the slimming belt that he brought me I did not really like the way it made me feel. It actually started itching my skin, but I tried to convince myself to the fact that this happened because of my body not being used to it – and it was about that. After a few days of regular use, there was not any side effects and I felt it working – I did not see any results yet, but somehow my tummy felt tighter.

The guide that came with the belt said that it should be used for ten minutes a day,

each day and that is about right based on my experiences. However, you will have to accept the fact that it is going to take you a long time to get in to shape if this is the only thing you are doing – don’t dream about those tv-sexy-abs if you are not willing to start dieting and doing exercise on a regular basis. But if you only want to tone your midsection, thighs, and your arms, then I would suggest doing two of those ten-minute sessions each day on a slimming belt.

Well does it really work?

Yes, it does, but not quite at the same time. You do get results with it and the fact that your muscle fibers are contracting according to the tone of the vibration of the belt is true. You will burn energy but not a whole lot of it. If you would consider this to doing a thousand sit-ups you are not quite there yet, but anyway it will provide you with a nice addition to your energy burnt for the day.

If you think that a slimming belt is your only option, then I suggest that you read my post about Enhancing your Best Slimming Belt results and try to find out whether it can help you out. For me changing my diet did a lot, and that is why I recommend it to anyone, an ab belt can boost up those results though.

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