Does Slendertone Work? | Does Slendertone Work on Baby Belly

Slendertone has become a household name in individuals who want their abs toned and lose some few inches off your waist. It is a difficult task to lose weight and get that desired waistline at the same time. It takes an investment of time in exercising, maintaining your motivation, as well as taking a well-planned diet.

Take note that slendertone does not substitute, exercise, healthy diet. However, this top-notch belt will work wonders when it comes to firming your abs as well as flattening your tummy. This way, you will be able to regain your shape.

Does Slendertone Work?

Rated as one of the top ab muscle toning belts, slendertone has found favor in the eyes of its users. This belt will tone and tighten your abs muscles thus flattening your tummy effectively and in a discrete manner. The belt increases strength and endurance in varying degrees. Besides, the belt has proved its efficacy in reducing the circumference of the abdomen up to 3 cm.

How Slendertone Works

The belt targets the Transverses abdominal, the internal and external obliques as well as the rectos abdominis-six-packs. The transversus abdominis the deepest of all the muscles and forms the core, and this forms the Spanx of the abs muscle. This muscle tightens the stomach muscles which in turn helps to pull in the waistline. The muscle is infamous because it is difficult to reach, but slendertone ab toning belt has such ability.

Slendertone like any other ab toning belt employs the electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) which stimulates the muscles of the abdomen to contract and relax similar to the way they do when you do a physical exercise. With this, you will be able to tone your ab muscles. Note that, the slendertone toning belt is light and can be worn any time of the day. Moreover, you can wear it while doing your daily activities.

To get the six-packs, slendertone tones the rectus abdominis together with the obliques. This way you have a complete intensive as well as inclusive workout. Anyone who wants firm abs can use the toning belt. To get the best out the belt, use it as a supplement of your daily workout plant. Wearing it at least thirty minutes a day after or before your workouts leads to desired results within a short period.
Among the limitation of using the belt is the observed no change in the skinfold thickness, the general weight as well as the BMI. Also, the increase in endurance and strength will be limited to specific regions where the belt targets. That is why having a full-body workout will balance the use of slendertone.


Does slendertone work? Well, the answer will greatly depend on how you use the belt. As earlier stated, combine the use with a full body work out. The belt does not eliminate tummy fats. Thus, being obese, you will not benefit from the belt. This means people who have fewer fats will benefit more from the toning belt than overweight individuals. Get a full-body workout! or check slendertone reviews

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