Flex Belt Before and After An Incredibly Easy Method That Works For All

Flex Belt Before and After

The debate about flex belts won’t go away soon. While some people have embraced it entirely, there still a host of skeptics out there. To them, the fundamental question is: does the belt work?

It is difficult to get a firmed up abdominal section. It means you have to tone the muscles, give them strength, and firm them up. That sounds like a very long process. Traditionally, that was on possible if you engaged in hours of exercising.

It required performing many sit-ups, push-ups, crunches, and general aerobics. This takes a lot of time. On top of it, it is painful as it causes muscle sores. With this in mind, most people feared to take that route.

The introduction of flex belts brought a new dawn in the world of toning the abs. The manufacturers claim that the belt can and will reduce the size of your waist. Such is only possible if some pounds are shed or muscles toned. And if muscles are toned it means they are strengthened.

It goes without saying that if we compare the flex belt before and after, we will be able to see a significant improvement.

What Is This Flex Belt Then?

A flex belt is simply an electronic belt worn around the waist o the arm to tone muscles. Depending on the brad, the belt has specific features. This belt promises to tone your muscles without breaking a sweat. is the belt is a product of intensive research and is therefore proven to work safely.

The belt features electrodes to generate electrical stimulation. Besides, it has medical-grade gel pads as an inner lining of the belt. The pads are the ones that make contact with your stomach, ensuring that you get a comfortable fit.

The gel pads lie centrally on the abdominal muscles and the external obliques. Their coating adheres firmly to the skin of the user to help in the efficient conduction of electrical impulses.

Mechanism of Working

This belt comes with a unique technology called electrical muscle stimulation technology given initials EMS.

When you mount the belt around your abdomen, the belt generates and sends electrical impulses to the muscles. Since the muscles have nerves, the nerves create an impulse to the brain, which in turn causes the muscles to start contracting and relaxing.

The contraction and relaxations that occur are similar to those occurring when you are performing a physical exercise targeting the abdominal region.

The best thing with this belt is that it generates electrical impulses that cause deeper and stronger muscles contractions to strengthen as well as firm your abs.

When the belt is on, you’ll feel a mild tingling or pulsating sensation, which is accompanied by muscle tightening. The abdominal muscles, on the other hand, will contract smoothly, hold themselves in a tensed position then slowly relax again.

You can set an appropriate intensity of impulse depending on your fitness level. The fitness impulses range from 1 and 150.

In the medical field, the use of electrical muscle stimulation has been in use for a very long time. The technology is widely employed in treating muscles problems. From this application is where the fitness purpose idea was conceived.


For a big flex belt before and after difference, use the belt for between 4 and eight weeks. Use the belt at least five times a week for a 30-minute session. Using the belt does not require a specific time. You can wear it any time of the day or anywhere. It is a small and portable device.

After that period, you can reduce the intensity of usage to at least twice a week, for the sake of maintaining the strengthened mid-section.

Continuous use of the belt causes the adhesive on the gel pads to wear out. It implies that you’ll need to replace them. The manufacturer specifies that the pads can last up to 30 uses before replacing them. However, if you share the belt, then you’ll need to repair them more frequently.

Are Flex Belts Hype or Reality?

First, the flex belt is approved by the food and drug administration (FDA). The reason for its approval is that it conforms to the Medical Device Directive (93/42/EEC) requirements.

If you understand the importance of such organizations, then you would not doubt the safety of using the flex belts. However, clearance by the FDA is not an endorsement of the product as a magical instrument to firm up your loose tummy. The truth is, if you want an athletic body, you have to do something more.

In short, the belt is safe for use as a muscle toner.

However, there are numerous other belts sold in the market. Such belts may not function as advertised and are confused with the flex belt.

According to a six-week trial (published on Amazon page by Flex Belt), all the participants have positive results. In essence, their abdominal muscles were more firm than before. Besides, the endurance of the abs significantly increased as they continued to use the belt.

You will note that there around numerous positive reviews by users of this belt on the internet. Some celebrities such as Denise Richards, Lisa Rinna, and Jerry Rice have thrown their weight behind flex belts.

You might be convinced that the endorsements are from only users and celebrities, but that is not the fact. Accomplished Professionals like Dr. John Porcari, a professor of sports science, supports the belt fully.

In his study conducted in 2005 (effects of self-administered neuromuscular electrical stimulation) affirmed that the use of the belt results in a considerable positive change in endurance, strength, and body size.

All participants who were involved in the study reported utmost satisfaction with the use of the belt. They felt that their mid-section became firmer due to the use of the abs toning belt.


It is evident that the flex belt works, not only because of the manufacturer’s claims but because of the positive reviews by uses and research by an expert. Note that the flex belt before and after reviews do not indicate the effect of diet, but it seems it has no profound impact on the results.

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