What Is Flex Belt Vs Slendertone and How Does It Work?

Everyone has abs, but only a few people have visible ones. Naturally, it takes great sacrifice to have well-carved abs. Regular exercises and a proper diet are the primary ingredients to great abs.

Most people are not keen on observing the norms of dieting and exercising; they end up with skin folds and thicker layers of skin in the mid-section, which becomes self-esteem killing factor in their lives.

Abs toning belts come with hope and promises to these individuals. They promise to give you perfect abs without breaking a sweat. Each manufacturer tries hard to produce the best belts – effective in toning muscles.

Currently, superiority fight between the belts has gained momentum. If you are fitness enthusiasts, you must have known about some belts. The discussion I this article is about the flex belt and the Slendertone fitness belts.

So, Flex Belt vs Slendertone, which one performs better? This is a question that perhaps needs closer scrutiny.

Fitness Belts

Technology has been evolving, and these belts have evolved from simple structures to present time hi-tech belts fitted with many features to ensure that they fulfill their promise of giving you a flat tummy.

While the primary goal of all the midsection belts is the same, the technology they employ might vary slightly. The variation arises due to the uniqueness of the product and the constant need to beat the competitors.

For you to tone your muscles, you will need to stimulate them to contract and relax. The fitness belts can do that for you. You need not engage in those painful crunches anymore so that you get a flat tummy.

Wrap the belt around your waist and continue with your activity as usual: there you will have a flat tummy. Sounds great, right?

Expected Results from the Belts

While some people will say that the results you get from this belt are a matter of perception, other users will say it depends on a number of factors including genetics, diet, and exercises.

In any case, when you use the belts, it is expected that it will firm your abdominal muscles, give your midsection strength, and possibly carve out the six packs.

How true are these claims? Studies have shown that some abdominal belts, including slendertone, can significantly increase the strength of the midsection as well as endurance. Besides, users experience reduce waist circumference. But the use of the belt does not result in the overall change in the body mass index.

Let’s narrow down to the two belts: flex belt and Slendertone

Flex Belt Reviews

This belt from Bio-Medical Research Company promises to give you a flat tummy. This belt tones the muscles in the midsection and tightens them. In addition to a flat tummy, the strength of the mid-section will tremendously increase.

Remember, flex belt use is a type of targeted muscle training where you target the muscles of your midsection.


Electronic muscle stimulation (EMS) is the technology that the flex belt uses. This technology is also called electromyostimulation, while some people refer to it as intramuscular electrical stimulation (NMES).

Electronic muscle stimulation technology has been in use for over three decades. It is extensively employed in muscle rehabilitation as well as physiotherapy in patients with muscle or bone injury. The technology is very effective in ensuring that the muscle does not lose function.

Individuals from the fitness industry thought of that idea as a noble one in helping individuals tone their abdominal muscles.

Basically, the flex belt works by generating and sending impulses to the targeted muscles through the electrodes in the pads. Gel pads are in contact with the muscles of the abdomen. The impulses cause the muscles to contract and relax just like they would when partaking in a regular exercise.

The belt has been designed to firm, tone, and strengthen the abdominal muscles. For these reasons, athletes, sports scientist, physical therapists, etc., use this belt for muscle strength training and recovering of muscles for athletes who have missed training sessions.

In summary, the flex belt can be said to be efficient in training, rehabilitation, recovery, and giving people a Cosmetic appearance, i.e., muscle toning.

How It Works

The belt has been designed to target the significant abdominal muscles simultaneously. The muscles are obliques, upper abs, and the lower abs.

It is pretty straightforward to use the muscles: wrap it around your midsection, ensuring that the gel pads are well positioned. Besides, you will have to adjust the patterns of and the intensity of the impulse in order to get the best results.

There are three gel pads, all medical grades. The gel pads are responsible for causing muscular contractions and relaxation, as they allow the electrical impulse to pass into the muscles.

The belt has a controller that allows you to set the intensity and pattern of the impulses to what suits your fitness level.

Training Levels/Variation

The belt is well created or individuals of all fitness level. You choose a level based on your experience activity level, intensity, and fitness level. In all cases, the duration level ranges between 20-40 minutes.

The training programs are essential as they provide a variety of workout, which you can use to improve your training continuously. This gives your midsection incremental stimulation that will result in better results.

The best part with flex belt is that it comes with 150 intensity level, a feature not found in any other belt. These massive numbers of levels allow you to precisely select and control activity.

Are the Results Positive?

First, this product is approved by the FDA. Before approval by the FDA, a product must prove its worth. In this case, the flex belt had to prove that it can indeed cause weight loss in the mid-section.

Besides, a study by Professor John Porcari that was published in the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine in 2005 proved that actually, the belt works. The study involved a group of individuals who used the belt 20-40 minutes a day, five days a week for two months.

The results were tremendous: improved strength and endurance reduced abdominal circumference and enhanced posture.

Slendertone Reviews

Slendertone offers a number of abdominal belts that promise to trim the belly giving it stronger, firmer, tight and toned muscles. Primarily, the belt comes in 3 versions – Abs8 Toning Belt, Connect Abs Toning Belt, and Abs5 Toning Belt.


All the belts use the electronic muscle stimulation technology that aims at stimulating the muscles to contract and relax as if doing an exercise.

        I.            Abs5 Toning Belt

If you are beginning with EMS training, then this is the belt to start with. It offers minimal stimulation due to its low intensity. The belt lacks features that are present in the other belts. For instance, it lacks progress tracking capabilities, no app, and lacks constant toning reminders.

      II.            Abs7 Toning Belt

This belt offers a medium toning intensity, making it the best option for intermediate individuals. Just like the Abs5 Toning Belt, it lacks an app, no reminders and lacks progress tracking.

It comes with 10 exercise programs

   III.            Connect Abs Toning Belt

This belt stands out as one of the best belts from Slendertone. It has the best intensity. Besides, the control unit fixed at the waistband makes it possible to control your workout activities.

The belt features an app that is compatible with android 4.4 and above and iOS. You can use the app to control your workout. You can set fitness goals, track your progress, or set your workout plan.

That aside; on the inner side of this sturdy belt is three medical grade gel pads. These pads are replaceable, and it is recommended that you replace them after every thirty sessions.

The belt has five programs cleverly crafted for a specific toning goal. The programs are Essential Toning, Upcoming Event, Fitness, Advanced Toning, and Post Natal.

To effectively make use of each program. You’ll need to spend six weeks except for the upcoming events. However, the manual recommends five weeks.


Slendertone Connect Abs Toning Belt is one of the most reliable belts. It comes with 99 intensity levels. You can select the levels depending on your fitness goals, level, and threshold. Besides, it is easier to use a belt.

The Slendertone System Rechargeable Controller eliminates the need to continuously swap batteries or embarrassment of drained battery in the middle of a session. This guarantees you a flawless workout session.

The FDA approves this belt. It, therefore, is safe and effective to use!

Flex belt vs. Slendertone, which is better?

Selecting the best belt can be tricky. The choice you’ll make will depend on your fitness goal. Both belts utilize the EMS technology, have similar operational mode, and manufactured by the same company. Nevertheless, the flex belt seems to an improvement of the slendertone.

It comes with advanced features: 150 intensity levels while slendertone has 99, a larger waist size of 52 inches while slendertone has 42inches and an external rechargeable battery.


The primary aim of an abs belt is to tone the abdominal muscles. As a buyer, you need to get a belt with advanced features. Such features are a guarantee that you will get perfect results. The best part with these belts is that they are safe and any can use them.

It is important to note that much as an abdominal muscle toning belt can firm up your waist, it will not reduce your overall body weight. To get better results, you’ll need to adjust your diet and workout plan.

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