How to Unfold a Treadmill: Simple Guide for Starters

Do you know how to unfold a treadmill? Well, I will be showing you how to in this post. But before I get to that, let me say this.

A treadmill is one of the best indoor workout equipment. It is simple to use and will leave you with the best upper and lower body workout. To make proper use of the treadmill, you must learn it first.

That’s why it is important to read through the user manual and again to find vital tips that’ll make the difference. In so doing, you’ll find a smooth operation from your treadmill and, more importantly, the best experience.

Since treadmills are used indoors, depending on the size of your home, you may want to unfold it and fold it up after use. What’s the right way to do that?

Step by Step Treadmill Unfolding Guide

With that said, it time to show you how to unfold a treadmill. With proper folding and unfolding comes so many benefits that I will look at later.

Step I: Raise the Deck Lightly

The first thing that you must-do if you intend to unfold your treadmill system is to raise the deck up lightly. This “slight raising” technology is set in place to prevent the treadmill’s locking mechanism from being bumped.

Again, it prevents you from unlocking your treadmill’s deck accidentally. So lift it up lightly and ensure that there is nothing on the way.

Step II: Grab the Locking Bar

Slight pushing of the deck enables the deck to push up just a little bit off the main hydraulic system. Upon doing that, it’ll enable you to hold the grab bar or the treadmill’s deck on foot and so that you can start releasing the deck from its locking mechanism.

Step III: Release the Lock

Once that’s done, the next thing is to release the locking technology of the treadmill. This is possible only after the deck is slightly lifted.

With that done, you will find a release latch underneath the deck. Use your feet to step on the release latch (hydraulic lock) and release the deck from its hold.

NOTE: There will be a sticker that indicates where to step on with your foot. Don’t remove the sticker. It will be of help to future users. Again, before you step on the foot latch, you must ensure that the latch stands amid your treadmill’s hydraulic folding system.

Step IV: Step Away from the Deck

Now that you have released the lock, you should keep pressing. This enables the deck to start descending until the lock is completely disengaged. Once you are sure that this has happened, you can then step away from the treadmill’s deck and allow it to rest on the floor.

There shouldn’t be any cause of alarm as you let go of the deck. The reason is simple. With the hydraulic system in place, the treadmill’s deck will descend gently on its own until it rests on the floor.

Step by Step Treadmill Folding Guide

Here is how to fold your treadmill in three easy steps. It’s simple; even a newbie can do this on the first day.

Step I: Raise the Deck Slightly

If you’ve never owned a treadmill, the first thing that you should do is to raise the treadmill deck slightly. Most of the best treadmill designs will have a metallic grab bar underneath and next to the treadmill’s foot.

To raise the treadmill’s deck, grab this metallic bar, then lift the treadmill’s deck. This one helps you to ensure that nothing is on the treadmill’s way as you try to unfold it.

Once you determine that everything is clear, you can lift up the treadmill’s deck off the hydraulic system that it was lying on. Push the deck lightly to prevent the main body from lifting up from the surface.

NOTE: If you have a smaller treadmill, you’re likely to use one hand. However, if you have a bigger treadmill, seeking a loved one to help is highly recommended.

Step II: Lock the Deck

As you lift the treadmill’s deck from the ground, make sure that you push it to the very end. The best way to ensure that this is done is to lift your treadmill’s deck until the lock engages.

Most treadmills have an auto engaging lock systems that you only need to listen to. As such, there will be an audible “click” as the lock engages with the treadmill’s deck. When this happens, you can release the deck.

However, if you are using a hydraulic system, there is often a release latch that you should press with your foot to release the deck, don’t push this latch if you want to lock the treadmill’s deck.

Again, for the hydraulic systems, you don’t have to worry even if you aren’t holding the deck since the system prevents the deck from crashing in case it didn’t lock. The same cannot be said of the other systems.

Step III: Release the Deck

The click sound means the deck is locked. Once this happens, you can then step back and release the deck. And thanks to the hydraulic systems, that’s easy. If the foot latch is locked, you are good to go.

You can then step backwards and leave the treadmill, and set it in the right place for proper storage.


Now that we have seen how to unfold a treadmill, there are a few things that you should know as a treadmill user. Take a look.

Why Should I Choose a Treadmill that Folds Up?

It makes your workout easy. You can store the treadmill so easily, depending on the size of your home. You can also move the treadmill around for a more comfortable set up when you want to train.

Do all Treadmills Fold Up?

No. While some brands have models that will all fold up, there are a few others that don’t. Nonetheless, it is advisable that you take a model that can easily fold up in case you have a small room.

Can I Use My Treadmill Outdoor?

Well, treadmills are designed for indoor workouts. However, if you have an extension in your home, such as a wide balcony, you can set it right there for a great outdoor experience. That’s the best that you can do.

Where Can I Buy My Best Treadmill?

For newbies who are just starting up, buying online is the best way to get hold of a treadmill of your choice. It offers you a wide range of models to choose from. Again, it enables you to get the most affordable prices while you save time and energy. The delivery is done at your doorstep.

What’s the Best Treadmill when Starting Up?

Look for a treadmill that meets your needs. It should be within your budget and a model that you can easily care for. Don’t buy pricey machines when you don’t know if you will be using a treadmill for a long time.


Learning how to unfold a treadmill is a basic step that you have to know if you intend to use the treadmill. The same goes for folding up the treadmill. However, you don’t have to struggle with it if you can read through this simple guide that we’ve given you.

If not, simply use the user manual to learn how to fold and unfold your treadmill. The most important thing is ensuring that you do it safely. This means following the step by step guide we’ve given you.

The process is very simple and will leave you with one of the most important basic tips when using a treadmill.

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