Features of Letscom Fitness Tracker Watch in 2021

Letscom Fitness Tracker Watch

Keeping fit can be challenging. Getting the best fitness monitor will help you through the journey. To most people, getting the best fitness tracker is usually hindered by price. Letscom fitness tracker watch comes at an amazingly affordable price yet it possesses features similar to high-end trackers. The unique tracker has a replacement band that comes in different colors – green, purple orange, and black.

How does it work?

You can remove the fitness tracker from its band, and you charge it via a USB. Just plug the device to a USB at automatically it starts charging. Before using it for the first time ensure it is fully charged. After this download the LETSFIT app from Google app store or iTunes. Setup the app by adding accurate information on your age, height, weight gender, and your daily targets in terms of steps.


This fitness tracker is worn on the wrist the same way you wear a watch, and it comes with numerous features such as

  • Rechargeable battery: the battery life is about ten days on standby and operating time is four days. This is better than most of the fitness trackers that have a battery life of 7 days. When the battery is empty, you charge it by the USB cable, and it takes only 60 minutes to be fully charged.
  • OLED screen: this powerful display is quite basic, but it is profoundly clear and crispy. It does not give you a hard time reading your statistics on the tracker. The screen is highly responsive, and you use it by either tapping or sliding.
  • Pedometer: this feature is useful in counting all the steps and movements you make during the day. With this feature, you can assess the number of movements you make per day
  • Sleep monitor: Do you want to know the quality of your sleep? This features swings into action when your movement ceases. The Letscom Fitness Tracker Watch assumes you are asleep. It will take all the data during that period so that you can see it the following morning.
  • Heart rate monitor: this is responsible for monitoring how your heart rate behaves during a workout session or the regular hours. You can work to improve your heart rate by setting targets. The heart rate sensor is very accurate, thanks to the thanks to the HR sensors. Not that this heart rate sensor is not for medical purposes.
  • Waterproof (IP67): You do not need to remove it while it is raining or when you want to wash your hands.

What makes Letscom Fitness Tracker Watch worth buying?

This device is loaded with exceptional features that will help you take your fitness to the next level. They include;

  • The message or call notification comes in discrete vibration. This is the best alternative to the phone.
  • Impressive battery life
  • Very accurate monitoring and tracking of heart rate, sleep and the counting of the steps. This encourages you to achieve your set goals.


Letscom Fitness Tracker is a fantastic tracker. At an excellent price you get all the features of high-end trackers – Bluetooth, heart rate sensor, pedometer, sleep sensors and call message notification, etc. This is budget option comes in handy for individuals who want to a smart, light and connected wristband.

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