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Slendertone Ab Belt

I had seen Slendertone Abs Belt advertised on television for years and always wanted to try it. Slendertone Ab Belt, if you’ve never seen it, is an easy-to-use abdominal exercise belt that utilizes small electrical impulses to stimulate the abdominal muscles. It sounded rather goofy to me,

but I thought I would put Slendertone Ab Toner to the test. Today, Slendertone offers a wide range of excellent toning/fitness products based on EMS.

Even though muscle contraction will be the key component in muscle building, people are still asking this question: Does Slendertone work effectively to improve and tone muscles?

Slendertone device is an electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) system. This implies that a slight electrical current generated by this device will force involuntary contractions from the muscles. Advertising campaigns for the commercial fitness systems, which includes Slendertone, states that these devices can help strengthen and tone muscles. But, there is very little agreement within the medical society with regards to EMS devices.

The Slendertone System is created by BioMedical Research Ltd.

In accordance with the company’s website, this device makes use of electrical stimulation in order to arouse deep contractions within muscle tissue which imitates exercise. For decades, this technology continues to be a factor when it comes to muscle therapy.

BioMedical states that scientific tests from numerous educational institutions, such as the University of Wisconsin; the Hillsborough University of Technology, and the University of Limerick, confirmed the effectiveness and safety of this device.

The Slendertone System is the first total-body toning solution, using one interchangeable, rechargeable handheld control unit to power a range of sleek toning garments for different parts of the body including waist, stomach, bum, and thighs. It is the smarter, effective hassle-free way to tone your body with real results in 4 weeks.

Here are a few things that I’ve discovered:

Comfortable Unisex product
Fits waists from 24 to 47 inches
Non-stick gel pads that are latex-free
Belt fits under your clothing
7 training programs 0-99 intensity levels
Two-year warranty
LCD visual + audio prompts

Fantastic Support (including diet plans, tips & techniques)

The Slendertone Belt is available in models for both women and men. The belts for females will be able to fit around waistlines of about 44 inches and can easily be adjusted.

Therefore, even when you continually reduce weight you are able to still reduce the size of the band and continue wearing it for thirty minutes a day with no challenges. The men’s belt is likewise built to fit a diverse range of waistline. Take into account that this will not burn off the fat around the midsection, but will only tone the muscles. In order to see a definition developing you might need to carry out a cardio exercise to be able to lose weight, whilst the device develops muscle and helps with core strength.

Is the belt affordable?

In comparison to hiring a fitness expert or purchasing additional machines, the Slendertone Toning Belt is very affordable. As long as you examine the results and ease of uses, you will discover that you are getting good value for money. Ab-rollers and various other complicated equipment could cost more than $150, so this belt will be much more cost-effective.

If there is a negative side to this product, it is that it is recommended that you replace the gel pads every 30 sessions or so. If you are using it every day, that can start to add up. Also, you might not like the sensation of getting “zapped” at first, but as time goes on, you will get used to it and it won’t bother you at all anymore.


When it comes to an EMS system, the layout of Slendertone is actually well-researched and almost certainly beneficial for the right individual. As you know, the ultimate way to slim down and tone is utilizing well-balanced nutrition and exercise that increases the heart rate. For some who are fit, this might enhance muscle tone. For those who aren’t, Slendertone System would be a welcoming new addition and it shouldn’t be overlooked.

Simply, Slendertone System Range is the most powerful, advanced, and effective body toning product line that you can use to tone your stomach and abs in the comfort of your own home, or even in your own office. Magic Works!

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