Weighted Vest Benefits: How to Boost Your Workout in the Smartest Way

Is there a better way that you can improve your workout? If you are fighting with obesity, wants to get your sexy back, or intend to keep just fit, you are in luck. Today I will give you the smartest way to improve your workout.

The use of a weighted vest! But what are the best weighted vest benefits? Well, there are several benefits to using a weighted vest.

Even so, I won’t rush into that so much. Instead, I will give you some basic knowledge about weighted vests before we can start out. So read on to find out what weighted vests are and how they can help you to improve your training.

What is a Weighted Vest?

Simply put, a weighted vest is a strength training gear. It is an extra gear that you can wear over your workout apparel (such as a T-shirt) that helps to boost your overall performance, workout, and fitness levels from every angle.

How Does a Weighted Vest Work?

Generally speaking, a weighted vest comes with different sized pockets. Once worn over your workout T-shirts, the vest will fit onto your upper body. You can then use the pockets to put in packs of weight that measure different weights.

A good example of the weights that you can set inside a weighted pack includes 250 grams and 150 grams. Several standard designs will come with up to five pockets that you can set the weights inside.

Once the setup is complete, the vest gives you additional weight and, as such, leaves you with extra resistance for your workout. This means that once you embark on bodyweight training, you will get results faster.

So, what are the weighted vest benefits walking? Never mind, I am coming to that in our next topic.

Reasons Why You Should Use Weighted Vest

This equipment is designed, as I mentioned before, to take your workout to the next level. So whether you are running, walking, or doing push-ups, you can get a positive result on your cardio system or skeletal structure. Here are the top reasons why you need this vest for your workout.

Boosted Strength

As I’ve already mentioned. Perhaps the best and the most obvious benefit that comes with using any form of a weighted vest will be to become a lot stronger quickly. The reason here is simple. It takes so much energy and strength to lift the additional weight.

This forces the body to adjust accordingly and adapt to the additional weight. This adaptation is what we are referring to as boosted strength.

Give You Better Balance

To work out properly, you must achieve a certain level of balance. This takes time, especially when training. However, with the additional weight, you will find balancing to be very easy when you don’t have the weights on. That’s why using weighted vests has been applauded by many athletes who experienced hardships in the beginning.

Stronger Bones

The other benefit of using your weighted vests is that the process leaves you with much stronger bones. The strength and the density of the bones in your body are improved. However, this won’t be possible unless you wear your weighted vests while performing the weight-bearing exercises. These types of exercises include.

  • Squats
  • Pushups
  • Pull-Ups

In other words, the exercises that’ll help you here are those who will force you to carry your own weight around.

Smoother Workouts

A safer workout depends on how you set your weights. While other people will hold any additional weights on the hand, others could suspend them around the waist or shoulders.

But gauging from all these, you can agree with me that the best way to add any extra weights is by using weighted vests. These types of vests are safer. They are easy to work with and will leave you with even better safety than the other options that you could go for.

Safety during the workout is very important. For those who are just starting out with additional weights, this could make a great way to hit the ground running.

Improved Endurance

As you become stronger, you’ll at the same time, boost your endurance. This is because it will require more energy to adapt to the heightened levels of weights.

This means your muscles will get used to working out with the extra weight and as such, doing these same workouts with no additional weights increases your endurance levels faster and better.

Promote Improved Posture

The benefits of a weighted vest don’t stop there. Actually, the vest can again promote improved posture. Wearing the weights will force you to get a great balance while working out in the right shape.

You will work-out the core muscles, after which helps the body to support its own weight easily. When this happens, you will end up with better posture. This is especially very helpful as you age.

Variable Workout Intensity

This is yet another vital benefit to using weighted vests. The idea works simply; using weighted vests will enable you to easily increase your workout intensity by giving you an even better model without necessarily increasing the timeline through which the workout is done.

With the additional weights, you can retain the timeline but adjust the workout intensity to meet your needs. This is irrespective of whether you intend to overload or slow down your personal work rate.

Cardiovascular Health Benefits

Finally, the use of a weighted vest has well-known benefits to your cardiovascular health. Through working with these additional weights, you will force your heart and again the lungs to up their game and work twice as hard as they did before to supply the load-bearing muscles with enough oxygen in the blood.

This is what results in increased performance and again prevents any form of blood pressure and imminent heart conditions. This is why many upcoming athletes are advised to work with weighted vests too.

Larger Weight Volumes

More importantly, using the weighted vests again allows you to carry larger volumes of weight. You can carry more in the smallest spaces without necessarily using your hands. This means that the use of weighted vests will leave you with more freedom to work out too.

Your hands and legs will remain free, and you can easily work out as if you were working with just bodyweight. This is awesome as it provides you with room to gain more intensity and better results.

Additional Tips that You Should Know

Now that we have seen the benefits of using a weighted vest let’s look at some of the few concerns that most people have about weighted vests.

Does Weighted Vest Training Actually Work?

Does walking with a weighted vest build muscle? How much weight will you lose when wearing a weighted vest? While this question can come in different ways, the answer remains quite the same. Yes, weighted vests work.

Here is the thing, for anyone who wants to lose weight, you must understand that you will only lose weight when you burn more calories than you take in. This is possible with an aerobic workout, strength training, and healthy eating.

A weighted vest will help you to maximize your resistance when working out and, as such, elevate your workout intensity.

This is just an example of what a weighted vest can do for you. Nonetheless, there are several ways that you can make use of a weighted vest. Some of them include calisthenics and body sculpturing.

The same applies to your muscles when you use a weighted vest. Actually, the process will easily build your muscles. It will create an intense strength training exercise, which in turn fatigues your muscles and forces the body to respond through building bigger and stronger muscles.

The choice of using the weighted vests, however, depends on how much you intend to achieve and how psyched up you are to workout.

What’s the Principle behind a Weighted Vest?

The basic principle of using a weighted vest is the utilization of an exercise workout technique called progressive overload technique. This refers to the gradual increment of the stress that’s put on your body.

When this is done, your body is forced to adapt by either providing you with better resistance, boosting your muscle strength, and improving your cardio-respiratory capacity to allow you to workout longer.

Who Can Use the Weighted Vest?

The weighted vest benefits for walking is a good example of a type of weighted vest that you can use. There are so many people who can use these types of vests. They include the following.

  • Athletes
  • Experienced exercisers

By experienced exercisers, I mean people who have achieved mastery in their fields of training. These fields might include running, walking, calisthenics, or general body workouts, among other things.

Can Newbies Use Weighted Vests?

It is advisable for beginners to refrain from using weighted vests until they perfect their workouts. This is because adding a lot of weight too soon might increase your chances of sustaining an injury.

However, if you are just starting and feel that you’ve got to go with a weighted vest, it would be very wise to consult your physician first. Let them assess you and advise you accordingly so that you can get the best experience during your workout.

What Sizes of Weights Can You Add on a Weighted Vest?

Today the market offers several weights that you can add to your weighted vest while working out. The weights range between 4 and 50 pounds and will fit in depending on the type of vest that you’ve got.

While some vests will have fixed weights, there are other models that’ll allow you to either add or remove some weights. The ones that enable you to remove weights again have adjustable straps that you can use to achieve a snug fit once the weights are in.

NOTE: Wearing a weighted vest that takes up 10 percent of your weight will easily help you to burn calories. With such a vest, you can burn about 8 percent additional calories than you would when you don’t have the vest on.

And if you add more weight, the calories burned will again shoot up. To lose one pound fat, remember that you’ve got to burn 3,500 calories.

Demerits of Weighted Vests

Do weighted vests have demerits? Not that much. However, in some quarters, people have argued that:

  • You have to work extra hard to see the results. However, that depends on what you need.
  • Some have again said that these weighted vests are expensive, but that’s debatable too.
  • Finally, there are users who say that vests feel uncomfortable when worn in workouts.

NOTE: Getting a great diet and working harder is vital for you if you wanted to get the best results from any workout. Even so, how you work-out should align with your workout goals and objectives. But above all that, it is important to find the right size of the vest when you intend to use weighted vests.


My personal experience with a weighted vest has brought me to the understanding that weighted vests are a requirement when it comes to proper workout systems. They are awesome and will leave you with so many benefits.

Gauging from the weighted vest benefits that I used, one thing is clear. Using your vest once you have mastered your workout routine and strived to maximize your endurance will be of great help.

The process will help you to achieve a fundamental difference between you and anyone that’s working out without such gear.

You can, therefore, achieve the best results quickly and get to pro levels in no time. So does walking with a weighted vest build muscle? Well, you’ve got your answer to that too. Just get your workout routine and enjoy the best levels of workouts.

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