A Detailed Guide On How To Get The Best Ab Roller Results

Ab Roller Results

An Ab roller is a wheel that freely rotates around a rod passing through its center’s point. It performs variations of roll outs. These roll outs are done by gripping the center rod on either both sides or one side of the wheel and rolling your torso forward in a plank position. The plank position coupled with unstable movements of the wheel provides challenging workouts to the core muscles. Thus giving excellent Ab roller results

Exercises should be part of your routine.  Ab roller requires little space, and it’s easy to use. It is highly effective in toning the core and the stabilizer muscles as well as improving flexibility. Stabilizer muscles are known for their essential role in helping us maintain posture and balance.

The Ab roller is essential for a rock hard six-pack abdomen. To obtain the rock-hard set of abs, you need to burn fats completely. Ab roller results are easy to achieve when you combine a set of challenging core exercises together with a healthy diet. Note that Ab roll out engages a long list of muscles as compared to significant core exercises such as crunches. In addition to working on your Ab muscles, the Ab roller also engages the hip flexors, obliques and back muscles among other several muscles.

Benefits of Ab roller workouts

  1. Build of overall strength; this is through strengthening several body muscles such as the obliques, lower back muscles, hip muscles and the deep layer of core muscles. Moreover, the use of rollers confers shoulder stability and upper back strength.
  2. Improves postures; ab rollers train your body to hold a neutral spine position. The exercises are used to resist the curvature of the lumbar that arises from over-extension.
  • Increases mobility; ab roll-outs expand the movement of body muscles especially the hip flexors.

Which is the best Ab roller?

·        Single wheel vs. double wheel

Double wheel ab rollers are more stable than the single wheel type. This stability is essential to beginners as it may reduce the chances of injuries. Moreover, the double wheel roller allows you to keep your body straight. Single wheel rollers can be used easily by the advanced.

·        Carved handles vs. straight handles

Carved Ab rollers are a bit more challenging to use than the straight handle. They efficiently engage the abdominal muscles as well as the muscles of the arms. Moreover, when performing the V rollouts, these Ab rollers are more stable. Thus they give the best results, especially on obliques.

How to use the ab roller for excellent results

For better Ab roller results, it is critical to learning how to use the roller. To perform an Ab roll, you will need a flat surface without obstacles. The length of the surface should allow you to stretch completely, i.e., should be at least equal to your height.

  1. Spread an exercise mat on the floor. Then on the floor on your knees and hands, get hold of the roller with both hands in preparation to roll.
  2. While holding the handles on either side of the wheel, move forward from your core. Roll your hand, arms and the upper body forward until you have a feeling of no longer pulling back. Keep your hips stable, your abs should feel tight, and the muscles of the lower back must be contracted. Ensure your bottom does not touch the ground and your back does not arc. All this time face forward with your head down. Hold your body in this position for about three seconds. The roll out pose is directly positional to the intensity, and therefore, the more you work out your abs.
  • Roll the Ab roller backward towards your knees. To do this, use your core muscles. The movement should be slow and careful. This movement is called a roll in. Roll in until you are on your knees. This completes one cycle of a roller workout. While rolling, avoid using your hips. Let the abs do the roll in, supported by the arms and the shoulders.
  1. For a measured pace of workout, you can try rolling into a wall. To do this, position yourself about three feet away from the wall. Do a roll out until the ab roller touches the wall. This indicates that you have gone far enough. Roll into your knees. Always make the wall your focus point. Doing it on the wall may be a challenge for amateurs because they do not have muscle control.


  1. Caution should be taken not to injure your shoulder. Shoulder injuries occur when the connective tissues rupture or the shoulder dislocates. This may be manifested as pain. However, not all pain is due to a dislocated shoulder. In case of pain proceed with caution and in a gradual manner. Moreover, reducing the range of motion.
  2. Always ensure that your arms and back are straight for greater ab roller results. Your arms should be even as well as straight throughout the exercise. This ensures that the wheel does not spin out of control. You should maintain the same speed throughout each rep. Moving slowly leads to better results.
  • Ab roller workout is not advisable to people with lower back pain problems and hernia.

Beginner vs. advanced

As a beginner, you should perform your exercises on your knees or wide stance. In your exercise, avoid arching your back. On the other hand advanced stage, try to lower yourself as close as possible to the ground. Combine various roll outs such as one leg, front roll outs, or single arm.

Begin with few roll outs then proceed to a higher intensity. For a beginner, do a set of 4 to 8 repetitions. These should be done at least three days a week. Then proceed to three sets of 10 reps once you are a master.

If you’re an expert, you can do some workout variations.  You can perform the exercise by moving the roller to the sides in a diagonal manner rather than a straightforward way. This variation places more emphasis on the obliques.

Ab wheel exercises

There are numerous Ab roller exercises that can give you a tight core. Ab roller results will majorly depend on the type of the exercise you choose.

1.      Ab wheel plank

This type of workout aims to strengthen the stabilizer muscles. Through it, you learn how to grip the roller handles while maintaining your balance. The above-mentioned properties make it the best for beginners. To use it, begin on all fours in front of your roller. Grasp the handles with both hands with palms facing downwards. Push your upper body part into a plank position, ensuring that your body is in a single straight line from head to heels. Maintain the posture for about a minute. Repeat the procedure about three times.

2.      Knee roll out

While on your fours, try to roll out as far as possible. Ensure that your belly is slightly above the ground. Keep your hands extended in front of you. Then return to the initial position by rolling back into your knees. Repeat the exercise 5 to ten reps.

3.      V roll outs

These workouts place more emphasis on the obliques. It is similar to the knee rollouts. The rollout involves extending the arms to the sides at about 45 degrees.

4.      Knee Tucks

This workout involves rolling out with your feet as opposed to using hands. This roller workout is best for stabilizer muscles in the obliques, should and arms, and lower abdominal. The ab roller suited for this must have the feet strap. To perform the exercise, secure your feet with the foot strap, position yourself in a plank position with your hands directly under your shoulder and your back should be straight.

Roll in, i.e., bring both your feet towards your chest. Ensure your torso and back are in place. Then extend your knees until you are back in the plank position.  Repeat the procedure for 8 to 12 reps.

5.      Oblique tuck

This is a version of the knee tuck that significantly engages the obliques and stabilizer muscles. To perform them, secure your feet on the foot strap of the roller and set yourself in a plank position. Your hands should be directly under your shoulder while your back line should be straight. Roll in the wheels directing both your knees toward your right elbow. Extend back into the original plank position, and then roll towards the left elbow. In all the moves ensure that your back and upper body are in a straight line. Repeat the exercise 8 to 12 reps.

6.      Single arm roll out

This version is a full front rollout using a single hand. The challenge is supporting your body weight with a single arm. This exercise strengthens the stabilizer muscles. It can be performed either when standing or kneeling bot o which give excellent Ab roller results.

To workout, kneel /stand and extend your arm to grasp the roller (one hand).  Roll out slowly taking care not to tip off on one side. While exercising, focus on engaging your abdominals.

7.      One leg roll out

This rollout requires a great deal of stabilizer muscle strength. It should be performed by advanced people. To carry out the exercise, stand with your feet together, and the roller in front of you. Bent your waist and grasp the handles. With your back straight and arms extended roll out forward slowly. Lift one leg, extend it straight as you roll forward fully. Roll in towards your foot (one leg raised). Repeat five to ten reps.

Below is an example of Ab roller circuit

  • 60-second jump rope
  • 10 seconds rest
  • 3 to 8 reps front roll out
  • 5 seconds rest
  • 3 to 8 v roll outs
  • 5 seconds rest
  • 45 seconds jump rope
  • 5 seconds rest
  • 10 to 12 reps oblique tucks
  • 5 seconds rest
  • 10 to 12 reps one leg roll out
  • 5 seconds rest

Repeat the circuits three times.

Making a routine of working out using your Ab roller guarantees you results. Combining roller workouts with other exercises leads to even better results.

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