The Secrets To Ab Roller Reviews 2021 – How Ab Roller Works

What are the benefits of the ab wheel roller?

Ab rollers can be very helpful when it comes to building muscles throughout the body. The advantage of ab rollers is that they offer simple yet effective and inexpensive way to strengthen your body. In addition, learning how to use it is easy and has great benefits. The more you continue using the AB roller, the stronger you will become, and as your build your strength progressively, you will be able to try out new exercise and further experience its benefits.

For those looking for a home workout solution that will help them to build and develop their abs, then buying an Ab roller is the durable, affordable and effective investment that will provide the amazing results. Although many people know of what Ab rollers are, they don’t know what to consider when buying them or how to use them. Continue reading this Ab Roller Reviews to learn more.

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Top 10 Best Ab Roller Reviews in 2021

Ab Roller Reviews

1. Elite Sportz Ab

Elite Sportz Ab

When using the Elite Sportz Ab roller, you don’t have to worry about roll outs because it has a double wheel design. It has a unique construction which provides more stability than what you would get with a single wheel design. So, you will achieve greater balance and develop more confidence while exercising.

The roller is also heavy when compared to other rollers in the market. Its construction is sturdy and high quality. This ensures that it holds up against forces that can result to wear tear. According to the manufacturer’s guarantee, the equipment can last a lifetime. The manufacturer has so much confidence in this product that they offer 100% money back guarantee. If you don’t see any results with this equipment, you can request, and refund and you will surely be granted.

In addition, many users find this roller incredibly smooth-rolling. Its handles are sturdy and non-slip, thus ensuring comfort. The handles are usually made by combining soft rubber and hard plastic for the best grip. Additionally, the Elite Sportz is one of the most affordable rollers you can find in the market.


  • The firm, non-slip handles
  • Affordable
  • Highly durable
  • Guarantees results
  • Stable
  • 100% money back guarantee


  • Some users say the wheel flimsy feel

2. VIM Ab Roller

VIM Ab Roller

The VIM Ab roller is the first roller to have three wheels. The three-wheel triangular design which was patented feature greater balance and stability during workouts. This makes the equipment a great choice for novices who often give up because they cannot use it well.

Another great feature about the equipment is the stand-alone floor stopper wedge that allows users to easily stop the roll out at the right place to affect the right contraction and extension.


  • It has a floor stop wedge
  • It has a comfortable grip handle
  • Sturdy construction and premium materials
  • Patented three-wheel triangular design enhances stability and balance


  • The knee pad is not designed to for use by large people

3. Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro Roller

This Ab wheel patented design improves the effective outcome of your exercises and engages core parts of the body, including arms, back, and chest. It has a unique design in the sense that the functionality comes from high quality and durable carbon spring system that offers just the right amount of resistance during roll outs and this helps in engaging the key muscles more effectively.

If you are looking for an Ab roller that has a unique approach, then you should consider getting this model.

One of the main advantages of this equipment is the fact that it offers a unique built-in resistance to improve muscle engagement which produces the best workout results. It also features a kinetic engine system which uses a steel carbon spring to provide the right resistance through abdominal workouts and amplifying.

It also has wide treat which offers great stability for better training in oblique workouts. In addition, it has ergonomic grips since your hands will be cleverly angled for activating arm and core muscles.

It is easy to disassemble and store the Ab Roller. It has a dense foam pad for your knees during workouts. When you make your purchase, you will get a pre-set plan for twenty-one days of workout routine, so you can get into effective training straight away.

The ergonomic grips ensure the smooth running of the wheel. Most importantly, it is an affordable Ab roller.

Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro Roller


  • Built-in resistance
  • Engages core parts of the body, including arms, back, and chest
  • Built-in kinetic system
  • High-quality carbon spring
  • Maximum workout results


  • Some users prefer models with thinner wheels

4. SKLZ Core wheels

SKLZ Core wheels

SKLZ is one of the most reputable companies in the market providing durable and high-performance training products. This Ab roller is effective in enhancing the whole midsection for a range of different angles. In addition, the product comes with a training guide that outlines the activities that you can do with the Ab Roller.

Both wheels move smoothly together for better ground control and safety. Although this equipment us build for durability, it has a lightweight and portable design which makes it easy for users to store and travel with it.

Its handle has an ergonomic foam which ensures your hands don’t get tired when working out. In addition, they provide a good grip that prevents accidental slips.

Although this is one of the more expensive rollers on this review, it stands out when it comes to quality.


  • Dual wheel
  • Ergonomic foam handles
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to store
  • Comes with a training manual


  • Some users say it is not ideal for beginners

5. Power Guidance Ab roller

Power Guidance Ab roller

The Power Guidance Ab roller has a simple single wheel. The training equipment is made from high-quality materials: steel and hardened plastic, with high-density rubber wheel that provides just the right amount of traction on different surfaces.

The large wheels are two inches wide which ensure that your training experience is not only smooth but also secure and stable.

In addition, the training equipment is lightweight and portable as well as easy to assemble. Most importantly, it does a great job when it comes to working out your intercostals and abs. When you purchase this Ab roller, it comes with a thick mat for knee support.


  • Portable and lightweight
  • The wide wheel offers stability
  • Your purchase comes with a thick mat
  • Made of strong, lasting materials


  • Some users say the handles are too big for their hands

6. Sport Research Ab roller

Sport Research Ab roller

Sport Research Ab roller has a much wider wheel when compared to most rollers. This is very important as it provides you with the stability you need when rolling out, helping you to create a more intense and productive workout. In addition, the handles on this equipment are ultra-comfortable as they are ergonomically designed to prevent any discomfort on your hands.

They are also padded to prevent calluses or any injury on your hands. The handles can also be removed for compact storage. When you purchase the Sport Research Ab roller, you will also get a knee pad that will cushion your knees against the hard surface. You will also get a handy workout manual to get you started. The training equipment comes with a one-year warranty.


  • Has a wide wheel which provides stability and support
  • Comfortable handles
  • Extremely stable
  • Comes with a free workout manual and knee pad
  • Handles are padded to prevent injuries


  • Some users say it has an uneven rollout

7. Iron Gym Speed Abs

Iron Gym Speed Abs

The iron gym speed Abs use a large wheel and coiling steel spring. The wheel is 4.5 inches wide, offering greater stability when exercising. In addition, the out surface offers greater stability when exercising. The wheel’s outer surface is covered with a tire-like rubber tread for safer and better grip on the surface you’re exercising on.

One of the main advantages of this Ab roller is that it goes for about half the price of similar models on the market.

The Ab roller is built solidly, with wide, strong handles that securely fit the body and with minimal no problem. Once locked, they don’t move or rattle and don’t feel like they will break or bend under your weight.

In addition, the wheel does not produce any noise when working out. When compared to other models, the Iron gym speed Abs is virtually silent.  Its rubbery tire provides enough grip, although it is recommended not to use it on slippery surfaces like polished woods or tile.


  • Affordable
  • Quiet model
  • Suitable for all types of floors
  • Rubbery wheels provide the much-needed grip
  • Built with strong, wide handles


  • No extras
  • Heavy
  • Handles and uncomfortable

8. AbDominator Ab Roller

AbDominator Ab Roller

If you want to get a full body workout, then you should buy AbDominator Ab roller. The roller provides a unique way of exercising as it does not use a wheel or casters. It allows smooth rolling in all directions, thus strengthening your muscles.

A padded foam handle and a Gel Grip, handle straps to help you transport the Ab stroller easily. In addition, it is very good when it comes to strengthening upper and lower muscles.

You will build your Abs and you may also want to try exercises such as s curves, figure eight, and a wide range of exercises for thighs, chest, obliques, glutes, arms, and legs.

With this Ab roller, you will get a good range of motions for the best workout. The roller engages the core muscles in the body and enables effective strengthening and toning.

It also has a padded-gel handle for increased stability, real comfort, and safety. This makes the model sturdy and durable while being lightweight. This training equipment has an overall weight of 3.11 lbs.

The Ab roller has a good surface traction which ensures stability when working out. The range of motion is also impressive because of the omnidirectional design.

The Ab roller is also comfortable with sound smooth motion and stability. It is also an affordable home exercise wheel.


  • The padded-gel handle increases stability
  • Omnidirectional roller
  • The range of motion is quite impressive
  • Effective strengthening and toning


  • You have to search to buy this Ab roller

9. Core coaster: Core, Ab, and total body exerciser

Ab Roller Reviews 2019

The core coaster is another unique option. The two core coasters have a triangular shape with 3 wheels attached to each one of them. The wheels are attached at the corner of the triangle.

The wheels are made of hard rubber and slide smoothly on most surfaces. In addition, this is an uneven type of exercise equipment, which is actually great, but some people might not be there yet.

The advantage of this set up is that it allows you to use one coaster or both at the same time. When you use one coaster, you get to enjoy the flexibility of using it as a traditional ab roller and also going in different direction. With three wheels, you can go side to side, front, do figure eights or any motion you want to explore.

You can also use two coasters at a go, one in each hand. If you like, you can do unbalanced pushups, fly on the floor, roll back and more using a narrow or wide grip.


  • Versatile workout options
  • Full range of motion
  • Workout in different directions
  • You can use the coasters separately or together


  • Some users say the equipment often tips over
  • Doesn’t work well on tiles

10. shaofu Adult Ab Roller

Ab Roller

This is another great Aba roller. One of the main advantages of this easy to assemble. It works instantly works your core, flips over to give your body a total workout, trains the central body portion effective, trains your AB muscles, optimizes lower back muscles and strengthens the spine.

It also has an ergonomic and study design that eliminates neck and back strain that’s often associated with crunches. The portable AB roller is perfect for different fitness levels, occasions, you can use it for pushups, dips, sit-ups, and home use.

The package contains 1 X AM trainer. There is also a link on the Amazon site where you can access to watch how to use the Ab Roller.

The Ab roller works wonderfully when it comes to tightening the abdominal area and slimming the midsection. The trainer can tone and sculpt your muscles in no time.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Has an ergonomic design
  • Multifunctional workouts
  • Easy to use


  • Some users still find it complicated to use

Utopia Fitness Ab Wheel & Roller- Core & Abdominal Trainer

FEIERDUN Update Version 2019 Belt Rechargeable Ultimate Trainer Belt for Men & Women - Portable Abdominal Muscle Trainer Toner Toning Belt (B02)

Build your muscles with great masculinity by using this amazing product. It is designed to strengthen abs, arms, shoulders and back muscles. It has a single steel rod through the center which ensures its reliability. Comfortable grips exist in order to prevent hand fatigue. It has durable steel and strong PVC and PP plastics that allows to withstand your weight. You could use this tool whether you are a newbie or already a professional one. To use this, simply kneel and grip the wheel in front of you, under the chest. Then roll it smoothly on the ground forward and backward.

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Buyer’s guide

In addition to above Ab roller reviews, make sure that you keep the following factors in mind when choosing an Ab roller:

  • Cost

Although many Ab rollers you will find in the market today are fairly affordable, you can still find some that are a bit on the expensive end. If you want to buy a more expensive model, you may want to do your research so that you can determine if the quality of the equipment is improved with the price. You also need to keep in mind whether you are a beginner or not as this will play a big role in helping you to determine how much you are willing to spend.

If you are a beginner, and you want to purchase one, it is a good idea to choose an Ab roller on the lower side. For experienced users, going for a more expensive model could be a good idea. At the end of it all, choosing an Ab roller that meets your needs while not breaking the bank is what you need.

  • Kneepad

Although this may not be a very important factor for everyone, many Ab rollers come with a foam knee. This can be extremely helpful in helping you to avoid injury and bruises. Today, more and more ab rollers are including knee pads with every purchase. Since some are of higher quality than other, it is always important to research the kind of material used to make the pad. In most cases, the pad is made of EVA foam, whereas others are made from the same material used to make yoga mats. You should also consider the thickness of the mat. Thinner pads are likely to wear out quickly. Buying an Ab roller trainer just because it comes with a knee pad isn’t the best of ideas, but it is a great extra perk to consider.

  • Warranty

Despite the fact that an Ab roller isn’t an expensive investment, you should still consider getting an equipment that comes with a warranty. In the real sense, warranties are put in place to show that the company is confident in its products. Today, many Ab rollers come with a warranty that covers issues relating to quality such as broken parts. You may also find warranties that cover results and quality. Chances are that you may not use the warranty, but it services as a reassurance.


Here are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions about Ab roller trainers:

Q: What exactly can I do with the Ab roller?

A: This is a very common question. The Ab Roller is a versatile piece of exercising equipment with limitless options. It is most frequently used for exercises such as knee tucks, ab roll-outs, bridge holds, and planks. There are variations of the different exercises you can try; therefore, depending on whether you are a novice or experienced user, you can pick a routine that best suits your needs. Researching and watching instructional videos can go a long way to helping you to familiarize yourself with the trainer.

Q: Which parts of the body does the Ab roller target?

A: The Ab roller tones obliques and abdominals as they work as stabilizers when you exercise. But this exercising equipment works more than just these muscles. Although they work the whole core, hip flexors receive a thorough workout too. Since the hip flexors bend forward against resistance, they experience most of the workout. In addition, muscles in the upper body are the ones responsible for rolling out the wheel. So, your shoulder, back, and chest are worked out simultaneously.

Q: How do I get the most from Ab roller?

A: Many people don’t know how to use an Ab Roller. The reality is that it is very easy to use this exercise equipment. For simple exercises, kneel down on the floor mat, grip the handle of your Ab roller and ensure that your arms are straight as you extend the equipment away from your chest forward. When your arms and hips are extended fully, hold the position and roll back the wheel towards your knees until you reach the kneeling position. You can experiment with a number of roll lengths since this helps you to find a comfortable spot. There are versatile and there are many exercises you can perform with this equipment. Most rollers on this review come with instructions DVD’s or video links, which is an amazing way to start exploring the possibilities. It is recommended to use the Ab roller on a flat surface.

Q: Is it difficult to balance on the Ab roller?

A: If you are a beginner, it will take some time to get the hang of it. As you continue practicing, your balance will improve with time. In addition, a high-quality wheel will go a long way in helping you to remain steady on the equipment while low-quality ones may be unsupportive and rocky.


If you are looking to strengthen and tighten your abs and core, then Ab rollers can come in very handy. However, you have to make sure that you use them properly. Don’t push too much with your arms; instead, use your core to force out the wheel. The Ab roller will work out various muscles in your body, strengthens the core and improves overall body balance and posture.

It is also important that you take your time to find the right Best Ab Wheel based on the information we have provided in these Ab roller reviews. All the Ab rollers we have listed above are great! So just make sure that you choose the right equipment that meets your needs and budget. As mentioned above, consider factors such as price, warranty and knee pad.

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