Best Ab Wheel Reviews 2021 : Simple Guide for the Newbies

Stomach fats are associated with metabolism syndrome, obesity, and other fatal diseases such as cardio arrests and type 2-diabetes. This is the more reason why you need to trim the fats, keep lean muscles, and lead a very healthy lifestyle.

So what’s the best way to burn the fats? I would suggest the use of the best ab wheel rollers. I have done this before and believe it or not, with a certain level of commitment I was able to get by six-pack in a very short time. It was cool!

In this post, I have sampled some of the top rated ab wheels that you can buy in case you want to train your abs.

Why My Post

I spent over two months putting this together. What this means is, I took my time doing a comprehensive research so that I would give you credible information.

In addition to that, this post includes a buying guide that will help you to make the very best decisions when it comes to buying an ideal ab wheel for your home gym.

Fitnessery Ab Roller Wheel for Abs Workout

To start us on our top rated ab wheel review is the Fitnessery Ab Roller for Abs Workout. This super cool wheel is designed for people who want a much more targeted ab workout with specific results.

It is pretty easy to use and helps you to build a stronger and pronounced six-pack abs in a short time. The ab wheel also burns calories, helps in building muscles, and improves your overall rate of endurance too.

You don’t have to second guess its quality. It is forged from a strong, durable material that will ensure you enjoy a superior quality to ensure it withstands even the most intense workout sessions.

The material of design included a high-quality stainless steel, durable PVC rubber, and a non-slip rubber.

More importantly, this roller is designed to provide you with comfort while you work out. Thanks to the handle design that gives you a comfortable non-slip EVA foam padding to guarantee safety and comfort.

And to add icing to the cake is a lifetime money back guarantee that gives you the trust and satisfaction that you need.


  • High-quality stainless steel
  • Durable pvc rubber
  • Comfortable non-slip eva foam padding
  • Non-slip rubber
  • Non-slip rubber wheel system

  • PROS

    • Money back guarantee
    • Provide you with comfort
    • Strong and durable
    • Withstands even the most intense workout
    • Non-slip grip


    • No dual wheel system
    • Rubber wheel might require more effort when pushing

    SKLZ APD-CW01-02 Dynamic Strength Core Wheels & Ab Trainer

    For people who need equipment that will easily develop their dynamic core strength, the SKLZ APD-CW01-02 Dynamic Strength Core Wheels & Ab Trainer is your best shot really. It comes in a pair.

    It has the ability to tone your ab muscles fast and more specifically the entire mid-section from all the possible angles.

    Even better it also allows for a more pronounced more push-up variation that will help you to target the upper areas of the body.

    It can be used to enhance the traditional plank and also push-up exercises and comes with a dynamic approach that guarantees results quite easily.

    Thanks to the wheels on each side of the roller, you will enjoy easy control, much more comfortable design, and easier ground control always.

    The ab wheel is light. It is highly portable, and you can always carry it along trips and to wherever you intend to work out.

    In case you are getting started, you don’t have to worry. This ab wheel with super ergonomic foam handles also comes with a training guide that makes it easy.


    • Wheels on each side of the roller
    • Ergonomic foam handles
    • Wheels made of hard plastic
    • Yellow color
    • A set of two


    • Enhance the traditional plank
    • Highly portable
    • Super ergonomic foam handles
    • Comes with a training guide
    • Super cool color


    • Slightly bulkier
    • Comes unassembled

    Ab Dominator Wheel Equipment for Ab Workout Exercise

    Next in line is my favorite ab wheel. I have owned it for over a year now and I really like its performance. It is also durable and quite easy to use.

    The AbDominatorWheel Equipment for Ab Workout Exercise as it is referred to come with a traction grip handle design technology that allows its user to enjoy a greater range of motion when training.

    It is an omnidirectional ab exercise roller that also engages more of the core muscles to help you build better strength and enjoy a quick toning of the ab muscles.

    The rollers padded gel handle also helps to maximize your safety and comfort upon training with the exercise wheel.

    It is sturdy and will easily withstand the toughest workout schedules and also lightweight so that you can easily carry it around wherever you go.

    And even better, it will quickly help you to enhance your personal results with a FREE online training video and a digital nutrition book that’s included in its package for every level of fitness workout.

    If you are looking for something that can hold up to 450 lbs of weight, this is your dream ab wheel.


    • Traction grip handle design technology
    • Padded gel handle
    • Digital nutrition book
    • Rubber wheels


    • Easy to use
    • Omnidirectional touch
    • 450 lbs weight capacity
    • Non-slip grips
    • Maximizes range of motion


    • Wheels are slightly smaller
    • Needs you to watch the instructional video first

    Wacces Home Gym AB Wheel Roller

    At 6’5” with a weight of 280+ lbs I regularly use the Wacces Home Gym AB Wheel Roller in my local gym and have never witnessed any glitch.

    That’s how I know that this roller guarantees a better workout. First of all, it is the perfect all-round workout equipment that can be used for every fitness levels that you are at including beginner and advanced.

    It enjoys a superior quality and will easily last longer. Thanks to the strong stainless steel and also a durable PVC that has been used to design it.

    Additionally, the roller also enjoys a non-slip rubber touch that maximizes your ability to work safely and also comfortably. It comes with a textured grip handles that are contoured to guarantee safety.

    You won’t also have to sweat when assembling it. Indeed, the shaft is easy to insert into the wheels and also to slide in the rubberized handles.

    If you are the guy on the road, this easy to pack roller would be the best piece of home gym equipment that you can carry along.


    • Durable PVC cover
    • Rubberized handles
    • Strong stainless steel wheel
    • Textured grip handles
    • Dual wheel technology


    • Super light
    • Ideal for beginner and advanced levels
    • Non-slip rubber touch
    • Slip-proof handles
    • Easy to assemble


    • Lower weight limit at 350 lbs
    • Catches dirt easily

    Pro Source Dual Ab Roller Wheel Exercise Equipment

    I highly recommend the ProSource Dual Ab Roller Wheel Exercise Equipment too. Having read through what the users say; I find it to be quite a reliable piece of ab equipment.

    It is great for the ab muscles and also for people who need an efficient toning workout for the upper body.

    Thanks to its ability to work your abs while at the same time keeping your arms and also back muscles engage.

    The roller comes with the dual wheel design that guarantees greater stability than many other models which come on just a single wheel.

    Due to this, you can easily control the ab wheel without any worries of losing your personal balance.

    And just to make sure it is true, the wheel has been fixed with two easy-to-grip handles that are customized with finger slots for improved comfort and secure grip that won’t slip even as you go back and forth.

    It is super light, highly portable, and you can also put it together really fast. Thanks to its less complicated assembly that guarantees a faster assembly and easy use.

    The roller is also made of quality plastic that can hold up to 350 lbs of weight easily without breaking.


    • Dual wheel design
    • Two easy-to-grip handles
    • Finger slots for a secure grip
    • Quality plastic design


    • Wider surface grip
    • 350 lbs capacity
    • Safer and comfy grip
    • Easy to assemble
    • Works in all directions


    • One wheel might break first
    • Not easy to fix if destroyed

    Valeo Ab Wheel Roller Fitness Equipment

    For the people who are operating on a budget and who still want to keep their six-pack the Valeo Ab Wheel Roller Fitness Equipment will do the magic.

    It is much more ideal for strengthening and toning the abs while at the same time engaging your back, arms, and shoulder.

    The ab wheel is sturdy and pretty much durable since it has been designed with two non-skid wheels that guarantee extra stability and an easy slide across any type of surface without wobbling and slipping.

    The wheel also enjoys a dual wheel technology that provides it with a wider area so that it enjoys smooth and highly controlled movements.

    Nonetheless, it is comfortable to use and comes with a slip-resistant grip handles to prevent any form of slippage under intense workout.

    And if you want to go for a retreat, you can always pack along this super lightweight Best ab roller and tag it along with your trip.

    Don’t worry when buying this roller in case you are starting out. It is good for all levels.


    • Two non-skid wheels
    • Dual wheel technology
    • Slip-resistant grip handles
    • Orange and black color


    • Ideal for all levels of training
    • Comes with wide surface grip
    • Engages the upper and lower body
    • Dual wheel prevents wobbling and slipping
    • Safe grip


    • Hard plastic might have a shorter lifespan
    • Limited weight capacity

    Elite Sportz Ab Wheel Rollers Equipment

    Another ab wheel review that’s ideal for all level of training and which guarantees a smooth roll on any surface is the Elite Sportz Ab Wheel Rollers Equipment.

    This ab wheel has been designed with double wheel design that provides much more stability and better balance than a single wheel.

    The double wheel also means you will enjoy more durability as the weight is evenly spread across the ab wheel.

    In addition to that, this roller also features a super lightweight touch that will guarantee a smooth rolling and a highly compact design that allows you to carry it to wherever you are going to any time.

    It has a non-slip rubberized grip with a customized handler that keeps you from slipping up when working out.

    The handles are made of hard plastic too which guarantees durability. In addition to that the ab wheel also comes fully assembled so you won’t waste any time trying to figure it out.

    You will also enjoy handy videos that will help you to use the wheel properly and to tone your ab muscles pretty fast.


    • Black color
    • Double wheel design
    • Hard plastic and Soft rubber handles
    •  Extra smooth wheels


    • One-year warranty
    • Safe non-slip grip
    • Minimum tension between rolling surface
    • Comes ready to use
    • Super light and very portable


    • Extra smooth wheels might be hard to control
    • Wobbles if overloaded

    Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Roller Wheel

    If you are ready to get the best ab wheel and don’t mind coughing up a few extra dollars the Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Roller Wheel will work for you.

    This roller has a very unique design. It enjoys an ultra-wide design with a built-in resistance that will support up to 450 pounds.

    The roller also comes with an ergonomic handle design that helps to maximize results by providing you with a highly comfortable workout experience.

    More importantly, it is the only ab roller system that uses an interior kinetic engine with a carbon steel spring in order to provide you with enough resistance and an amplified abdominal and upper body workout.

    The roller’s ultra-wide wheel are also shaped at an angle and comes with a tread that offers high end stability in case you want to optimize your ab workout by carving left or right for a targeted work on obliques.

    The ergonomic handle grips are also angled to engage the arm and core muscles easily. The handles are removable to provide you with a compact design for easy storage and transportation too.

    Buy this ab wheel and enjoy a high-density foam kneepad, downloadable workout plan, and a 1-year warranty.


    • Interior kinetic engine
    • Ultra-wide wheels
    • Super twisted handles
    • Grooved wheels for more grip
    • Stainless steel build


    • Ultra-wide design
    • Support up to 450 pounds
    • Ergonomic handle grips
    • Compact design for easy storage
    • Downloadable workout plan
    • 1-year warranty


    • Heavy
    • Ideal for intermediate and pros

    Valeo Ab Wheel Roller Home Fitness Equipment

    Valeo Ab Wheel Roller Home Fitness Equipment is the most effective home and gym ab wheel roller that you can use to strengthen your core, get a six-pack, and engage your upper body including back and arms.

    The roller is sturdy and highly durable. It will easily withstand the most intense workouts and even better comes on a dual wheel system with non-skid patterns on each wheel.

    This roller is therefore pretty cool for controlled movements and will prevent any form of wobbling.

    More importantly, it is easy to assemble so you don’t actually need an expert. It is also super light and you can easily carry it around your family trip including Thanksgiving.

    The roller is unique and ideal for all level or riders. It comes with an attractive color that will amp its design and touch.

    The roller is designed with hard plastic while the handles are grooved with a perfect fit finger touch to enable comfort and controlled workout among other things.


    • Two non-skid wheels
    • Dual wheel technology
    • Slip-resistant grip handles
    • Orange and black color


    • Ideal for all levels
    • Wide surface grip
    • Super cool orange color
    • Prevents wobbling and slipping
    • A safe grip on handles


    • Hard plastic needs care to last
    • Limited weight capacity

    POWER GUIDANCE 6 Pack AB Wheel Roller

    Another best ab wheel roller is the POWER GUIDANCE 6 Pack AB Wheel Roller. It is the design that wraps up our top 10 choices.

    This home equipment is great for anyone who wants to develop their core strength and at the same time walk out with a 6 pack.

    It is great for the ab, lower and upper back, and maximizes the range of motion around the arms and shoulders.

    The ab wheel enjoys a superior construction with a high-quality hard plastic design coupled with steel for high-end durability.

    The design also maximizes safety during use and allows it to support a higher load capacity of up to 450 lbs.

    And while the other ab wheel surfaces are made of plastic, this one enjoys a rubberized wheel surface with high-density rubber to minimize any damages on your floor while at the same time maximizing the grip and preventing any slip-ups.

    The rubberized design also minimizes any noise when you are working out while the handles are equipped with foam to keep fatigue at minimal levels while at the same time maximizing the grip, comfort, and control.

    Even better, this ab wheel focuses on one single giant wheel with an extra-large width which allows it to enhance stability when you are rolling out.

    It is portable and super light and pretty easy to assemble too. In case you want the best, buy this top rated roller with 100% full warranty.