The Best Ab Wheel Workout Routine You should Follow to Get a Six Pack!

Ab wheel is the best inexpensive equipment to make your body fit. It is effective for strengthening your core and tightening in the midsection of your body.

If you want to use Ab wheel to make your body fit, then you have to maintain a routine and exercise every day. Without your hard effort, it’s not possible to make your body fit.

In this article, we are trying to show you some tips which will make your workout routine more effective.

Before starting you have to find or make space on the ground to set it up! Once it is done then you need your ab wheel and mat. The mat can protect your knees from scratch. Those setups are for your daily ab wheel workout routine.

You can do the workout with your ab wheels in many styles, but we focus some most common and helpful steps for you. We will also mention a sample ab wheel workout routine with these three basic steps that you can follow for getting a six pack.

·        Straight Roll Out

The straight roll out is the simplest form of exercise performed with an Ab wheel as the name suggests. You have to keep your hands on the handles and get your body down with the knees together. Now start to roll forward simply until your nose reaches a little distance from the surface. Make sure that the core is flexed, and your backside is in the straight position. This primary roll out will work on the muscles that will be visible on your six-pack! At the starting of your daily workout, you can take 8-15 reps of straight roll out based on your experience level. Then take a break of 30 to 90 seconds.

·        Isometric Roll Out

In the second part of the workout, you can try isometric roll out. It’s almost the same as the previous one except that you have to hold yourself in the position when your nose almost reaches the floor. Roll out until your nose almost touches the ground and take a good and comfortable form and stay for 30 seconds. Then take a break of 15 seconds and repeat the roll out again. Now take a longer rest than before.

·        W Roll Out

W roll out is also much similar to Straight roll out but in this exercise, you have to trace the alphabet “W” on the ground while rolling with the ab wheel.  It activates the core muscles or makes good effect on serrate or external oblique’s anterior. You can take 8 to 15 reps based on your experience with 30 to 90 seconds break.

At the beginning level, this workout routine is sufficient for you. When you feel that these are not enough for you, you can add performing straight rollout arm plank which is harder than these three.

Important tips for ab wheel workout routine

  • The more you will exercise the better will be your six-pack but remember that ensuring quality is much more important than quantity.
  • You have to set up the schedule as per your requirement and personality-three, four, five or six days per week, just maintain the regularity.


Don’t get too serious or make too hurry to get a six-pack and don’t put unbearable pressure on your muscles. Just do as much as needed, you will get the best result.


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