electric ab belt side effects

Things You Should Know About electric ab belt side effects

Abdominal muscle toning has been around for a long time. To cut the belly fat and achieve the most coveted six-pack Abs has been and still is the desire of many people. From using rollers, doping crunches, sit-ups and many other exercises, people are now turning to the promising electric AB belts. Over the recent years, companies are promising to give the best of these belts, owing to the new technology used to make the belts. For instance, slender tone, claims that their AB belt has an app that is driven by the by a smartphone. With such a belt, you can set toning goals, plan workouts and track your progress. What is not told however is the electric ab belt side effects.

Basics of toning belts

Most belts will stimulate the abdominal muscles, impacting strength. Such belts do not to make significant difference on your size as well as shape. The belt has electrodes, which you place on to your bare skin. Electrical stimulation will cause your abs to have a mildly stinging sensation as well as contract. The stimulation targets your muscle. However, the belt is not guaranteed to flatten your tummy.Some researcherssay that specific toning belts increase strength and endurance after a period of not less than eight weeks. Each week should have five episodes of at least 20 minutes each week.

Limiting factors

This device works for those who want to lose weight mildly if you are of average weight. For those who are obese as well overweight, they will have to combine a number of exercises to rid off the thick fatty layers.

Health risks associated with the ab belts

The potential harmful electric ab belt side effects include;

  • The belt can potentially interfere with planted devices such as pacemakers and other planted electronic devices
  • The belt causes swelling, redness and inflammation in areas where the belt is always applied
  • It may cause cancerous lesions
  • During pregnancy, the belt can be potentially harmful.

Electric ab belts truth

Ab belts are based on muscle simulators that cause muscle stimulation as well as contraction. This may lead to achieving phenomenal results. To achieve this, however, you will require more time, more power and of course a lot of pain. Stronger stimulus long duration and higher amplitude are not an exception in achieving the best results. For the belt to work, it has to be cranked to a level beyond which most people can tolerate.

There is no shortcut to getting a six-pack abdomen. Many factors come in to play including, your genetics, diet, water retention, and body fat as well as muscle tone. Taking a combination of diet and exercises will give you a flat AB. The key factor to having the best abdominals is to maintain a healthy body fat percentage through diet and performing exercises that strengthen the muscles of your abdominal regions.


There is no quick solution to fixing flabby abdominal. Working hard, smart and eating a well-balanced diet is the key to stronger abdominal s. To avoid electric ab belt side effects, do not overuse the belt. Or reviews For Best Ab Belt


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