How Much Does a Treadmill Weigh? | Types of Treadmill 2021

How much does a treadmill weigh? If you didn’t know it, different treadmill machines would have different weights. And this can be attributed to several other factors that we will look at in this post.

As such, it is important that you know the weight of your treadmill even before you buy. But why is this important?  Well, if you’ve got the right treadmill weight, it becomes easy using your treadmill. The reason for that is.

  • You will understand how easy-to-move your treadmill is
  • It gives you a clear pointer of the weight limits of the treadmill
  • Enables you to tell from the onset the type of treadmill that you’ve got
  • Heavier treadmill weight again means durable treadmill designs

NOTE: Depending on the weight that you are looking at, you will find it easy to load your treadmill and again to use it in the right way. The weight may again determine how the treadmill is stored.

Types of Treadmill You Should Know

So how much does a treadmill weigh? Before I can tell you how much a treadmill weighs, let me show you the two main types of treadmills that we’ve got.

  • Manual Treadmills
  • Motorized Treadmills

As seen above, manual treadmills don’t come with a motor. This is unlike the motorized types that use a motor to rotate the conveyor belt that a motorized treadmill has. Instead, for the manual models, the belt is rotated as you step on it.

In addition to that, motorized treadmills come with several other features that a manual treadmill won’t have. This makes the motorized treadmills more sophisticated and, more importantly, the best types of treadmill designs that most people will dream of.

If there is a chance you are looking at a motorized treadmill, here are some of the features that you will have over the manual models.

  • Large digitalized screens
  • Smooth outdoor simulations
  • Preset workout programs
  • Motorized conveyor belts

NOTE: The choice of the treadmill that you go for will rely more on your taste and preferences. However, if you are basing more on the weight of the treadmill, here is what you should know.

How Much Does a Treadmill Weigh?

Looking closely at the types of treadmills that I have listed above, one thing is clear. A motorized treadmill will weigh more than a manual treadmill. The reasons for this are simple. Due to its sophisticated design, the motorized treadmill has several add-ons that push its weight up, which a manual treadmill doesn’t have.

As such, there is a big difference in weight when it comes down to these two types of treadmills. And here is how they compare.

Most motorized treadmills that you can use in your home will weigh between 200 and 300 lbs. the manual treadmills, on the other hand, will weigh about 60 lbs. which in comparison makes a manual treadmill one of the lightest treadmills.

NOTE: The biggest player in the weight difference that exists between these two types of treadmills is the motor. The addition of the motor to the motorized models makes most motorized models heavier.

Factors that Determine the Weight of the Treadmill?

So ask yourself, how much does a treadmill weigh? But the answer is not enough; understanding why a treadmill weighs what it weighs is very important. And here are the factors that determine the weight of a treadmill.

Material of Design

The weight of the material from which the treadmill is designed will determine how much it weighs. A treadmill that uses an aluminum alloy won’t weigh higher than a steel-frame treadmill will weigh.

More importantly, treadmills that have several plastic add-ons will weigh lesser than both metallic alloys. So focus more on the materials will mean understanding why your machine may weigh less or more.


In addition to that, the number of accessories that a treadmill comes with is another point that determines how much a treadmill weighs. If your treadmill comes with several accessories, it is definitely going to weigh more.

The addition of longer handles, heavier conveyor belts, or large digitalized screens will quickly shoot up the weight of the treadmill.


Finally, the type of technology used on the treadmill again determines how heavy or light the treadmill is. A motorized treadmill like I mentioned above will weigh more compared to the manual treadmills.

And the reason is simple; the addition of the motor is what spikes the weight. While the motor is used to rotate the conveyor belt at a speed of your choice, it is normally heavy and will leave you with a heavier treadmill machine.


Now that we have seen how much a treadmill weighs let us take a look at the other common concerns that most people have.

How much will a treadmill weight in kilograms?

In most cases, the weight of a treadmill goes hand in hand with the price and quality of the treadmill. As such, a low-quality treadmill will weigh around 30 kg, while the high-end quality treadmills will weigh around 100 kg or more.

How are treadmill weight ratings determined?

The weight ratings of a treadmill are determined by the type of design that the treadmill comes with. By weight ratings, we mean the weight limits of the treadmill. How much weight the treadmill can support. Different companies will have different weight ratings; choose a model that suits you.

Does the space and size of a treadmill matter?

Yes. When buying a treadmill of your choice, these two factors will matter the more. The size of the treadmill and the space of use should be proportional. However, when it comes to storage, there can be a slight difference since there are folding treadmills that you can use.

What makes folding treadmills different?

Except for their folding mechanisms, folding treadmills work and perform just like the two models that I have given you above. They come in either manual or motorized and will have the vital features that these two treadmills have, depending on the type.

How can I get the weight of my treadmill?

While you can use the large industrial scales or the smaller digitalized scales to find the weight of your treadmill, it’s important to understand that most treadmills come with their weights noted. You can choose a model that suits you.


How much does a treadmill weigh? You know that by now. Even so, it is important that you take proper care of your treadmill so that it lasts longer. Do not load your treadmill beyond the intended capacity.

More importantly, make sure that you understand the type of treadmill that you have, as that determines how much weight it takes. It again determines how best you can take care of your treadmill.

For the best treadmill designs, the choice of a treadmill doesn’t lie with the weight alone but rather with price, size, design, technology, and ease of use, among other things. Make sure that your treadmill meets your needs.

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