Slimming Belt – Slimming Belt Do They Work?

Before you can decide if slimming belt actually work it is probably a good idea to find out how a slimming belt works.

Generally slimming belts can be split into two categories, one type works by harnessing your own body heat, using a thermal action,to make you sweat and so burn off calories and reduce toxins. The Ever last Slimmer Belt falls into this category, it has great reviews and also has the benefit of providing great support for you back especially if worn during exercise.

You can also have a slimming belt that helps massage and provides heat to help your circulation.

The other type of slimming belt is the kind that uses an electrical current to stimulate your muscles and so create more heat, as they heat up a slimming belt such as the new Massage Pro Slimming Belt can also provide you with a massage that can really enhance the effect of the belt.
This is not to be confused with an abs belt which works differently.

So how do you actually use a slimming belt?

Well most slimming belts are designed to be used on your waist. Neoprene is commonly used because it is soft and very durable. You could also look for a slimming belt that allows your body to breathe, and also check to see if you can wash it or not, It is going to get sweaty!

Most slimming belts will use velcro as the way to get it to stay on, after you have wrapped it around your abdomen. If you are using a simple slimming belt then that’s it, if you are using one that transmits a current then you may have to connect it now, then you will select the heat level and speed you require.

So there you have it, they are very simple to use but Slimming belts do they work?
Well unfortunately I don’t think there is a true answer to that. As with most slimmer belts like this it comes down to the individual. Some people will get better results than others.


Well, some people will use it for longer periods and will use it more consistently, perhaps every day. Others will be a little less consistent and use it just when they remember or just once or twice a week. The problem with this is the same as any real exercise it is just not enough to see significant results.

Another factor that success with slimming belts is based on is whether or not you are using it in conjunction with any form of exercise. If you can then this will greatly enhance the visible effects. Even if you only exercise at home or just go for a long brisk walk, anything helps. This will also improve your overall fitness and is very beneficial to the cardiovascular system. If that still doesn’t appeal to you-you could even just put it on while doing jobs around the house or walking to work.

What about your diet?

Why not use the use of a slimming belt to as an ideal time to kick-start that healthy eating plan? You know, that one you should be following!

OK, so if that sounds a bit much at least try cutting down on sugary and fatty foods. Just increasing your fruit and vegetable intake can also help. Drink plenty of water and cut out sugary drinks or any sugar you add to tea or coffee. Even just a few simple steps in the right direction can give a significant boost to weight loss.

So that gets us back to the question of:

Slimming Belt Do They Work?

If you follow my advice and use them along with increased exercise and a change in diet then yes, they can work. You will not see a dramatic change in weight because they are not a miracle cure for getting rid of excess weight, to be honest if any manufacturer tries to tell you that their slimming belt is then I would advise you to avoid them.

Other noticeable differences may be an improvement in skin texture because of the way slimming belts can help to eliminate toxins.
One thing to be aware of though is that a slimming belt often shows better results straight after use. This is because it encourages the elimination of water from the area that is being worked on. Unfortunately when you drink your body will try to replace at least some of this water. So don’t be too despondent if this happens, remember this is something that is not going to work overnight.

Another great thing about slimming belts is that they are generally suitable for both men and women. This means you do not have to get a slimming belt for women and a slimming belt for men, you can share.

So your main decision when choosing a slimming belt is whether you buy one that is simply a wrap around and uses your own body heat such Ever last Slimmer Belt or something Like the Best Slimming Belt that is more high performance and has variable heat and speed settings. I have included some reviews for these and other slimming belts to help you decide.

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