Treadmill Rental Near Me : Things You Should Know

Want to lose obesity? Or want to keep your heart fit and lose weight? In all these cases, running, jogging, or walking is the best practice accompanied by a healthy diet. However, it’s not possible to go to the park or streets for running or jogging.

So, what to do? Well, you can always go for a treadmill. However, purchasing a treadmill is a significant investment that not all can afford instantly. Also, some people may not need a treadmill permanently. In all these conditions, you can think about the treadmill rental service.

To speak the truth, renting a treadmill brings several apparent benefits that you seldom think about in reality. Nonetheless, before renting a treadmill, you should know some rules first off, such as how to rent a treadmill, which one is suitable for home usage, and so on.

The following write-up brings forth answers to all these questions.

What Is a Treadmill Rental Service?

In simple words, a treadmill renting service enables individuals to hire home gym equipment from a local gymnasium to home for personal use. The hirer needs to sign an agreement with the treadmill provider, where he agrees to pay a certain amount for using the gym equipment for a specific duration. Usually, the service enables an individual to use a treadmill to keep them in shapes while being away from home for months and also, save money from buying a treadmill.

In general, a treadmill renting service agreement lets you hire a running machine for a few months to several years. However, it varies widely from one locality to another.

Benefits of Renting A Treadmill

A treadmill at home is a fantastic way to keep yourself fit and healthy. It brings a lot of unique facilities for home users. So, if you want to rent a treadmill at home, you should also know what benefits it can bring to you.

First off, with a treadmill at home, you can burn down your extra calories and carbohydrates. Also, it lets you choose your morning and evening workout in the house. So, you won’t need to go to the streets anymore.

Furthermore, you won’t need to curve your daily routines for working out. You can still manage your office time, kid’s school routine, visit your friends and even find a suitable time for your sweating on the treadmill. Sounds cool, right?

Nonetheless, the greatest benefit of renting a treadmill at home comes from the immense cost-cutting feature. The most versatile and latest treadmill model costs quite a few bucks. But you can hire it at home at a fraction of its actual cost. Moreover, once the lease expires, you can always go for a new model with better facilities without investing the full amount of purchasing.

Also, you can terminate the rental agreement for unavoidable causes with a friendly conversation with the rental service provider. So, it brings peace of mind.

Things You Should Consider When Renting a Treadmill

Now that you know such extravagant benefits of having a running machine, you must wish to rent a treadmill for home use. Am I right?

However, before you go further and book a treadmill, you must consider the following factors to select the best treadmill for you. These crucial factors are:

  1. Decide your budget to rent a treadmill. How much can you afford to expend for hiring a running machine at home?
  2. Will you use it alone or with your other family members?
  3. What prominent facility do you want from the treadmill? Do you want a basic model or an upgraded flexible model with speed variations and an LED screen?
  4. What is your primary purpose in bringing the treadmill at home? Do you want to use it for an extreme running session or just peaceful walking?
  5. You also need to determine the treadmill belt size. The belt size will evaluate your stride length. So, before you rent a suitable treadmill, make sure it fits your stride length. You can consult a gym instructor for this purpose.
  6. Also, consider your home space. If you have ample space, a motorized and enlarged treadmill model will best fit your necessity. However, if you reside in a congested place, go for a sleek and lightweight treadmill model.
  7. What facilities do you want from a treadmill? For instance, do you need speed variations, program settings, LED monitors with vital signs or wearable connection for fitness?
  8. Do you want a treadmill that can switch between stair climber or elliptical?

Once you find a proper answer to these questions, you can go forward to choose your ideal treadmill. Thankfully, your local gym from whom you will be renting the treadmill will help you find the answer to all these questions. Some even provide flexibility to change the treadmill model within a given period of 5-7 days, if in case, you don’t find a model suitable for you.

Cost of A Treadmill Renting Service and Ways to Minimize the Costing

We understand that before selecting a suitable treadmill, you want to know how much is a treadmill cost. So, we researched the topic and found the following answer.

The brand and model you select of the treadmill will largely determine the renting cost of the machine. If you choose a high-end treadmill with the top-of-line facilities such as whistles, bells, LED screen, and speed variations, it may cause you as much as 150$ each month. On the contrary, a basic treadmill model will cost you around 50$ each month.

Moreover, the rental period plays a vital factor in determining the cost. For instance, hiring a treadmill for an extended period will cost less per month than the short-term rental service. Also, a home delivery rental service will cost more than pick-ups.

How to Minimize the Treadmill Rental Service Cost?

By renting a treadmill at home, you can keep yourself in shape and maintain a superb fitness level for a healthy lifestyle. Although the rental service of gym equipment is affordable, you can, even more, minimize the costing. You can do this with the following steps:

  • Prefer pick-ups instead of home delivery: Treadmills are often bulky, and so, the cost of delivering the machine at home is usually higher. However, you can bypass this expense easily. Yes, if you can arrange a pick-up, this will go a long way to save the rental cost significantly.
  • Carefully select the model and facility: You must choose strictly which essentialities you want in the treadmill and stick to it. This being said, be cautious about choosing the right model for your purpose. For example, treadmills without LED screens are suitable for those who are on a tight budget. Also, you may choose a model one or two years old to lower your expenses. Remember that the latest models of treadmills often come with several options, which may not always be necessary for home-usage.
  • Checking the hidden fees: It may often happen that there will be some kinds of hidden costs buried under your treadmill renter service agreement. The most common charges are cancellation fees if you want to terminate the rental service early. Then, there is a suppressed cost of damaged equipment. So, before you proceed to sign the agreement, we will advise you to read through it.

You can reduce the costs of enormously if you can follow this guideline. I hope it is useful for you. Now, let’s quickly and briefly take a look at the best treadmills that you can rent for your home use.

What Are the Top 5 Treadmills?

If you rent a treadmill for home use, it will save you from standing on a queue in the gym and experiencing the funky odor in the congested locker rooms, let alone the superb cost-cutting advantage. But which treadmill should you choose?

For your convenience, we tested several top-of-the-line treadmills and took customer feedback to select these top five treadmills for you.

1. Nordic Track Commercial x32i Treadmill:

Not just we but also several expert reviewers have applauded the NordicTrack x32i treadmill. It comes with a 22” x 65” measured ample running space to add comfort in your running and walking sessions.

Also, with a 6% decline and 40% incline facility, the treadmill will quickly transform your mere running workout into a heavy-duty athletic gym exercise. It also supports 0-12 MPH speed to add convenience in your regular workout.

In short, the x32i treadmill will be your go for the option for home use with ample space.

2. 3G Cardio Elite Runner Treadmill

The 3G Cardio Elite Treadmill is mainly for tall runners and also delivers quieter performance than most standard home treadmills. So, you can lose significant weight without disturbing your hearing buds.

Its 22X66 inches spacious platform incorporates flawlessly with the shock absorbent Ortho Flex technology for a comfortable workout. The shock suspensions also minimize the stress impact to keep you fit after a substantial workout period. However, with 400 pounds of weight, it’s tough to remove and so may not be suitable for a rental service.

3. Sole F63

Sole F63 is ideal for those who want a premium treadmill at a relatively affordable price. What best is that the treadmill features almost all high-end features despite being a cost-friendly machine.

First off, it has Bluetooth connectivity to enjoy music while working out. Also, the built-in screen allows you to watch your favorite video while on the treadmill. The motorized treadmill also has an incline facility for extreme jogging lovers.

4. NordicTrack Commercial 2450 Treadmill

This is another exceptional treadmill from NordicTrack. It is mainly designed for serious runners who need to burn some calories.

Also, with 300 pounds capacity, this treadmill is suitable for people facing issues with obesity. Moreover, the treadmill currently comes with a one-year free subscription for iFit. You can enjoy an online training session on it. And lastly, with a 3% decline and 15% incline facility, NordicTrack 2450 provides decent enough workout.

5. ProForm Smart Pro 2000 Treadmill

The Smart Pro 2000 is a basic entry-level treadmill that is suitable for those who want a regular workout to keep themselves in shape. However, this isn’t for serious runners looking to lose weight quickly.

It also supports iFit caching with the built-in 7” touchscreen. Thus, it works excellently for beginners to learn and practice jogging, walking, and intense running sessions. In short, you will love this handy treadmill that also offers excellent value for money.

Which Treadmill Is Best for Home Use?

Now that we have enlisted five top-rated treadmills, it’s high time we find the best one for your home use. But there’s a difficulty.

We can’t just put one single treadmill in the list since to rent a treadmill for home use, you may need to adjust a few things. So, we have structured a guideline on how to select the best treadmill for home use.

First off, it needs to be lightweight. A heavyweight treadmill can be tough to move, and so will cost you more on the delivery charge. Also, the lightweight facility will enable you to run it in your house, which you may need to clean the space.

The next critical thing you need to consider is its size. For home use, the enlarged treadmills won’t be suitable. Instead, look for a compact size. And lastly, look at the modest facilities in an affordable budget that will fit in your requirements.

So, the best treadmill for home use needs to have the following things:

  1. Lightweight design
  2. Compact size
  3. Modest running facilities
  4. Budget friendliness

Looking at these factors, Pacemaster Bronze Basic Treadmill is our top pick for home use. You can look into its facilities on the internet.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is the cheapest treadmill?

Since manufacturers bring treadmills one after another in the market, it’s tough to single out one treadmill as the cheapest. However, experts say that any treadmills such as the Horizon T101 that comes near about 500$ can be categorized as a cheap treadmill.

  1. How much does a good treadmill cost?

Treadmill price varies mostly depending on its features. However, a good quality treadmill is available mostly in the 500$-3000$ range. Some high-end treadmills, however, may cause as much as 7000$.

  1. Should I run every day on the treadmill?

According to the CDC, you should run five days on the treadmill every week with 30 minutes each day. Remember that it’s an overall guideline and may not be suitable if you are an athlete or sportsman.

Wrapping Up

A treadmill rental service is an excellent way to burn calories and that too, in a cost-effective way. So, don’t hesitate, but act quickly. Do contact with the gyms that offer a treadmill renting a facility at home. And this detailed guideline on treadmill hiring procedures and suggestions on the top running machines will be helpful.

Happy treadmilling, happy fitness.

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