Does The Contour Ab Belt Work-How Often Should You Use an Ab Belt?

Ab Belt Work?

If you are looking for a workout to create firmer abs without having to stick to an exercise regimen that requires standard crunches or push-ups, then you can consider investing in an Abs belt.

Abs belts are designed to be worn on the abs area, providing stimulation to the nerves in the abdominal muscles, which then carry signals to the nearby muscles. In response, the muscles contract just the same way they do during crunches.

These belts use the Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology which has proven to have beneficial effects on muscle strength and power.

Introducing the Contour Abs Belt

This is a neoprene belt that is wrapped around the waist and provides electrical stimulation to the abdominal muscles. It is an abs toning belt used to exercise abs while relaxing. It is designed to be ergonomically fitted to the waist so that is comfortable. The belt uses electrical charges carried through 4-gel pads to administer the stimulation to the muscles and run on 4 AAA batteries.

The best thing about the product is that it actually gives users the kind of workout they would get if they were doing sit-ups or crunches and it does not hurt a bit. In fact, you won’t feel anything other than your muscles gently contracting up to 150 times in a session.

The device is marketed by Contour Technology, LLC, which is based in Minnesota. They offer the apparatus to fitness enthusiasts as an effective method for promoting abdominal toning and slimming.

Results of the Contour Abs Belt

There are many benefits of wearing the ab belt around your waist. Previous users have gained a well-defined outline of their abdominal area, benefiting from the contraction of the abdominal muscles. The muscles eventually turn stronger and powerful, building up a stronger body. The contour ab comes with a diet guide as well and a guide for regular exercises to ensure fat loss and improved muscle strength.

Millions of Contour belts have sold throughout the globe, even professional athletes have tried the product. Developers have revealed that their research showed that it works more muscles than other traditional exercises. To back their claim, third-party researchers have revealed the same results with the product. A recent test performed revealed significant results. The test showed that participants were able to lose up to 4 inches in 3 months using the product. The participants were, however, also put in a restricted diet which is highly recommended as part of the Contour plan.

Customer Feedback and Reviews

The official website has several success stories from customers who have tried the product. One standout factor about the belt is its ease of use and comfort on the waistline.

Due to its popularity, you will also find several customer reviews for the product on other websites. The Contour Ab belt is suitable for both men and women who want to tighten and tone their abs and get their body in great shape. Here is what people are saying about the product.

“This is an absolutely amazing product, it really is! What I loved most was that I didn’t have to stress myself working out, and the diet is just perfect. I feel amazing” (J. Ashton, CA).

Even though the product produces great results, you will need to do more than just wearing it- diet and exercise form an integral part of the equation. It will take care of your abdominal region and will provide you with guidance that can help you lose fat and get your body in shape.

“At first, I didn’t think the belt would work but after just a day, I noticed some improvements. I can’t believe how different my abs look right now. I feel very confident and can go for my swimming with lots of guts”. (Richie, Seattle)

The uploaded photographs uploaded from previous users are quite amazing, with muscles and defined bodies in the “after” photographs.

“When you first put on the belt, you notice a little tickle then your stomach working. The belt is absolutely comfortable and it doesn’t hurt, but actually provides a little back support, which is amazing”. (Chelsea, Texas)

Things to watch out for

While there are tremendous success stories to the Contour Ab Belt, there are a few things to look out for before using it:

  • Although the official website claims that the product is FDA approved, there are no records provided of obtaining the clearance in the FDA database.
  • The belt requires you to adjust your lifestyle by engaging in workouts and following a strict diet to get the right results.
  • The product appears to a bit bulky to be worn discretely, particularly given the remote controller. Users, therefore, might need to forget undergoing toning programs while at work or in public places.
  • Due to the use of the AAA batteries, you may injure yourself, while excessive use can lead to sore muscles.

Where to Buy

There are several copycat products in sporting stores today, it is, therefore, important to be careful when ordering the Contour belt. Some of the features to keep in mind are adjustable intensity and diet and exercise guide that the product comes with.

The Contour Ab Belt Work is priced like other EMS abdominal belts. You can only order it from the official website. It cost $200 plus about $14 for shipping and handling. When you order from the website, you also get an offer of $10. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee and also includes a one year warranty on parts.

Additionally, the box will come with a controller, batteries, and electrodes in addition to the belt.

Bottom Line

Using EMS as a means of promoting abdominal toning is certainly a trend that is receiving tremendous considerations. The fact that it is cleared by FDA will only increase the trend. It is a viable choice for those looking to add to their exercise and nutrition routines, offering toning benefits without straining the body.

The Best Ab Belt appears to be a great value considering the items it comes with and the available warranty. It is a top-selling product that has gained tremendous popularity in recent years and is a product worth investing on.

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