My Personal Ab Stimulator Before And After Experience

Ab Stimulator Before And After

Do you want to tone that abs? Not everyone who wants the stubborn tummy fats burned, their abs toned, or trimmed know exactly where to look at… but I do. After 4 years of trying to lose mummy fat – the fat I gained after giving birth to my gal, I was devastated.

I wasn’t getting my sexy back and I had tried tons of options including slimming pills, homemade remedies, and bodyweight workouts. Well, I must admit I tried so much the body weight program but the hassle, pain, and the endurance was so much for me to take so I dropped off.

What I needed was something really simple fun to work with, less strenuous, and more inclusive. I had almost given up hope when a pal of mine suggested that I try an ab simulator (what the hell was it anyway…?) 

Never mind. I will fill you in after a short while and later on tell you what actually happened with this one too.

AB Simulators

These are simple ab toning belts that you have to wear to the firm, tone, and strengthen your stomach muscles. They are also good at providing weight loss at birth, girth reduction, and more importantly a six pack.


Let me say that when I went to buy my belt, I wasn’t sure if it would work out. Possibly, I was only stimulated by the fact that I felt so overgrown, I wasn’t sexy anymore, and every part of my tummy had the tummy rings. I was desperate and was going to try anything to boost my look and personal esteem.

I was excited and at the same time filled with uncertainties; what should my ab stimulator before and after experience feel like? Here is what you should keep in mind.

  • Ab belts come with instructional video and a user manual. Watch the video and read through the handbook.
  • Many manufacturers will provide you with special assembly instructions and troubleshooting instructions. You should also find warranty information.
  • Make sure you fit the belt in the center of your tummy. The middle pad should sit directly on your belly button.
  • Always secure the belt with its hook before switching it on with the switch on/ off button on the front panel.


I then decided to apply my ab simulator belt on as it was indicated on the handbook and the video.

The very moment I did, I felt like my abs had the shock. It is quite an annoying feeling I must tell you, but give it a few seconds it will pass.

I wore my simulator for the next 25 minutes since I was just beginning. Well, I was going about my daily chores as they stated that you could wear it and still dust the house, vacuum, or even wash the dishes.

The best thing is you can always adjust the intensity of the toning to your desired level so that you maximize the results.


After 25 minutes I took the belt off and wow! I was truly amazed by what I got, my abs felt like they had really compacted and I had done totally nothing. So I decided to go on with the entire drill till after 14 days.

There wasn’t the slightest hint of pain. However, some people have recorded feeling pain sometimes. My advice to you is to never overdo it. In case you feel pain, it is important that you discontinue immediately.

Simple Tips that Maximize the Results

After long research, reading reviews from previous ab simulator users, and trying out a few tips myself, I found out that I could easily maximize the results that I was already seeing by actually practicing the following tips.

Drinking Lots of Water

The logic behind this one is simple depending on the ab stimulator before and after results that you need, keeping your body well hydrated will mean that as you burn those calories and also the fats, your body doesn’t crack up at all. Instead, it will maintain its suppleness and keep the gloss.

Eat Smaller Portions

Easting smaller food servings mean you won’t ingest so much fat at the same time. In short, you will not accumulate so much stubborn fats also. The fats you take will also be in smaller quantities that the body can burn during metabolism as your ab simulator helps to burn out the remaining portion.

Focus on Proteins

Do not eat so much protein. Just east enough; I did and it really helped me in developing pretty lean muscles and at the same time in burning body fats. Simply put, my tummy become a muscle power not a pile of fat.

Eat Carbs after Workout

Working on an ab simulator feels and looks simple and you might not realize how much energy you have used and which you need to refill. Eating post-carbs will help you to replenish the lost part and at the same time save you the urge of eating junk.

Eliminate Refined Sugar

Refined sugar and white flour are the enemy. Eliminating them really helped me to get my results faster. But don’t worry, there is a replacement for this; eating whole grains and food servings that have no added sugar would be commendable.

Eat Often Within the Day

I didn’t believe this fab until I tried it out. A higher metabolism means frequent fat burnout as the body converts stored food into energy. I suggest eating 5 to 6 times a day so that you have frequent metabolism along the day and after you wear your ab simulator too.

Focus on the Vital Meal of the Day

You might have not heard or known but the most vital meal of the day is breakfast. Eating good amounts plus a balanced breakfast will prevent you from eating unhealthy along the day. Indeed it will help you to stick with smaller food servings all through the day and focus on keeping your ab simulator results on an upward trend.


It’s a good thing I have finally shared with you my ab stimulator before and after the experience. While I felt more like a growing mountain with low self-confidence before I started on my ab simulator by day and the results were awesome, I can now fit in a sexy pant and back into my wedding gown.

As a beginner, a 25-minute routine every day will be enough. However, as you get seasoned you can focus on 40 minutes a day with at least 6 hours rest in between every daily stimulator session.

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