Top Ab Wheel Pros and Cons You Should Know [Expert Review]

The ab wheels (also known as ab rollers) are less expensive accessories that are used for the exercise of abdominal muscles. They are being used for decades by the fitness trainers and bodybuilders as an advanced training tool for building six-pack! At the early times,

they were usually made at home by attaching wheels to a wood stick or iron. But now as they are becoming popular as a gym accessory and are manufactured in sports manufacturing companies. The traditional ab wheels are usually from 6 inches to 9 inches in dimension and made with a large single wheel. In this article we talk about Ab wheel pros and cons. we research and try to gather best and accurate information for you, based on user reviews. I hope these pros and cons will help you do know about the Ab wheel more better. Pros of Ab Wheel. Ab Wheel Exercises for Beginners

• Dedicated to Working on Your Abs

Ab wheels are particularly designed for working on your abdominal muscles. It will relieve you from the uncomfortable traditional calisthenics for abs like sit-ups, planks, and crunches, etc. Not only that, exercises with the ab wheel generates more muscle activity in your abs than traditional crunches. And you will feel less stress on your neck than while doing crunches. You can do many exercise tricks with a single ab wheel like rollout, push-ups at different strength levels, crab works, leg curls, inchworms, several types of rollouts, plank knee, knee ins, etc.

In addition to your abs ab wheel also works on your obliques, lower and upper backs, arms, chest, hips, chest, hips, shoulders, calves, bicep and triceps, etc.

• Portability

Most of the ab Roller wheels are made in such a way that they can be easily dismantled and then reassembled to make them transportable. If you buy such one, then you can dismantle it following the instructions and carry in your bag wherever you go. So, no need to worry about your exercise while going out for a long time.

• Inexpensiveness

In comparison with other gym accessories that are specially made for abs exercises, ab wheel much cheaper. The cost can be as little as $ 10, so you can easily add them to your home gym.
Cons of Ab Wheel

Ab wheels are effective when you use them properly. You can’t let your core loosen, keep it tight and do not allow your lower back to sink. If your back muscles are weak or you have tight hip flexors, then you may not be able to resist the pressure of gravity working against your torso and your back will become overarched. This is much uncomfortable, and you may fall or have an injury. So, you should strengthen your back before starting the exercise with ab wheels.

• Ab wheels have limited resistance and it uses the weight of your torso for providing resistance to your abs.

But you can effectively increase the resistance of the ab wheel by adding resistance bands. Attach one end of the resistance band to a fixed object and the other end with the ad wheel. This will not only increase the resistance but also helps you to try some new exercises like a resisted diagonal roll out, resisted diagonal push-ups, etc. Or Best Ab Wheel Reviews Now,


The cons of ab wheels can easily be eliminated by taking proper actions. So ultimately ab wheels will be proved beneficial 

How To Use Ab Wheel

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