How Lintelek Fitness Tracker Tracks Your Sleep

Lintelek Fitness Tracker Sleep Mode

Wearable technology is fast gaining momentum. Each day new types of fitness trackers are being released in the market. Majorly, you may buy them with the intention of monitoring your activities such as swimming, heart rate, and overall workout. However, these powerful wrist bands have GPS and smartphone features too. With the lintelek fitness tracker sleep mode, you can get an analysis of your sleep.  This makes them one of the essential smart devices to own. The lintelek fitness tracker has been designed to offer you these services in totality.

What Are the Pertinent Features of The Lintelek Fitness Tracker?

Lintelek did not miss the point when they crafted this powerful device. It is loaded with desirable features including;

  • Heart rate monitor: this feature in the lintelek fitness tracker helps you monitor the beats of your heart per minute, hence enabling you to fine-tune your exercise plan.
  • OLED display: with a screen size of 0.86 HD screen display; every information is displayed for you.
  • Exercise recognition: the tracker will accurately track steps, the distance, amount of calories burnt, your sleep quality and heart rate throughout your day and night. This is because they have great activity sensors. After getting the information, the fitness tracker will help them long your information into whatever app.
  • Smartphone functionality: you will be able to receive messages and call through this fitness tracker. The tracker will vibrate in a low tone to alert of any message from whatever sources-Facebook, twitter, etc., and call.
  • Wider compatibility: the device is compatible with iOS7.1 upwards and Android 4.4 upward, Smartphone.

How Do You Use It to Track Your Sleep?

The lintelek fitness tracker has been designed to track your sleep automatically. The moment your movement ceases, the fitness tracker will presume you are sleeping. Therefore the lintelek fitness tracker sleep mode begins automatically. To be precise, after t30 minutes of inactivity lintelek fitness tracker will assume that you have gone to sleep. It is important to note that the trackers are built to incorporate information such as the period in which you have active movements and the time interval between movements. These two features indicate they represent information about sleep.

While sleeping, you will roll over as well as moving your arms after a while. In the morning movements will be a bit more. This will tell your tracker you are awake; otherwise, when there are no movements, it indicates you are sleeping. Every morning you will receive your sleep data any time you want. However, if it is not presented to you, it is essential that you synchronize the data. Simply, do this by connecting it with “Zeroner Health,” an app on the tracker, through Bluetooth. After this, pull the screen down. These steps will give information from last night’s sleep.  The data you get includes the Sleep Scores, the hours you were in a deep sleep, and the hours you were in Light Sleep.

Lintelek Fitness Tracker Waterproof

Fitness trackers are by far the best way to remain healthy and fit. Each day, manufacturers of these trackers incorporate features that make them versatile. The higher versatility in these powerful devices is meant to give you the ultimate experience. Lintelek is not an exception. Its technology is superb that has seen create devices that both suitable for outdoor and indoor activities. Besides, lintelek fitness tracker waterproof features make it usable in any environment. With such wristband, you can monitor your health from your wrist.

What benefits do the lintelek fitness trackers have?

These super quality devices come with numerous benefits including;

  • They can count your steps: the lintelek fitness tracker can count your steps. If you are on a fitness program, then it will tell you how many steps you have moved a day. This way you can set a target and try to achieve it.
  • They help you to form habits that are healthy: with a superior wrist band, you are constantly reminded of good habits. This way you create a habit of doing practices towards your health plan.
  • Goal setting: the lintelek fitness tracker gets you engaged daily. You set a routine, and you follow it. Similarly, you set targets and work towards achieving them.
  • Tracks heart rate: with this tracker you can monitor your heart rate. This way, you will be able to adjust your fitness program for optimal results.

What makes these devices ideal for outdoor activities?

An ideal fitness tracker comes with numerous features that make it functional. But first what some of the vigorous activities covered by fitness tracker?

  • Running
  • Walking
  • Jogging
  • Swimming
  • Rock climbing
  • Riding bikes

All the above events are forms or exercises and can be performed vigorously. While working out, you will sweat. Sweat itself might deter the proper function of your fitness tracker. Besides, running or biking in undesirable weather, liking rains may also destroy your tracker. The lintelek fitness tracker is waterproof and thus allows you to workout in such conditions.

Besides, the tracker is water resistant, making it further ideal to use while swimming. It is important to note that the fundamental role of this tracker is to measure the number of movements you make. The movement will, in turn, affect your heart rate and this will give out the general picture of your workout. The lintelek fitness tracker waterproof characteristic has made it famous among its users because it allows you to wash your hand after an exercise.

To use this tracker, wrap it around your wrist. Tighten it enough to hold while you do your activities. While using this device you will notice;

  • Will alert you about your calls and messages
  • 24-hour sleep analysis in real time
  • Ability to track up to 14 sports
  • Have GPS functionality so that you can map your route. It also helps to know where you are

While buying a lintelek fitness tracker, it is essential to buy a tracker with superb features. Lintelek fitness tracker waterproof property makes it one of the most versatile trackers of this century.


Lintelek fitness tracker is an essential tool to monitor your sleep. The data you get when the lintelek fitness tracker sleep mode can enable you to adjust your sleeping pattern, hence better sleep.

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